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the T-Mobile iPhone


I’m often, the first to know things you care about, or should care about.

however, in the case of what’s happened, and quietly, at that, with T-Mobile and the iPhone, I’ve been a bit slow. Perhaps this is due in part, with my destraction around the pending Sprint iPhone.

what! well, just you wait.

in any event, T-Mobile has some great commercials going after AT&T and Verizon and their relatively slow networks and emphasizing their own pretty darn quick 4G service.

based on what little I might actually know, I think Verizon might offer the faster service, overall. but, that may also depend on the device.

all that said, I’m only just sorting out that T-Mobile fully supports simple efforts to put your iPhone onto their network. I can prove it. Just point your browser, here: Do it!

this could, decidedly, make sense, even if only because AT&T’s infrastructure is horrificly over-loaded and customer service really sucks – possibly more so than their network service. seriously. and, the billing is a veritable nightmare. Sprint and T-Mobile’s are quite straightforward with customer service that is trending up.

but, if you’ve followed this blog long enough, you know all of that. Mostly because I told you so.

what may be the slickest part of this move on the part of Sprint (hint) and T-Mobile is they don’t have to share revenue with anyone -including Apple. they get the recurring revenue all to themselves. I love the moxxy. this is them not following the crowd, just sourcing the crowd.

so… Haley Anne has not really enjoyed her Samsung EPIC 4G, and Android device on Sprint. She simply prefers her iPhone. She does not know it , yet, but I plan on surprising her with a new iPhone 4G with a T-Mobile SIMs card (I have a dormant T-Mobile account from the less than rewarding Google G1 Nexus experiment) in the next couple of weeks. she’s been a bit down with the dismantling of the (as we knew them) Shockers. she’s thrown her heart and best efforts into sister team Breakers. and, I fully intend to reward her character and being a good sport.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


androids doing it the Apple way


Here’s another example of how Apple eats everyone’s lunch, while making them think they like it…

One of my Andoird-toting, and still, sophomoric, BEANS called, and rather triumphantly, I’ll add, advised me that research firm Canalys estimates that Android had thirty four percent (34%) of the U.S. smart phone market in the second quarter, compared with thirty two percent (32%) for the BlackBerry – and, a “measly” twenty two percent (22%) for the iPhone.

“dude, people that care and matter are choosing android and numbers prove it. they speak for themselves”.

Fair enough said (and says) I – and, then reminded him, evenly, mind you, that the Apple iPhone is hamstrung by its exclusive relationship with AT&T. And, currently Android and BlackBerry (main stream whores, to be sure) phones are sold by many carriers.

I also, and boldly, predicted that the numbers will likely shift (one could reasonably assert dramatically) once the iPhone is available with other carriers. T-Mobile is imminent, as is Verizon – and, that particular race only represents North America.

NOTE: Ironically, now that the law and the man that are one has ruled that jailbreaking iPhones is fine-and-dandy, you’ll see the iPhone adopted even more aggressively. …just watch.

By the way… Don’t bother even thinking this wasn’t part of Steve Jobs’ plan all along. He made you think jailbreaking a phone was naughty, and thus, fun. You were fighting the man in your own self-defeating defiant way… All the time working like hell to make the iPhone work for you (and better for us Apple shareholders).

Jobs put a phone in your hand you not only didn’t know you could not live with out; he made you improve it, and it’s application, in ways he did not have to pay for with corporate coffers. And, those Android guys are working so hard to make their phones as good as the iPhone. It’s fun to watch. Especially when all that effort helps increase Apple’s share price.

Oh thank God for the delicious irony.

There are so many ways to count, and discount, BEANS. But, it’s the mistake you make twice I’ll try and steer you from. Learning what an open-mind is remains an endless and wildly gratifying part of life’s journey.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


iPhone owning a T-Mobile


I’ll admit it.

T-Mobile will likely beat Verizon to the iPhone by Fall.

Apple can fight me for letting you know.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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