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texting and driving legislation


Point of relevance: texting and driving to death by Brian Patrick Cork

This, today, from Pastor Bill:

“Two bills introduced [through] GA legislature: The first to make illegal for teens to talk on a cell while driving, the second to make it illegal to text and drive. Source – AJC A12 today.” – Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Thank you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

that would be Degevolution


Rusty, who, as it turns out is my new Mormon Brother (I’m not a Mormon, but Rusty is nonetheless, my Brother), and I have concluded that texting, for example, is one of those innovations that fall under a new term “degevolution”.

I’ll pause, here, and grimly advise you that Rusty is the author of the aptly named: Mormon Conversations. I’ll warn you in advance, though, in reading this Blog, you will find yourself amidst unsettling information that includes the debunking of certain myths that include: “Magical Underwear”. You may well, also, find you like this fellow with a big family, and a heart and life story, to match. He’s a pretty fair writer. Certainly better than me (but, that’s easy). And, perhaps more notably, there is transparency, rather like Drew Tilghman, and some useful observations in-and-around a life well-lived.

In any event, but, also in truth, we were using the word devolution. However, I looked it up, and it’s already being used for an entirely separate purpose. So, for the moment, and, certainly relevant to this post, it’s utterly useless to me, and my self-important desire to create a new word that is meaningful and useful (and, a potential blunt-edged weapon worthy of making one of my inarticulate points).

Let’s see if we can work degevolution into our working lexicon. I’ll need your collective help and support with that.

By the way… I use so many comma’s that I have this sudden concern I might read like James T. Kirk. Obviously, you’ll need to be a fan of Star Trek to truly appreciate this (I am, but, call me not a Trekkie).

Meanwhile, Rusty and I found ourselves discussing his life ambitions this afternoon. Our dialogue, however, has it’s genesis with me commenting on his Blog – which in turn had him visiting my Blog, and stumbling upon one of my posts: Texting and Driving To Death.

We (collectively the father of eight children), decided that texting is one of those technologies (or, is it a derivative of technology?) that is degevolutionary because it facilitates educational and social awkwardness while also adding a barrier, to, what some of us, might deem as good or meaningful communication. …and, well, if you do it while driving, you might kill our children.

I suspect Rusty is reading this post, and possibly scratching his head. We, in truth, only had bits and pieces of this discussion. I’m taking enormous liberty, here, and expounding on a tangental thought. So, hopefully, Rusty is also grinning, and content with the spirit of this posting effort.

Thanks Rusty (but, let’s hope we are much more famous; at least highly regarded, for other contributions).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

stop texting, start talking


This would be a follow up to that barn-burner of a post: texting and driving to death.

I did, in fact get some push back. There was, certainly indignation. However, thanks to you, and driven by passion – certainly an inspired call-to-action, it’s literally circling the globe at naught less than a frantic paste.

Thank you, and every single one of you readers, for that. But, more so, for what happens next.

More people text and talk while driving than drink and drive.

It has to STOP now. But, it STARTS with other, less technically-oriented communication.

This challenge really represents an opportunity to inspire change in how we are communicating with one another – beginning with parents and their children. If we are leading by example in terms of not texting and chatting on cell phones while driving, we win by saving lives – perhaps that of our own blood (and, it will certainly keep me from being rolled over a hood, yet again).

Look for a video clip in the next week or so where I tell you a story about my time as a volunteer fireman in Louisville, Colorado, and also, a day I happened across the scene of a horrific traffic accident at a four-way stop – and, the final moments of a child’s very life.

It’s grim work, to be sure. However, I am committed to it.

Peace be to m Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

texting and driving to death


I am deeply troubled. And, on my knees, figuratively and really, over this. Perhaps my perspective is based on having been a fire fighter in Colorado. I was often witness to the tragic result of automobile accidents. The sight of only one child splayed out across the hood of a car will always be enough.


That was public service video, but it’s happened to someone’s daughters, some where.

According to a feature rich study I found, an accident is likely to occur twenty three (23) times more often if a driver is texting behind the wheel (read the facts here).

I understand these efforts circle and permeate the internet and our email boxes daily. But, it’s part of our culture to become quickly enured to things – even the horrific – until they crash our own lives in dramatic fashion. Then we feel hopeless within a society that simply moves on.

Oddly, that youtube video has and will likely haunt me. In fact, I am choking up a bit as I tap furiously, reader, away at this Blog post.

texting and drivingWith some simple on-line research we can quickly find many examples of videos and television shows and public announcements regarding driving while speaking on cellular telephones and texting (and, emailing). The focus is almost always the horrific results. To drive the point home, we see the emphasis on children.

This is not gratuitous shock. Nor is it taking reckless advantage, and exploiting children for profit.

I have witnessed angry men using children as human shields. But, here, we have man, at least trying to save children from windshields.


I keep thinking of Haley Anne and her friends (Shockers?). In the truck all the way to and from soccer practice Wednesday night. All they did was text. It’s what they do.

That (probably by now) 17 year old girl in the above video courtesy of Dr. Phil (a trained ambusher as opposed to teacher) simply had no clue. Ignorance is the key word there. Simply no perspective. No pain in her life. No example. Much of what she was saying was more defensiveness possibly driven by some tiny inner voice telling her she is “bad”, but not sure how to conduct herself.

My own Haley Anne does that.

This is a great opportunity to teach her and other kids before they get into those cars and kill one another.


But, it’s also what adults are doing. And, it’s getting worse.

And, anyone that drives while speaking into a cellular telephone crammed under their chin – or, worse yet gripped in one of their sweaty hands, as opposed to managing a steering wheel also needs to understand this must stop NOW. The statistics associated with accidents and fatalities and texting are even worse. It has to stop NOW.

Imagine some corporate CEO angrily focused on his Blackberry when he looks up, only at the last moment, and see’s my Haley Anne’s horror-stricken face as he plows into her car because he wandered into her lane.

Haley Anne wants me to drive her to school more often. Its a good time for she and I to chat (we just can’t do Strawberries and Cream from Starbucks every morning). I saw the Wales-originated texting video late yesterday. As I was driving with Haley Anne this morning I was “situationally aware” of people all around me in the traffic. I was noticing that most people were on cellular telephones, and I imagined they were texting as well.

Catastrophe is all around us just waiting to come out of no where.

I believe I am preparing to embark on a cause. Surely you must all agree with me that the improper use of a cellular telephone or texting while driving should be, in no uncertain terms, illegal. By the time I see this through – and, oh, I shall, I want to feel like I had, if only small, a part in such a law seeing its way through legislature and my community.

This Blog gets a lot of attention. And, I want to use that power and influence for continued good. I have never requested this before… Please forward this post to people you know – perhaps with an emphasis to parents, and avid texters (of all ages).

So… Going forward, I will only speak on my Cellular telephone if I can use my hands-free systems (and, I wonder if that might still be problematic). And, I refuse to text while driving at all (actually this is fairly easy for me as I text as little as possible any way). I deeply value my family, friends and clients. But, I am more committed to their personal safety.

And, if I have the chance to ask someone I see driving and speaking on a cellular telephone (and, I suspect they are texting) I will say something to them – politely, but certainly firmly.

“When you look at something like cellphone use or texting, most people already know these behaviors are not safe, but they do them anyway,” said Anne T. McCartt, senior vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit research group financed by auto insurers. “But the challenge in highway safety is that we do unsafe things day after day and don’t end up in a crash, and so I think, over time, people go back to their everyday behaviors.”

God help anyone foolish enough to harm my family if they choose to be so unreasonably selfish.

I am a father; certainly a determined fellow. And, when provoked, I am formidable.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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