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so… I’ve only just learned that the State of Georgia, Fulton County anyway, is planning to remove cursive writing from the elementary school curriculum.

I have to think about this. but, my understanding of hand-writing is that it’s not only a form and expression of art, it promotes careful consideration, thought and discipline. these are all qualities and traits desperately needed in our children.

obviously hand-writing and its form in cursive can be taught at home, it will continue in my own. but we all know most families will take the easier path through the Disney Channel.

I would write you all personal hand-written notes on my very cool personal stationary. but, we need to start thinking about this and take action now.

so, I am pledging, and today, to write Susan Matzkin at, the principal of my Emma Jo’s Birmingham Falls Elementary School, a personal note asking her to reconsider and be part of the solution, and not the problem. obviously, many of you will have other Principals to contact. do it!

Chip Brackley just asked a great question,

“what’s next, teaching English in our schools?”

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


stuff that is written


I genuinely savor this sentence:

“The violent, lathe-like spinning of that author in his grave threatens to throw the Earth out of its orbit and hurl us screaming into the sun.”

Thank you Mr. Milne. The rest of your recent post was great as well.

Some how I hope to have helped to make Nick’s point in my own obtuse fashion (I just pray I used the word obtuse correctly).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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not Writing


I’ve always had poor hand-writing.

In fact, through High School, many would have viewed the tragic results of my scrawl as evidence of illiteracy. Later, in scoring a 1420 on my SAT’s, did I demonstrate that I could absorb and process information effectively (and, that SAT score, along with a determined mother [she was petitioning coaches] and an ability to run like the wind, only got me into college).

This is an area (hand writing in the event you lost track of my thinking), where, Mom had me pinned when it came to selective lack of discipline. She, like her own Mother, highly prized good penmanship, and the greatly considered thought behind it.

When I discovered PC’s while at college in 1982, I called Mom, and triumphantly advised her that soon I would not need to write, as opposed to “word process” (I later began to spend a great deal of time at the computer lab – but, writing, not coding BASIC and COBOL). I am reasonably certain, based on the evidence of subsequent dialogue, she never understood what I meant (may not have ever seen a desktop PC – and, she was gone by 1985) and, likely died thinking I meant type writing in some form or fashion; and, she found that form undignified.

As an aside… Mom wrote me notes all of my life. Typically just bits of encouragement about how proud she was of me, hearing good things about me from other mothers (seriously), and of course, running and my ambitions related to that “gift”. I would read those notes over and again – often carrying them with me for weeks.

The last one she wrote was a cryptic:

“Challenge everything and accept nothing”.

She was on morphine, and generally not paranoid. But, those words follow me daily.

Today, I still write in all capitals. This has confused even my own brilliant daughters when we visited the white board and home work.

However, I am confident that I execute the processing of information rather well, and that is reflected ably in my writing.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




Syzgus recently left a comment on Nick Milne’s Blog suggesting that we listen.

I wish I were together enough this morning to add something of value to any of this. But, perhaps I simply need to get out of the way.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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