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the Freedom of Terror and Truth


so…about the nature of truth.

ponder how difficult it is to convey the truth when everybody is speaking a different language.

…tongues, dialects, video, coding, body language, signing…

for example, the word ‘terrorist’ and the word ‘freedom fighter’ can be used to refer to the same people at any given time, or for a considered cause.

The word “hysterical” is another brilliant example of how “rich” the English language is with words that can have multiple meanings and applications.

with everyone speaking differently, truth is almost impossible to agree upon. yet believing in the existence of truth is the only thing that keeps us from devolving into tribal warfare. because without the existence of truth, the person who is most powerful becomes the person who is right.

soon I’ll talk about how God, and a belief structure, works in much the same way.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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Facebook’s contribution to Terrorism


I was reminded recently that the white van is circling out there. and, raising questions that I do about people in power and of influence is genuinely risky business.

in any event, I’m, admittedly, a bit weary of using Facebook as a punching bag. however, I won’t tire of being relentless when it comes to pointing out that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook Mafia (this can be stated in something of positive light because it’s a reference to the wealth generated by the Facebook insiders and how they are seeding countless other venture at unprecedented speed) have it within their collective power to use the Facebook platform for good. but, right now, with millions of examples over the course of any given day, it’s being used for a lot of evil, and mostly in the hands of ignorant children.

as you probably know, I’ve managed to rile up some folks with my Most recent Facebook-oriented posts: Facebook is on a Mission but not from God, and: why Facebook might be a great bad story/

In-and-amongst recent comments, Mark Toler said:

“Brian – you make a compelling argument about the much maligned privacy of Facebook however based on your judgement I could make the same argument that Jim Basillie and Mike Lazaridis (joint CEO’s of RIM) are responsible for the September 11 attacks as it has been proven that al-Qaeda used such devices (with their impenetrable encryption) while planning and executing said attacks or that Bill Gates and other internet pioneers are somehow responsible for today’s ever increasing human traffic trade.


P.S. – I am not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg – like most in his position he clearly stole the idea. He gets an A for execution.”


My response:

“I see your point with RIM. Mobile phones are a big part of the problem with explosive devices around the world. Nokia is a favorite of terrorists. And, aside from explosive devices, hand-held devices are obviously used to communicate the threat of terrorism.

NOTE: My dear friend and business partner, Bob Twitchell is part of the solution for this with his hearty and ferocious crew at Dispersive Networks. That website is currently under redevelopment.

In an earlier Blog post, Facebook is on a Mission but not from God, I pointed out that Facebook is intent on putting “dumb phones” into the billions of unreached customers around the globe. I wish I had my wits about me enough for this recent post to draw that connection as well. But, now Facebook may be unwittingly aiding millions of more potential terrorists with this plan. That is not really fair to Facebook. But, your inadvertent point needs to give us all pause, collectively.

For now, I want Zuckerberg to regulate content and the age of the Facebook users. That is fair.”


NOTE: I defy parents of Middle School girls, for example, to relay positive stories around the use of Facebook. …well, actually, I’d be delighted to get word of some. And, I’ll publish them, to be fair. I’m simply skeptical many exist.

in the picture to the left, I’d like to think Obama is telling Zuckerman why he and Michelle won’t allow their own daughters to use Facebook. and, I wonder how Zuckerman might view his platform come the day he has a pre-teen daughter of his own?

returning the line-of-thiinking before my NOTE…

For now, I want Zuckerberg to regulate content and the age of the Facebook users. That is fair. […]

or, so I thought until Toler made his appearance in the comments section. Bob Twitchell was recently granted an expedited patent around his work for Homeland Defense. as an early investor and champion I can’t go into details, here, but a problem is with terrorists (in the general form) using cellular telephones as trigger devices for bombs like improvised explosive device (IED’s).

An  IED, also known as a roadside bomb, is a homemade bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventionalmilitary action. It may be constructed of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery round, attached to a detonating mechanism.

IEDs may be used in terrorist actions or in unconventional warfare by guerrillas or commando forces in a theater of operations. In the 2003–2010 Iraq War, IEDs were used extensively against coalition forces and by the end of 2007 they had become responsible for approximately 60% of coalition deaths in Iraq. They are also used in Afghanistan by insurgent groups that has caused over 70% of coalition casualties in the 2001–present Afghanistan War.

