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all dirt roads lead to Obamacare


as most of you know, I went to college at Radford University.

that’s where I first heard the derisive remark that, “all dirt roads lead to Virginia Tech”.

while I never actually had an issue with the denizens of Blacksburg, I see a lot of reasons to take shots at the hapless Obamacare website that now turns the term national healthcare into an oxymoron.

almost every path you take with the new healthcare system going forward is going to feel like a dimly lit rutted road. thusly, all dirt road will lead to Obamacare.

perhaps Virginia Tech can heave a sigh of collective relief to have that monkey off their backs. not even Michael Vick could scramble out of the hole the oval office has spawned for an unfortunate raison d’être.

never being lost for an opinion, and often with a strident effort, I’m getting a lot of feedback on my thoughts around whats not happening with the Obamacare website. Here is a significant point I’m going to focus on awhile…

j edgar hooverthe GOP worked ferociously to convince the White House to push this off for a year. That’s what fueled the government shut-down that the media-centric “obamacrats” skewered Republicans over. I doubt they knew the healthcare sit was going to blow-up, let alone be the biggest security blunder since J Edgar Hoover. but, had Obama worked with the Republicans instead of drawing his saber and standing over his toys, they would have ironically helped him save face.

this might be a new best example of, “lost opportunity cost”. another term the White House is likely all to familiar with.  perhaps now we know why Obama waited until his final term to try and pull this off.  it had to be on his terms… terms. terms. terms.

I wonder if this is the fatal “burning platform” for the Democrats?

so… If you watch news that is trending platforms like Yahoo!, you won’t see much information about Obaitandswitchrama aka Obamacare.

That’s because the media won’t let you frown at the current administration. evidently the Oval office had no idea the most massive piece of software developed since SAP was more buggy than an ant hill.

well… some potentially good news for CEO’s that come under any civil or criminal scrutiny is that they will be able to play, “the Obama card” and claim, by precedent, that despite their fiduciary responsibilities, they had no idea what was happening around them.

by the way… don’t bother wiring your Congressman about this problem that will soon define who we are as a people… both the House and Senate are exempt from the predations and faults of the new healthcare system. they represent you with the same level of care they might actually donate a kidney to you with.

this is an Ayn Ran nightmare. Obama is not Atlas. problem is none of us dare shrug.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

Macbook Pro with Life-like Hair (and Kung Fu Grip)

just so we are collectively (in a manner of speaking) clear, I never understood, or liked G.I. Joe with Life-Like Hair. Kung Fu Grip was pretty cool. but, the whole beard thing left me aghast. that may have been due to my military upbringing. but, I’m sure that at the age ten, my sense of utilitarian-propriety-application were simply and instinctively offended.

so… late last week on Linkedin, I posted a version of the following message:

Brian Patrick Cork ”Five days into the life-cycle of Apple’s new Macbook Pro – with Retina Display, the product is hard to find. Apple’s own website has a three-to-four week delivery date. From a consumer standpoint that’s frustrating. But, from a shareholder standpoint it’s potentially brilliant. This should make for an interesting story by the end of the quarter.”

Jo DeLapp, father of Organic Food Guru JK DeLapp, reared his head with (we did make some grammar revisions):

Joseph K. DeLapp “B – Reviews of new MacBook Pro with retina are skewed negative vs mixed. Do you have one and are the reviews that are less than positive deserved or not? I am ready to update my MacBook which is about 4 years old but have put acquisition on hold until I learn more. Other than that, how goes it for you in General? Joe DeLapp.”

I felt my response was rather creative and relevant (culturally speaking), so I’m making it a point to share all of it with you.

Brian Patrick Cork “Hey Joe. Life is running on all twelve cylinders. In terms of reviews of the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display (its like GI Joe with Life-Like Hair). The old GI Joe was great. The Life-Like Hair was kind of cool but not necessary for performance. The new Macbook Pros are very thin and light. They also don’t come with a hard drive. So, the sense is they feel like a larger Macbook Air. But, they are FAST and powerful machines. And, they will likely be as reliable as may other Apple product on the market. All that said, if you want my opinion, unless money is no object I’d recommend that you go with a new Macbook Pro (without the Retina Display). Thats $1700 with all the upgrades.”

this may be a good example of how the latest gadget is genuinely unnecessary. I’m convinced the Retina Display is really cool. however, it adds a whopping $1000 to  the price tag. so, you can get a great Macbook Pro with about the same level of performance if you don’t mind it being just a bit (negligible) thicker, like a hard drive (I don’t care either way because almost all of my files are on DropBox) and keep your wits about yourself.

Apple shareholders win, either way. and, going back to my original point on Linkedin, the Apple faithful, and newly realized, are snapping-up the new MacBooks in record numbers.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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evander holyfield is putting up something other than his Dukes


Brian Patrick Cork so… I’m thinking that a guy that made his living by putting gloves on to get physical with other people might be able to put-on a condom. but, then I realize we are talking about a man that blew through $250MM, and needs help putting on those gloves.

Evander Holyfield Facing Jail Time Over Delinquent Child Support for…

BABY MAMA DRAMA:  Boxing legend Evander Holyfield could be thrown in jail for being delinquent on child support payments to the tune of $372,097.40, for daughter Emani Holyfield. The Georgia Department of Human Services isn’t playing around. They…

evidently Mr. Holyfield is not interested in Natural Selection – or, he has his own views on such matters. however, he is, himself, unfortunately a fairly good example of Darwin’s theories. he is a “poster boy” for what not to do.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

brian cork is a Smarty pants


Apple is not only rocking your world…

…it’s shaking China like Rottweiler with a rubber ducky.

okay… so that image makes little sense. but, it’s dramatic, and fun.

and, I TOLD you, all of you, collectively, this was going to happen. so, that gives it “foretold” status.

I’m talking about this,

Apple Profit Rises on Higher iPhone and iPad Sales

here’s another link (right, → HERE) just in case you can’t sort out that offered above.

I do, in fact, discuss Apple a lot on this Blog. but, that’s because I’m passionate about the company, it’s products, the people (that make and use those brilliant products) around the company, the way it changes our lives, comprehensively, the manner in which it kicks Google’s (silly Android, anyway) and Microsoft’s asses, and the way we can all build wealth because all of that is good. … as in, using your super powers for good, good.

to wit, I gave you a heads-up around that article above when I posted, Apple’s Siri will definitely speak Chinese.

meanwhile, there was some serious profit-taking in the last week that dropped the stock almost one hundred points leading up to Apple reporting it’s numbers at the bell yesterday. just so we are clear, that was financial services insiders taking profits and shorting the stock to create room to buy it back-up  again.

Jon Coriel emailed me Monday saying, “I wish I has listened to you five years ago when you told me to buy Apple. I could have retired by now”.

can you imagine what those people that listened to me back in 2000 are doing, today (remember that 2000 figure as you continue to read this post)?

…what ever. but, Jon is correct.

so… here’s another chest-thumping prediction… I’m still saying that I believe Apple is a $1000 stock – unless it splits before that. but, if it does split, it will still go to the equivalent of $1000, which means it will be a $2000 stock by today’s standard.

don’t take my word for it. just ask over a BILLION (1.324 billion as of Monday) Chinese that understand just how profoundly Apple products are changing the world. how many more people are there in China than we have here in just the United States? is it double? more? well… its actually about three times our own population, just so you know. is it possible Apple could hit the same percentages in China it has in North America?

for it’s best perspective, just go back and pick-up Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century (and, → here, for a different look) and you just might have that perfect epiphany. Do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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