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Julio Iglesias certainly does Spain on and off


The big news out of Madrid is that Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has married Dutch model Miranda Rijnsburger, his (on-and-off-again) partner for the past 20 years.

The wedding was apparently a big secret.

What is evidently no secret is that the prolific Iglesias is determined to single-handidy increase the population of Spain.

For me, the most interesting element of this fertile story is that Iglesias, who is sixty-six, chose to marry the mother of five of his children. He was previously married  to Isabel Preysler who apparently only managed to have three of his children (evidently there was not enough “on” in this particular on-and-off-again relationship).

Rumor has it that the plucky Rijnsburger was actually narrowly out-birthed by the hapless, and thusly, unmarried, Theodora Ichibotty, who managed a whopping six Iglesias offspring, even though that relationship was clearly “on” a good deal. However, Ichibotty has a left eye that some times rolls back into her head – apparently the direct result of cranial pressure from too much baering-down. This apparently affected her ability to view Iglesias’ concerts or see him coming when he needed things to be “on”.

The wedding took place at the Virgen del Carmen church in the southern jet-set resort of Marbella.

Rev. Roberto Rojo Aguado, one of three priests who celebrated the ceremony (because one was clearly not enough), told The Associated Press on Friday that the couple were married Tuesday. He said the ceremony was attended by only two witnesses (about the size of his current fan base) – and, the couple’s five children.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

about that vineyard


I’ve apparently struck a chord with the news I want to purchase a vineyard.

My preference would be Spain.

I’m not looking for investors or partners.

And, I don’t view this as a retreat. More so a platform.

Apparently, and according to Hemingway, and my Granddad, Spain is easier to defend (more about that some other time). And, the people are like none other on the planet. And, yes, I did predict Spain winning the World Cup. The mountain ranges of Spain influence the climates of many Spanish wine regions (and politics), isolating regions like Galicia in the northwest, and protecting the Rioja region from the rain and cool winds from the Bay of Biscay.

All of this, and it’s import, are things, and critical things, that Prudent and Optimistic Gentlemen understand.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

singing to the end with the Queen of spain


The 2012 theme is gathering momentum in many circles. We’ve certainly discussed, well, referred, to that here, on this very Blog.

Indeed, the Prudent Gentlemen will be convening in Spain come June to prepare, more for events leading up to that period, and less so what likely won’t happen during, and then, obviously afterwards.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to Adam Lambert. I’m doing this for several reasons…

I think this fellow is terrific. And, I know he’ll be working with Queen on a new album. He’ll tell you he’s less interested in channeling Freddie Mercury than honoring him. And, yes, there are numerous reasons to draw comparisons – but the most reasonable and vital being that both singers are true entertainers, and oh boy, can they belt a tune. I shouldn’t neglect to mention that Adam and several of the Queen band members (oxford graduates) will be with us in Spain.

Enjoy this youtube-driven video of Adams’ Time for Miracles, which happens, as providence would have it, to be the marqee tune for the epic movie 2012.

aaah… synchronicity.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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