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Debate me, I dare you: Apple vs. Adobe


All of the current passive aggressive behavior between Apple and Adobe is, in reality, good for technology and you.

Steve Jobs is forcing the technology world (and, it’s users) to bend to his will and create a different solution. Rather like man-kinds waging war and evolving medical practices.

The struggle between Apple and Adobe can be likened to a divorce. The companies were once great allies (Jobs was an early investor in Adobe). But, in a sense, Adobe cheated on Apple when they refused to evolve and stay current with Mac OSX (the current Operating System). So, Apple thinks it needs to force Adobe to grow and change, or get left behind.

Jobs is arrogant. But, he’s earned it. And, you should be glad for it. Because he is probably right. He’s a visionary with few stories to match. And, he wants to make things better, and lives for those epiphanic moments.

Debate me, I dare you. You’ll stand no chance against my own indomitable will and sense of perspective. So, don’t fight the course of change that Jobs will foist on you nonetheless. No good would be accomplished.  No justice would be done, otherwise.

I’m going on about this because I find myself amused at the vexation realized by people that can’t let go of FLASH and related applications. The odd thing, to me anyway, is it’s mostly people younger than me that are the most resentful. I have a friend, and he really is important to me in the best sense of that sort of thing, that rails against the machine, if you will. As interesting as this is to me; and, as important as it is to him, the only real response I could offer is simple gainsaying.  Job is telling the truth; he’s had the vivid dreams most can’t imagine. We shouldn’t dispute that for a second.  All I could feasibly say (at the moment) would run along the lines of: “So what? You didn’t. Thrive in a world created by someone greater, in that sense – and, possessed of a great example of discernment”.

God gave us all discernment. Don’t lose sight of the simple fact that He also gave us Jobs (I could play-off that one for days) – and, thusly Apple’s best-of-class technology. And, Jobs is going to Finish Well, and, in the end, make fellows like Bill Gates (often compared to a devil of sorts) pale in despicable comparison.

Like in many divorces, the kids (us) are going to get something akin to a new bike.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




We continue to evaluate the Apple iPad and it’s best applications for our business and that of our hearty and ferocious partners.

Obviously Voice of Internet Protocol (VOIP) is an emerging must – especially when it comes to global business strategies and tactical realities. This makes SKYPE a careful focus for my team.

It should be noted that, here, in the United States, AT&T originally prohibited VOIP applications from using the cellular network. However, under pressure from Optimistic Gentlemen, in October 2009 AT&T announced iPhone VOIP applications were now acceptable on its network. Unfortunately, this acceptance does not, it turns out, extend to the iPad 3G, even if customers buy the same $30/month unlimited data plan available for iPhone 3G/3GS use.

Thusly, it’s war, or something akin to it, then – and, we’ll begin with commerce..

This is after all, the ideal challenge for Prudent but Optimistic Gentlemen. We must champion the solution and strike fear in the hearts of purveyors of the problem.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


praying for fear so I have the courage to Hate?


Epiphany alert.

I had an opportunity to revisit an old friend. His grave actually.

Words came to me from many conversations. Mostly me listening.

In and amongst those words I heard:

“Life is too short to spend it hating”.

Perhaps he said that to me because I used to think:

“yeah, but how many people where there as Sarajevo was falling?”

And, a war-cry in my heart, daily:

“Colorado… and, the loss of everything.”

He would also say things like:

“Courage is fear prayed for”.

He was not exactly a Christian; but, he was very much a Believer.

As many of you know, Marc Kutter came by for a visit last week. My primary take-away from that visit was his saying, to the effect:

“Over the past few years I’ve grown stronger in my faith and I learned that everything seems to work-out”.

I might add that troubling matters are rarely as bad as they appear.

And, Marc’s appearance may well be timely.

I’m struggling right now around our house (it’s not feeling much like a home for the moment). The fellow we bought it from almost four years ago failed to disclose a significant drainage issue. We bought the house during the drought. And, there is ample evidence that the drought is over. We’re in trouble. The damage is significant, as is the cost to repair it – even if that is possible. We don’t know that yet. Realtors won’t list it because of the disclosure issues we now face. And, that fellow is a cad. …oh, and he’s a lawyer.

I planned on writing a lot more on a few touch subjects for this post. But, I’m still contemplating. Things will be different after I put life into certain words. However, the story, and the way I handle all of it, is coming.

But, that’s why I’m here, in part.

For the moment I’m praying for some kind of understanding of what I’m supposed to feel, and then what I should do about that. I don’t care for the way this situation makes my heart feel.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


complete Badass


I have, yet, another hero, thanks to the research and this most excellent submission from the redoubtable Nick Milne.

I’ve cut and then ably pasted (it’s the best I can do at the moment as I bow to Nick’s epically measured writing style) a piece of his most recent posts:

“- Following in the footsteps of something I mentioned earlier this month, it was on this day in 1944 that yet another remarkable young man was awarded the Medal of Honor. Whereas Alvin York basically had to destroy an entire German army single-handedly to win the same medal, for Private First Class Desmond Doss (1919-2006), of the medical corps, it was a matter of saving lives rather than taking them. PFC Doss was the first-ever conscientious objector to be awarded the United States’ highest military honor, and the manner in which he earned it is breathtaking. The citation for bravery reads like the stuff of some pious legend, but it is all well-attested, and although he refused to carry or fire a weapon, owing to his Seventh-Day Adventist background, there was nothing to stop Desmond Doss from being a complete badass in a basically peaceful sense. His unit (in Okinawa) was cut to pieces by machine gun fire, with seventy-five men going down; Doss carried every survivor to a nearby escarpment, still under fire himself, and lowered them to safety. A fellow soldier was wounded, falling some 200 yards beyond American lines; Doss went out and got him, again under heavy fire. He rescued injured marines from the very edges of Japanese ramparts, caves and machine gun installations, stolidly going back for man after man no matter what his frustrated enemies hurled at him. He was injured by a grenade, once, so he sat there for five hours treating his own wounds until the stretcher-bearers were no longer busy with other tasks. Even as they were carrying him back he found an opportunity to distinguish himself; the stretcher team and its escort came under attack, and Doss rolled off the litter to allow it to be used to bear another man who had been injured. He was then shot in the arm, and separated from his rescuers, so he improvised a splint out of a rifle stock and crawled through the jungle to the American lines. He kept doing stuff like this all the time. Nobody could stop him. No one would dare.”


My favorite part:

“The citation for bravery reads like the stuff of some pious legend, but it is all well-attested, and although he refused to carry or fire a weapon, owing to his Seventh-Day Adventist background, there was nothing to stop Desmond Doss from being a complete badass in a basically peaceful sense.”

By the way… There are several videos you can pull off and view for perspective. You should  do so. Do it! But, none of them, try as they might, inspire the images of PFC Doss as ably as those divined by Mr. Milne.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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