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I was sliding into a coma last night when Joanne storms into the room with the heart-stopping words:

“We have a problem”.

Then she stands there and looks at me in that unnerving way that simply says:

“You better be able to fix this.”

I was not sure what I was going to hear.  There has been a lot going on around the household in the past few months – and, the world of course. And, with me being Racer X, and likely able to to think through, and solve, most of the worlds challenges and problems (clearly evidenced through this very Blog), I always need to be ready for any thing (action?).

But, Joanne froze my blood with:

“Haley is having inappropriate email exchanges”.

Joanne had begun investigating Haley Anne’s email (I fully support this). Most of you know Haley Anne is twelve.

In short, somebody named ‘Meghan’ found Haley Anne on My Diva Doll. The topicology, as reported by Joanne, was, at best, marginally disconcerting. However, this was the first step (or is it?) that parents simply must fear. Worse, as a self-proclaimed champion, I let something potentially HUGE get by me.


“We are taking away her email, and you have to change the internet”

So, I started considering how best to reach out to Al Gore and initiate global reforms around the World Wide Web.  But, it was clear by Joanne’s demeanor that immediate (and, possibly less drastic action was required). I agreed (that something had to be done at some level) any way so I padded upstairs to visit the hallowed place that is Haley Anne’s room.

I had to set aside being angry with myself for allowing [what exactly?] this/something to occur in my house with my daughter. This could not be about me. I had to act like an adult (but, that is soooo hard) and convert this moment into an opportunity for a life lesson.

Haley Anne was ready for me.

“Daddy – my stomach hurts. I think I am gonna throw up”.

Okay… So, now I am a big ‘ol wet noodle and useless.

No!  I rallied.

“Haley Anne, you are not in trouble. But, I need to know who Meghan is; and, where did you meet her?”

This is when Joanne (she had followed up me upstairs) chimes in with:

“She has a “Gmail” account.

I think this is where it dawned on me just how tenuous the situation might be, or could be. 

Haley Anne was quite matter-of-fact:

“All my friends have Gmail accounts.”

What? My family uses Apple’s .Me for personal email. But, there you have it. I have long had this smug sense of myself that I was this hip Dad that had all this stuff in hand and under control. Then some ‘kid’ named Meghan (if this really is a child [Meghan is apparently from Hawaii – but, who knows?]) blows my mind.

Or, is this an opportunity?

I pick that (for now).

I will go over board. I will hire a consultant to teach me all about parental controls, and monitoring the internet, and child safety.

I understand this is (yet another) verbose Blog entry that might have your eyes rolling into the back of your head. But, this is REAL.  This is me being transparent. Haley Anne is my baby (well…  Maybe Emma Jo is the baby… However, for the sake of this Blog post – and, the requisite dramatic effect, Haley Anne is my baby). And, A LOT of people, across four generations, read this Blog daily (Students at Radford University to Members of the House and Senate).

Google is going to hear from me. I want them to hear from you as well.


I don’t fear ANY THING. I have faced too much evil and survived. But, my children are my achilles heal. Check in with me around this.  Keep me on my toes.  Help me stay accountable.

I will accept comments on this post.

No peace or music for me this day. The dark monkey /1 is at my door.

Brian Patrick Cork


/1 Grandad used this term to make his point when evil was in-motion.


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