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on Donald Trump: one pirate to another


so… I’ve done business on the other side of the table from Donald Trump. and, I lived to tell the tale.

Somali Pirates just might be another matter.

but, before I walk that plank, and just so we are clear, I don’t like the fellow. to prove it, I’ll point you to another post I’ve focused on him: really looking at donald Trump. quite frankly, I know he does not care about that, and you really don’t need to either.

what I do like about Trump is he is straight forward about objectives. he wants and expects to win. that means someone, anyone – and, everyone else, really, has to lose, for that to happen.

that “winner-take-all” attitude and transparency might be refreshing reflected in the White House.

for example, Barack Obama (just in case you forgot, because it’s easy to do so given the hapless fellows stance on, well, anything, he is our Commander-in-Chief) does not have a position on pirates operating out of Somalia. trust me, Somalis are a rough crowd. they are angry (like, all the time), and they would just as soon kill you as %$#@ you. preferably both. so, they are well-suited as pirates. but, when it comes to pirates, and other things like tensions in Libya and nuclear catastrophe’s in Japan, Obama’s priorities are golf and college basketball tournaments.

but, not Trumps. he takes the piracy thing personally. and, Unions. they’re a lot alike. he and I might agree on, those things.


so, how about Donald Trump for President? at least when Obama is absent (minded) because it’s tee-time.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

laws, rules, choices and consequences


so… we all do our best to teach our children about choices and consequences.

…well, some do, and some don’t. and, naturally, it takes, and often doesn’t.

in any event, more followers of this blog, than don’t, know I discuss Laws of Natural Selection. I’m fairly liberal with both my definitions and my opinions. but, you must adore all of that because you continue to amass, here, in droves.

today, I’m using this blog, again, as a platform to take “the micky” out of Islamic Extremists. assumming they won’t like it, they can fight me. we’ve done it before, and I’ll look forward to the opportunity again. hell,it’s me that’s still the one standing, eh.

my experience in-and-around Somalia has never been good. I’m convinced they are part of the “dark continent” for a well defined set of reasons that just go on, forever – even though I suspect those people, won’t. why?

Somali Islamists ban men and women from shaking hands.

in Somalia, it’s not just following the tenants of Islam, which aren’t that bad, by design. it’s, once again, the morons that take that faith (and, any faith for that matter) to that newsworthy extreme.

it’s been recently reported out of Mogadishu that  Islamist insurgents have banned unrelated men and women from shaking hands, speaking or walking together. Mind you, these aren’t people that comprise the government or are elected to drive thought leadership. these are evil minions of idiocy.

here’s an example:

residents of the southern Somali town of Jowhar are fitfully reporting that the al-Shabab insurgents threatened to whip, imprison or execute anyone found breaking the recent edicts.

I have an acquaintance that happens to reside in Jowhar that tells me he will no longer greet women he knows for fear of punishment. he also reports that gunmen are searching buses for improperly dressed women or women traveling alone. he’s seeing women beaten for wearing Somali traditional dress instead of the long, shapeless black robes favored by the fighters.

the insurgents have already banned women from working in public, leaving many families completely destitute.

the good news, here, is this may well be a terrific example of Laws of natural Selection. if those minions of mayhem and moral objectivity prevail, at all, we won’t see many left inside fifty years.

peace be to my brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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