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My Mom: Story 5 – Pain and Strength


As many of you know, my Mom died of cancer in 1985. She fought it for over twelve years. Of course, this does not make me unique. By the time she died I was already a young man. However, a friend, George Landolt, has asked how my Mom’s protracted illness affected me as a boy.

Looking back, the only real, or immediate, impact her illness actually had on me was in the form of my running.

About the time I was becoming a “champion” I was also becoming aware of how serious her illness was. So, I lost myself in the intense cocoon of my long-distance training.

It was 1976, and we had just moved from F.E. Warren Air Force Base outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming where I had made the varsity Cross Country and Track teams as a Freshman – and, was a Freshman State Champion. Dad was now stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base outside of Knob Noster, Missouri. I was a Sophomore at a new school, and did not know anyone. So, I just ran hard. I found myself going head-to-head with a Senior named Gene Hall who was very popular in school, and favored to win State AA.

Mom was missing all of my meets because she was under treatment much of that year at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

At the conference championships I was preparing for my “kick” and gaining on Gene with an eye for the tape. As I crested a hill (the hills were where I always punished my opponents) I could hear this thin wavering voice calling out:

“you go baby… Run him down… You are a mighty champion”!

It was my Mom – so thin, frail and weak. She had made Dad drive her from the airport to Groveton for the meet. I found a gear I had no idea existed in my body. I was on fire! I flew up that hill; rounding a corner – pounding with all my might. I just blew past everyone.

Mom found me with a hug at the top of the finish chute; and, victory was never that sweet.

Years later, in 1985, we found ourselves in a collective limbo literally waiting for Mom to die. We still lived in Springfield, Virginia. I had graduated from college in May of the previous year. While I was building Cooks Transfer /1 I had dropped into heavy training again. I ran, swam and biked for hours each day just trying not to think about her wasting away in our front room. That training foundation and a built up resevoir of strength are what prepared me a few years later to become a professional Triathlete.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork
1/ To put this into perspective, read my Blog entry “Ayn Rand and Me” at


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