They were also used extensively by cadres of the rebel Tamil Tiger (LTTE) organization against military targets in Sri Lanka before the LTTE was dismantled in mid 2009 by the Sri Lankan military forces. – Wikipedia

the term Improvised Explosive Device comes from the British Army in the 1970s, after thev Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) used bombs made from agricultural fertilizer and semtex smuggled from Libya to make highly effective boobytrap devices or remote-controlled bombs. an IED is a bomb fabricated in an improvised manner incorporating destructive, lethal, noxious, pyrotechnic, or incendiary chemicals and designed to destroy or incapacitate personnel or vehicles. in some cases, IEDs are used to distract, disrupt, or delay an opposing force, facilitating another type of attack. IEDs may incorporate military or commercially-sourced explosives, and often combine both types, or they may otherwise be made with homemade explosives (HME).

cellular phones are a primary tool used to detonate IED, and similar devices.  a radio-controlled IED (RCIED) incorporating a cell phone which is modified and connected to an electrical firing circuit. cell phones operate in the UHF band in line of sight with base transceiver station (BTS) antennae sites. commonly, receipt of a paging signal by phone is sufficient to initiate the IED firing circuit.

so… getting back to my prior post: Facebook is on a Mission but not from God,  if Facebook is successful in putting millions, and possibly billions of “dumb phones” into the hands of the “unreached” thinking they are going to put into their collective hands, I am more concerned that they might be unwittingly (now we have to understand scienter) arming terrorists with, otherwise, state-of-the-art technology that can be used to kill children real-time, literally, as opposed to metaphorically, on-line.

I’m apparently going to receive a call from the bad boys at Goldman Sachs about my line-of-thinking because they are (naturally), part of the syndicate group, expected to take Facebook public.

meanwhile, Barack Obama recently met with the founders of Apple, Google and others, including Facebook, to promote government partnering with corporate America to create jobs and opportunities. I wonder if Messrs. Obama and Zuckerberg are potential golf buddies? to be fair, that might be a low blow at Obama. but, I also have to be fair to people like Neal Boortz that appear to be genuinely concerned that Obama may not be what we need him to be. is this a new axis of evil? not likely in terms of intent. but, ego can be an ugly delivery system for evil, unto itself.

by the way… just as a reminder, and in an effort to keep being fair, Michelle and Barack Obama apparently don’t allow their own daughters to use Facebook. read into that what you must in terms of the goose and the gander. so, I wonder what Obama actually said when had an opportunity to speak one-on-one with Zuckerberg? someone else said that a picture says a thousand words (is that correct?). but, really, what did Obama say, or ask, of Zuckerman?

we have to ask the other questions though, and dig for the truth. that is what it means to be Heterodox -and, an Optimistic Gentleman.

dig. push. ask questions. write letters. send emails. do research. hug your kids. don’t text and drive. call your Mom and tell her you love her. Don’t text your daughter and tell her you love her. take her out to lunch and do it.

do it!

…then ask her for her Facebook login passcode and tell her not to post anything she does not want you (or her Grandmother) to see.

do that too!

in the coming months, if that white van gets me, I genuinely love all of you.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the terrorist amongst us


I saw the following excerpt in some British rag awhile back and I tucked it away for a future post:

“Richard Whittam, prosecuting, described how Mr. Ali was watched speaking in ‘hushed tones in a foreign language’ on taking a mobile phone call, was likely a terrorist and up to foul play, possibly planning an attack to be detailed later.”

I’ll suppose that day has arrived. And, a stage is set, possibly even for a point to be made. But, you have to read on. Do it!

In some ways the non-referenced terrorists, or terrorists in general, possibly real terrorists, have become quite successful, as crappy obvious terrorists might go.

The prosecution obviously wanted to make Mr Ali’s behaviour seem sinister. But I don’t think I’ll be alone in saying that in fact, he should be commended. So few people speak quietly on their cellular telephones these days that anybody who shows this level of consideration to others ought to be given a commendation.

In fact, if everyone was a terrorist, going out in public might be slightly less annoying than it currently is.

