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this is another way to be an example of natural selection.

you have a choice.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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Microsoft Outlook reminds me AGAIN why I love Apple



I’m looking for a platform-agnostic email, contacts and calendar solution that I can use on the web that is ubiquitous. so, for example, if I wanted to use a Chromebook (I love this concept), I could have just about the same utilization of my business emails, contacts and calendars using Chrome (browser). I was hoping that I could also do that on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc., using any internet capable computing device I could get my hands-on.

the closest solution is Google’s App environment. while Gmail remains inelegant and can’t cleanly differentiate between email accounts, it’s really the only (only closest, to be fair) solution out there that suits my objectives.

I’m really pulling for Google these days. Larry listened to Steve Jobs and it’s showing as he matures into a heckua leader.

NOTE: the contacts issue alone regarding Outlook is a deal-breaker. If you are accustomed to using vCards (i.e. Apple Address Book or Gmail Contacts) you are hosed because and Outlook 2013 (PC) strip the pictures out of contacts when imported. this is ridiculous in the digital-age.


outlook messageI feel like I got hood-winked into purchasing Outlook 365. as I’ve mentioned above, I have been looking for an web solution for calendar, contacts and email. I paid $99 to Microsoft for an annual subscription for the Office 365 Home Premium package. information offered throughout Microsoft’s website is very misleading. so is their sales team.

there are mixed reports from a variety of sources that state syncs with Outlook 2013. however, it evidently requires work-arounds to accomplish that objective. straight answers do not abound. I can’t even get Diane Poremsky, a legendary Microsoft evangelist, to help me in any meaningful way.

it took me three hours last night on the phone with escalating levels of expertise and accents (why in Gods name [Tosha Marks, is this blasphemy?] are companies still subjecting their customers to this insanity?) for Microsoft support to FINALLY admit two important things:

  1. 1. Outlook 365 is really just and an option to download Outlook 2013 to a PC or Outlook 2011 to a Mac. If you want to use Word, Excel, etc., you can’t do so via the web. They can only be used from the desktop. that’s stupid. it really is. I’m told that for the same $99 you can get a reach-around and a nickel bag off Peachtree Industrial. all of it’s trouble.
  2. 2. and Outlook 2013 (for example) don’t synchronize, easily simply. in other words, while you could reasonably expect the calendars and contacts to sync, they don’t. you can MANUALLY import calendar events from Apple’s iCal, and Google calendars, for example. but, no syncing. that is ridiculousNOTE: Getting Google calendars and iCal to sync is not perfect, but it works and appears fairly reliable.


I’m going to Linkedin this morning and posting a $1000 reward for the first person that can solve this puzzle for me. I am also contacting Microsoft support again this morning and requesting a refund of my $99. As I type this message into existence I’m wondering if someone is going to contact me and say, “oh… all you needed was the Office 365 BUSINESS Premium account. The MSFT elves were just being mischievous while they were insidiously undermining Steve Ballmer and making a mockery of refined software development and quality control.

I wish Microsoft went to the same level of effort and expense to refine their software as they do in putting misleading content on their website and in training their support staff to compound the problem when engaged. the Andy Kauffman inspired Latka lives, I’m telling you, here.

look… all this said… if I’ve missed something; or anything, I’m happy to admit my failings, and am very open to using Microsoft products. however, this morning I am reliving my conviction to be an Apple evangelist (while maintaining very high expectations for all the other platforms).

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


connecting the .com’s


if you care about synchronizing contacts and calendar events across, Apple’s iOS, Android and Microsoft’s Outlook(s), rejoice.

take note of,

I’ve been complaining for eighteen months (and bitterly so) to just about anyone within hearing-range about Microsoft completely dropping the ball with importing contacts intact with pictures. Microsoft stiff-arms vCard formats and will only accept .csv files. that essentially means NO contacts pictures.

this is ludicrous in the digital age. and, everyone uses vCards.

I only really care because the deficiency strikes me as shoddy and inefficient. the idea is good, but it’s lacking for polish.

this is an obvious barrier for anyone that might want to move productivity efforts over to Outlook,, and Office365 (they are now essentially the same).

