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why Apple won’t or shouldn’t play nice with Flash


the real question is:

why won’t Adobe play nice with a world that is, in many respects, dominated by Apple and it’s best-of-class products?

then again, we need to define what is meant by “dominated” and “best-of-class”.

I’ll do that some other time.

meanwhile, Apple, as (re)led by Steve Jobs, since 1998, has made it the point of putting products in your hands that you did not know you could not live without until you used them.

think that line through carefully (I’ll repeat it, here:

“…putting products in your hands that you did not know you could not live without until you used them.”


allow me to put something int0 perspective for you…

I firmly believe you should trust Steve Jobs and his management teams judgment. while Jobs has been back at the controls of Apple, it has gone from being a company that almost was, as could have been bought for an abysmal valuation, from a shareholders perspective, by Palm, to what is today, the second largest corporation on the planet. if you had bought Apple stock before Jobs came back in 1997 for about $6/share, that same share would be worth nearly $1400 today.

and, along the way, Apple has helped pioneer technology evolution with extras like, built-in internet access, wireless cards,  USB and bluetooth. he put the creators; the innovators, of those and similar products, on the map (just as he did with the self-entitled little shits that brought you Adobe)! there are many more examples. but, that is a heady list because of the vision it took to support those advances, then, that we take for granted, today.

in terms of the animosity between Apple and Adobe and their Flash product, you need to understand that the issue, in it’s truest form, is actually Adobe’s issue with Apple.

Steve and company have sorted out that Flash is more of a barrier. it leaves “residue” all over the place and clogs the collective things, up.

all that said, the Steve I know, and you need to understand, better, rarely makes a stand on, for, or over, a product, unless he knows something is needed, on the way, and / or part of a better direction. he genuinely wants you to have a fantastic experience, and puts his money and name where his mouth is.

HTML5 is an option. but, it’s just an example. but, it’s more likely a “view” of what is possible, and yet to come. and option. choice. Adobe and it’s Flash are all you know, for now. so, it makes you somnolent and lethargic. Steve and company will have none of that. because of his stand, today, you will have better choices tomorrow.

just watch… and, I mean that literally.

so, I’m making this case because, with this making for a back-drop, you have to anticipate that Apple knows that a solution more elegant than Flash is either on the horizon, or at least possible. the clues are always in the Apple product road-map and the convergence-circle that is always contracting and expanding.

more later.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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in 2010 the geniuses (as in government) at the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) managed to lose $8.7 billon.

this informations comes from people that won’t return your calls.

in the coming year the USPS intends to burrow the last $3.5 billion of the $15 billion line of credit it has with the U.S . Treasury. When it takes this money, the Postal Service will have exhausted all of its sources of funding and could qualify under standards for bankruptcy by this time next year – just in time to be in competition with California and Medicaid for scarce bailout dollars.

I’ll trust you to understand that impacts tax dollars and other service – or, lack thereof.

we need the gnashing of teeth (beneath lips snarled), and the shaking of fists. voices must needs be raised.

they did that while the big boys at United Parcel Service (“UPS”) increased profits by 7.2% in the final quarter, and ripped a roaring profit of $11.73 billion.

…that’s a swing of  almost $20 billion dollars.

NOTE: both organizations are plagued by unions. however, UPS appears to manage the burden smarter, some how.

I’m sure (sure) someone better looking than me has come up with this line-of-thinking, but can we put the United States Mail system into private hands?

obviously, I’ll nominate UPS.

I’m reasonably confident this country could do a lot (better) with an extra $20 billion actually working for citizens.

more later.

brian patrick cork


…not what you were thinking


The fact is most opportunities are not corollary to the obvious.

Ten years will come-and-go quickly. It already has, and it will do so, again. And, along the way, Apple’s stock could well hit one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). You can take my word for it. But, here is additional insight.

As Galvin makes his case, Apple’s revenues may triple in the next ten years. So, the stock could indeed hit $1000. But, the real play is not so obvious, and will likely be in the form of fiber optics – because that is what is needed to pipe the content. But, Data Centers will have their role as well. And, dudes like Bob Twitchell (big smarty pants genius that he is) will help lead the way with emerging technology that makes relative technology faster, more secure, and less costly.

Reactionary investment strategy like reading news briefs off MSN and Yahoo! will kill you. Whereas proactive research will build wealth. So… read between the lines from cross-referenced information. Think in terms of convergence. For example, “Apple”, “Video Anywhere”, “Fiber Optics”, “Data Centers”, and “Venture Capital”.

Follow the money BEFORE the thundering herds sort it out.

It’s about foundational thinking and strategy – relative technologies that make for great strategic partnerships. One element of the formula building off of another.

Now you owe me.

Soon… More insight into being a physical bad-ass at fifty, and great Margarita tips.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


i can't pretend to fear what might be uncertain


I don’t know, yet (anyway), if my recent post: prayer and change (everyone is talking about. I’m flattered, just skeptical unsure as to why) upset or inspired Butch (“RW”) Nicholson. But, it certainly initiated, or possibly provoked the following point and question:

“Many people pretend to be Christains? Really? People believe what they believe, including you. I am interested in what you have to say. I am not interested in what you think others pretend to be. I would submit we all pretend most of the time. What do you pretend?”

I’m now pondering precisely why, but the question made me recall another of my posts: drink heartily from the cornucopia of fear.

This is an exercise in assigning words that might read pretty to a feeling that is ugly. To recognize what we don’t like, so that it can be replaced with what we want or dare hope for.

And, also, the widely read and certainly debated: Christian Ambiguity.

There is nothing worse than a Christian on the defensive. They become less tolerant and more judgmental when they get insecure.

And, somehow, from the dark reaches of my own mind, there emerged a response to Butch’s query:

“well… there is always the implied contention that the demonstrable inadequacy of any argument from analogy for the existence of other minds is sufficient to reject introspection as a method of determining one’s own mental state(s). there is always the position in the repudiation of an argument from analogy, but disagrees with knowledge of one’s own mental state(s) does not require introspection

so… relative to my blog post, I simply don’t pretend to have an answer like – for example – people with fish (symbols) on their cars. I only believe (in the context of this rapartee)  that prayer can help anyone answer most questions as it aligns mind, body and spirit with most circumstances.”

I strive, and daily, to live the authentic life. I may fear hypocrisy, but I pretend little (other than, perhaps the pretense of no fear, itself).

This is a line-of-thinking that may have no end. But, you can’t lose for the attempt and effort – although there may well be no clear win. That is, until you fade to black, or see the light, in a manner of speaking.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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