We’d never again have to listen to people yelling “I’m on the bus” (although that could well be a Christian terrorist quoting that, not necessarily, Christian Mr. Jim Collins, that so many of them mistakenly claim). Seriously, you never hear terrorists announcing: ” Hellooo… I’m preparing to blow up the bus”.

And teenagers wouldn’t be playing music on their phones, because isn’t music forbidden to (Muslim) terrorists – along with anything else that might make them think life was worth living?

Of course, I suppose that if everybody was a terrorist we may have to put up with far more bombings than we’re used to. It’s “swings and roundabouts” (as my British father-in-law might say), like so many of today’s issues.

And, how are we defining “terrorists” today? Wikipedia, naturally, has a quite thorough description of what a terrorist, might be, or could be, or should be. You can review all of that yourself right here. As for me, I see terrorists everywhere. And, I can’t yet determine if the Talibahn somehow anticipated this, or just dumb-lucked into it.

But, since 9/11 we stand for a long time in lines at air ports. And, we’ve spent a lot of money that might or might not be justified, fighting people we don’t really know, in places we can never understand. We question some people and things too much, and many other things not enough. Bullies have risen to power, or abuse power

All that said, I think we’re literally surrounded by terrorists.

The aforementioned prosecutor, Mr. Whittam is a terrorist. What you don’t know about the above quote was that the hapless Mr. Ali was only attempting to explain the purpose of a recent credit card expenditure to his wife while trying to be courteous to other people in a cafe. That now sinister Mr. Whittam appears to have twisted or omitted certain facts to paint a picture that suited his own nefarious purposes to make a case. This means he abused the law. That is also mentioned as a form of terrorism in Wikipedia. So, he’s a cultural and literal terrorist because he took a deliberate  step to create fear and uncertainty – and, the literal definition of “Terror” comes from a Latin word meaning “to frighten” (that’s likely in Wikipedia too. But, I can’t say with certainty because I’ve failed to read the entire dissertation).

The guy that did my landscaping is also a terrorist. One of my Brothers-in-Law says the same thing about my Mother-in-Law. Members of Congress that are going to try and force a watered down healthcare bill (you can read more about that in one of my earlier posts: healthcare is not for You) down your throat while exempting themselves from it, could be deemed terrorists.

There is, of course, some irony amongst all this as the word judgment comes to mind. But, we can address that point another time.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


quote-able road rage


honda insightThe Honda Insight is now crawling (literally) into the North American market.

I am not going to review it because I won’t ever drive it. But, based on what I (think) know it’s tinny, the suspension feels like a bobsled, you can’t call the engine a power-plant because every legitimate technical review of the toy vehicle describes the sound the engines makes as a “whine”.

In the United States, only three four-seat cars; and, all of them hybrids, get thirty five (35) miles per gallon (mpg), or better:

The Toyota Prius which starts at $21,000; the Honda Insight which starts at $19,800; and, the Ford Fusion hybrid which starts at $27,995

Somewhere, Honda and Toyota lobbyists are certainly smiling.

And, it can be argued this is where terrorism has actually claimed a victory. In case you had any glimmer of doubt, you can now be certain that Ford, GM and Chrysler will not likely exist as truly independent companies by 2016.

We need to be angry about this. The sound of my heart breaking with the loss of such a national legacy makes a noise worse than someone else’s crying baby on an airliner. It’s worse than the sound of your parachute failing to open. Really, to get an idea of how awful it is, you’d have to sit a dog on a ham slicer (just not Rowdy, to be sure).

There is currently a lot of hand-wringing in-and-amongst the House and Senate over what to do with suspected terrorists at (Guantanamo Bay Prison (“Gitmo”). Why not make them drive Honda Insight taxi cabs in New York City? There is your “eye for an eye” baby.

By the way… How many people really understand the meaning of “Gitmo”?

Brian Corks Porsche CaymanMeanwhile… I am not meaning to come across as arrogant, and I am always and reasonably thinking “green“. But, bet on me strapping on my unbadged Porsche Cayman and making a run for the real money so’s my hair catches fire (although, mind you, have shaved my head for summer training). With it’s unique chip-set, it flys, and is reasonably efficient – mostly because of pilot skill and training.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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