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When I graduated from college in 1984 it was not possible for me to outline my subsequent career-path.

I had already made a fairly successful transition from moonshine-runner to small business enterprise owner while in school (and, as many of you know sold my first business within weeks of graduation). From there, career points included: Financial Analyst, Program Manager, Professional Triathlete, Model, Stock Broker, Venture Capitalist, Executive Recruiter and Business Coach, and Investor.

However, perhaps now it’s high-time I got really serious about my true calling.

I have decided that I am going to be an R&B Singer (or, just entertainer). I may throw caution and inhibition to the wind and simply surrender to my passion around Rap Music.

Come on…  I converted degrees in Political Science and English into a job as a Financial Analyst (I actually took the job in Los Angeles so I could surf and play volley ball), and later raised over half a billion dollars in private and venture placement capital. At forty eight I can still do more push-ups and pull-ups than most anybody.

Do you feel me?

I look terrific in underwear. And, my truck has an ass-kicking sound system.

Beyond these qualifications, providing my music would be viewed as a form of urban poetry (well… seeing as how I live outside of Atlanta in “horse country” – perhaps “suburban poetry”), I feel that I have a grasp on life that few others share. Might this be reflected in music?

I was raised as a young prince in a military household where I grew up surrounded by men determined that “peace was their profession” – and, willing to die proving it.

My early days of running success were a triumph of will over pain.

I pulled myself through college, and can say I actually learned and earned a lot.

I left one of the country’s largest aerospace company’s much better off than when I found it (or, did they find me?).

I can actually say I was a paid athlete and model.

I raised more money for companies that, to this very day, have changed the world in profound ways, than anyone I know.

I got to be a Firefighter (Louisville, CO Volunteer Fire Department).

I spent sixty days in jail.

I currently have the coolest job (outside of being a suburban rap-oriented poet [and youth soccer coach]) in the world. I sit around all day talking to my friends (old and new), and helping them make ever better decisions. And, if you ask my daughters what I do for a living, they will likely shrug and say:

“Daddy helps people”.

I certainly posess the requisite self-absorption and ego.

However, having said all that, if all goes according to plan (outside of working global benefits with Bono), in the next few years I am piloting a 1971 MiG 19.


More later.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1971 MiG 19

1971 MiG 19

NOTES: The MiG-19 was the USSR’s first mass-built supersonic fighter. The highly swept, thin, sharply tapering wing was a remarkable characteristic. The MiG-19 proved to be a capable and sturdy combat aircraft, manoeuvrable and armed with powerful 30mm guns. The prototype of the aircraft first flew in 1963. It entered production in 1965. And, it was the primary fighter of the Russian air force in the sixties and early seventies. The MiG-19S was a simply fair – weather fighter, but the MiG-19P had limited all-weather capability. The People’s Republic of China still manufactures the MiG-19 (under license) as the Jianjiji J-6. They allegedly completed over 4000, which would be about twice as many as the USSR built. The Russians began phasing out the MiG-19 in the sixties with it’s predecessor the MiG-21 Fishbed.

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