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Bitcoins and Pirate Treasure


consider this most recent update around the on-going and dramatic Bitcoin saga found on that scalawag punching rag the inestimable Huffington Post:

This Could Be The End Of The Line For Bitcoin

I like the concept behind Bitcoins.

but then, I also like pirate movies.

fortunately I know what dark waters not to navigate.

with Bitcoin, it’s all quite fanciful and ripe with drama and uncertainty. we never know who the real good guys are, and there is the promise of certain peril at every juncture. the ups-and-downs are like the swells of a turbulent ocean, and the ships that dare those seas are not always up for the task. some daring folks will win; however, most will lose. so, you might as well otherwise play craps in Las Vegas, or Russian Roulette if you like the feel of playing on the edge (be it a razor, plank, or facing the wrath of God).

black sails logothat said, go watch the new, and quite well done, pirate show Black Sails brought o you by STARZ cable television. do it now! it’s quite good, really. and, if any of those hearty-and-ferocious crews suffered by any of the recent Bitcoins shenanigans the perpetrators would face a fate much worse than walking the plank.

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


no one can say Obama does not lead by example. his Selfie reflects a Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition



I made a big deal about obsession with external recognition. Ironically I did so using platforms like my blogs, Linkedin and Twitter. So, now I am receiving good-natured ribbing for it. Today I must ask myself, “am I part of the problem, or part of the solution”.

I can’t say what Thomas Jefferson would posit about Barack Obama. Jefferson was one of the architects of our Constitution and the framework of an administrative system that can evolve to suit the needs of our people under almost any circumstance, provided the engineers of change are not motivated by self interest.

…well… that’s wrong isn’t it?  members of the House and Senate appear to be more focused on re-election and maintaining platinum benefits for themselves while US citizens get ground to a pulp is certainly a system option.

no one can say Obama does not lead by example.

so… I suppose being in United States government is tantamount to one big socially networked club evidenced by “selfies” as opposed to selflessness.

such tomfoolery.

however, I am certain Jefferson would have respected Nelson Mandela and valued the opportunities he created for South Africa.

while Mandela sought peace and tolerance with unusual courage, I’m not confident he would have gone out of his way to shake the hand of a man that carries the banner for Communism like Obama did with Raul Castro at the Mandela memorial, or seek a seat change that gave him a more public stage.

to make sense of some of this read on!

Obama’s gestures during Mandela memorial scrutinized –”An unexpected handshake. A selfie. A seat change. President Barack Obama’s gestures at Nelson Mandela’s memorial in Johannesburg were widely scrutinized on the world’s stage Tuesday. the look on Michelle Obama’s face tells it’s own story. I have a feeling we are going to get a very big back-story once Obama is “off” the Oval Office (I used the word intentionally).all of this comes to light God evidences both his sense of humor and brilliant timing by allowing Obama to demonstrate a measure of self-absorbed immaturity at a time when his confidence ranking in our country is at an all-time low and just as the article below finds itself published:

Our Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition

read the article from the Harvard Review, in it’s entirety, for it’s perspective:! do it!

“Although our fundamental desire to be noticed is not a new phenomenon, our unending use of social media has radically elevated the level of ego in our personal lives. Famed psychologist Jean Twenge recently showed that self-importance personality traits among 37,000 college students rose as quickly as obesity from the 1980s to present. Two Western Illinois University researchers found a high correlation between Narcissistic Personality Inventory scores and Facebook activity. Countless other study sample groups, from pop musicians to Millennials, prove that we are in the middle of a “narcissism epidemic.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



closing National Monuments and Minds


Brian Patrick Cork:

loads of chatter over the radio about national monuments being closed and barricaded to the public in Washington, DC because of “the shutdown”. apparently there are no federal employees available to guard or maintain things like marble walls.

so… you probably won’t hear or read this question from the Obama Media Militia

who put up the barriers? 

Tourism Imperiled as Shutdown Closes Monuments, Parks and Museums

“Historic national park sites such as the Statue of Liberty closed Tuesday due to the government shutdown, resulting in significant lost tourism revenue. Businesses that rely on tourism are immediate victims of the government…”

this is what happens with closed minds and hearts.

much of this will have John Adams spinning in his grave.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


rotten for Apples


Brian Patrick Cork

this is just bull-shit. tomfoolery.

Apple was pushed down in an manipulative manner. now, the same people realize they have made a huge blunder that never accounted for panic and access to fast negative trading in the form of “program” triggers that had more criteria developed into them than most analysts are aware of.

this means that you had traders, analysts and fund managers at cross-purposes. The stock fundamentally does not belong at its current level. but, now they understand they could harm the entire market much like a virus.

a vital clue is what has happened with gold and oil. that means there is growing unease with fundamentals.

Its all rather fascinating, really. Just unfortunate.

If Apple Breaks $419, the Stock Market Will Break – the“How Apple goes will have a strong bearing on which way the stock market moves.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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