Microsoft appears to set the poor standard for innovation. by the way… what’s very telling is that it’s almost impossible to get Microsoft to answer questions unless you want to buy something. I drove all the way down to Lenox Mall to the windows store to see if someone there had any insight. NO THERE EVEN KNEW ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

…most of them use Gmail.

however, I am coming up with solutions – Gmail just about gets us there, but when contacts go over to anything Microsoft they are stripped of pictures (that csv vs. vCard matter). but, the aforementioned Mark/Space, Inc.’s “MissingSync” makes it all come together.

all that said, a real epiphany occurred today with my discovery that you can sync contacts, calendars (even email) between Macs, Android devices, and the Outlook(s) using the sync tools found on the Linkedin interface!


once logged onto Linked, go to “Contacts” (under “Network”), then “Settings” (look for the cog wheel in the upper right corner).

timing is important. first, link Gmail with Linkedin. you will have some duplicates but Gmail makes it simple to merge them. that then syncs back to Linkedin.

note: I found that I had contacts for some people that I was not Linkedin with. in some cases I realized I was Linkedin with people I did not need to be connected with (more on that later).

with that accomplished, if you have [the] Outlook(s) lined-up you can sync those with both Gmail and/ or Linkedin.

at this point all three platforms should have synchronized contacts (and calendars). it looks like you can now sync all of this with Apple’s iOS (mobility) as well. that means iCloud will indirectly sync with the others.

Diane Poremsky, if you are reading this, I can now get off your case.

this is very cool. well done, Linkedin.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


brian cork is ironically Stupid



evidently, “brian cork is stupid”.

…I’ll add this bon mot to my list of annoying things. but, first I have to demonstrate why it’s a bon mot, possibly rude, likely spot-on, or simply part of the problem.

…or, the solution.

context: the back-end of WordPress blogs allow us (that blog) to track a lot of vaguely useful data. this includes words or pherases that other people use to find,  “Google” or “Bing”, for example, our blogs and/ or specific posts. it’s rather like shooting in the dark.

Wednesday someone punched in: “brian cork is stupid”, apparently looking for proof or trouble.

but, the who and why are less material than the what, and now what. naturally, I want “brian cork is stupid” to be a oxymoron and much less so a bon mot. and, I’ve likely already used bon mot wrong (ish), so I’ve, therefore defeated my own purpose, here. which likely takes us to the bottom of this post, down there (↓).

meanwhile, in light, or possibly, in spite of it…

naturally, because I’m closer to an ape than brilliant, I tried googling: “brian cork is stupid” myself. and, ironically (in my opinion, so far), the top four results on Google were posts about topics that are very close to my heart, and I feel are incredibly relevant:

1. vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked;

2. Facebook’s contribution to Terrorism;

3. why Facebook might be a great bad story; and,

4. texting and driving to death.

okay… I’m not actually including the Vanessa Hudgens piece. and, the point I am still trying to make, there, is less important, to me any way, than Facebook being a weapon of mass destruction, and texting and driving. NOTE: just for now, it’s irritating me that the Vanessa Hudgens piece is indexing hire than the texting and driving piece.

I googled: “definition of stupid”.

definitions offered up by The Free Dictionary by FARLEX topped the results. so, we’ll roll with that.

stu·pid  (stpd, sty-)

adj. stu·pid·erstu·pid·est 

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied. Having dull mental responses; slow-witted
5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job. Trivial, silly, or frivolous.

A stupid or foolish person.

[Latin stupidus, from stupreto be stunned.]

stupid·ly adv.
stupid·ness n.

by the way… the more often I include the words: “brian cork is stupid” in this particular post, the stronger they are in the search indexing Google uses to rank and file things. so, this is my possibly being self-flagellating and less congratulating. but, I’m ever so curious to see if it works that I’m pressing ahead any way (much like what happened while Curtis Burton the third and I were ten and we decided to use his Mom’s new silk sheets as homemade parachutes from the roof of my Nana’s four-story house).

all of this only gets worse, for me. as I save this post in DRAFT form to evaluate how it looks, below is what pops-up under “related posts”.


a thought popped into my head about The Three stooges:

no episode, in particular, just The Three Stooges.

…while I was watching the video, however, I had a thought…

…maybe it’s okay if people start by punching in: “brian cork is stupid”, if the best result is them finding my posts about Facebook, and perhaps more importantly texting and driving.

God is whacky and just might have a sense of humor, and a perspective that drives it well beyond our comprehension.

in closing, I have this vibe about whom may have googled me being stupid. and, the possible foundation for that was my past, more so than my today. but, the key here is my favorite bon mot which is: “the worst mistake you will make is the one you repeat”. and, I live my life daily, to be part of the solution. so, my prayer, today, is that God use me in any way, shape or form, to be part of the solution.

heck… a hammer is stupid until it’s used to help build a house.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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