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(Patriots) Don't Vote


This is going to be an awkward Blog Post.  There is a  lot happening in my head (and, thus my heart), and it’s difficult (today) for me to be succinct around converging concerns such as legislative accountability, patriotism, leadership, history, and (as always) my opinions.


We are taught in this country that voting is both a privilege, and a patriotic duty.  In fact, we start wars in other countries with this very notion as impetus.

Consider this…

Does voting for questionable candidates reward bad behavior?


Makes me think in terms of the “Chinese maybe”.

How many people, honest to God, feel that Barack Obama or John McCain are an inspiration, and have the right stuff to lead our country?

McCain is a genuine war hero.  But, never mind that from an administration-driven stand point. And, there is still a big question around Obama’s heritage – and, whether he is even an American citizen./1 And, Obama is not a leader.  He is a politician without an raison d’eterre.

What do these men stand for?  Do we know?

So…  Could not taking action be a good tactic if you have a winning strategy in mind?

I don’t mean passive aggressive behavior (like in an ugly marriage or relationship).  And, I don’t mean where members of the House and Senate typically vote on less than 47% of standing Bills and Resolutions./2

Or, is that the same thing?  Never mind that for now.

So…  What if no one voted in the up-coming Presidential election?  Can you imagine how the world would stop and take notice if the polls were absolutely silent election day?  Consider the courage of the next person to raise their hand and volunteer to be a Presidential nominee in the face of such a national statement.  Would they dare ask the American people what they want and understand what we need?

Consider my prior Blog post: “American Desperation”.

Don’t vote out of fear, ignorance, religion – or, because you have limited choice.

Thomas jefferson was a patriot who also happened to be a “change agent”.  The Jeffersonian in me wonders what would happen if we wrote-in candidates that we actually have faith in (not shoved down our throats by lobbying groups that represent the special interests of corporate America).  Now, consider two other of my prior Blog Posts (around Thomas Jefferson):  “Being Jeffersonian, Part I” and “Being Jeffersonian, Part II”.

Roll your eyes if you must, but Obama and McCain make me look at Bilary Clinton (I did that on purpose).  Hilary Clinton has a cause celebre.  Reference my prior Blog post: “Obama can be President with Clinton’s permission”.

I will probably amend this Blog Post a few times.  But, this issue is heavy on my heart, and I needed to set it into motion.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ “Obama – Citizen or not?”

2/ How does this represent the American people and our needs?


Brian Cork on Voting


General Motors (“GM”) introduced a car that drives by itself.

Well, we already have voting machines that work by themselves, so why not go to the polls with the same technology?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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