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social media has obviously changed our lives, collectively. and, we are constantly being exposed to tools we did not know we could not live without until they were part of our daily existence (like Apple products).

blogging, as it turns out, is a terrific tool, of sorts, and is part of my own life. and, I use the WordPress platform for a wide-variety of reasons that include a lot of options like plugins that make the process more challenging for myself and interesting for you. however, one of the reasons is not the unique analytics offered on the dashboard (or, backend) of user accounts.

I like to research and write, and don’t care about the associated data generated by analytics.

but, those analytics are tools, in their own right that people use to make all manner of decisions in their own lives. the results can be as uncertain, revealing, or possibly deceiving (and entertaining) as the effort, itself.

“analytics” have made our social-media-driven lives “Chines Interesting”.

for example, part of the WordPress dashboard analytics involves a summary of terms people from around the world use to find information. they might be looking for a specific person, a historical event, pictures, or stories. the sort of information can be revealing about our local and global culture. and, it’s not difficult to discern how outsiders might think of a target of search, such as myself.

from a ego-centric point-of-view, I thought the following Search Engine Terms results (ranked from most hits to least hits) might be of interest to my readers. these particular results are from a random day late last week that might say a few things about what people think of me, are looking for, finding, or think they are finding (like: “brain cock”). I’ve not picked one over the another. and, all I did was cut-and-paste that days unique results. NOTE: the post template made the positioning of the data a bit “wonky”, (a decidedly English term). but, the data is what it is. my “home page” had 3,935 unique hits as of 1130 hours that morning. although, to be clear, I’m not certain how this arcane science, of a sort, actually works.

by the way, one term or set of terms that caught my attention were those reflective of the hapless Vanessa Hudgens (naked), and how much of this continues to make and validate my original points postulated in my prior posts: vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked, and, the word naked is good for something but not for me. oh, and possibly, brian cork is ironically Stupid.

pos·tu·late  (psch-lt)

tr.v. pos·tu·lat·edpos·tu·lat·ingpos·tu·lates 

1. To make claim for; demand.
2. To assume or assert the truth, reality, or necessity of, especially as a basis of an argument.
3. To assume as a premise or axiom; take for granted. See Synonyms at presume.

as the fabulous BB Webb would say that I would say: Voila!

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.

brian patrick cork (332 Views)

brian cork

brian cork is stupid

brain cock

cork brian professional athlete

sucker punch nudity

brian cork fights driving and texting

vanessa hudgens completely naked

texting and driving deaths

stocks better than apple

brian cork is Racer X

vanessa hudgens naked sucker punch

see naked vanessahudgens online

facebook is evil

brian cork entrepreneur

alex gauna on apple

vanessa hudgens naked photos march

brian cork and Apple

how deep is an abyss

brian cock

want to see naked vanessa hudgens

sucker punch girls naked

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vanessa hudgens naked in sucker punch

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naked vanessa hudgens photos 1st time

rhodesian ridgeback puppies

use usb hotspot with ipad2

buy ipad2 cork

socialpreneur is

arthur miller abandon

vanessa hudgens torrent nude

vanessa hudgens naked march

the leader and i entered on that hidden

sucker punch leaked online?  (1 vew)

no music today! I’m adding a link to Naked Scientists 11.04.03 – Keeping the Conversation Flowing. it’s not what you might hope, or think. but, a  number of you will check. and, that’s, okay. because good will come of it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



brian cork is ironically Stupid



evidently, “brian cork is stupid”.

…I’ll add this bon mot to my list of annoying things. but, first I have to demonstrate why it’s a bon mot, possibly rude, likely spot-on, or simply part of the problem.

…or, the solution.

context: the back-end of WordPress blogs allow us (that blog) to track a lot of vaguely useful data. this includes words or pherases that other people use to find,  “Google” or “Bing”, for example, our blogs and/ or specific posts. it’s rather like shooting in the dark.

Wednesday someone punched in: “brian cork is stupid”, apparently looking for proof or trouble.

but, the who and why are less material than the what, and now what. naturally, I want “brian cork is stupid” to be a oxymoron and much less so a bon mot. and, I’ve likely already used bon mot wrong (ish), so I’ve, therefore defeated my own purpose, here. which likely takes us to the bottom of this post, down there (↓).

meanwhile, in light, or possibly, in spite of it…

naturally, because I’m closer to an ape than brilliant, I tried googling: “brian cork is stupid” myself. and, ironically (in my opinion, so far), the top four results on Google were posts about topics that are very close to my heart, and I feel are incredibly relevant:

1. vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked;

2. Facebook’s contribution to Terrorism;

3. why Facebook might be a great bad story; and,

4. texting and driving to death.

okay… I’m not actually including the Vanessa Hudgens piece. and, the point I am still trying to make, there, is less important, to me any way, than Facebook being a weapon of mass destruction, and texting and driving. NOTE: just for now, it’s irritating me that the Vanessa Hudgens piece is indexing hire than the texting and driving piece.

I googled: “definition of stupid”.

definitions offered up by The Free Dictionary by FARLEX topped the results. so, we’ll roll with that.

stu·pid  (stpd, sty-)

adj. stu·pid·erstu·pid·est 

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied. Having dull mental responses; slow-witted
5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job. Trivial, silly, or frivolous.

A stupid or foolish person.

[Latin stupidus, from stupreto be stunned.]

stupid·ly adv.
stupid·ness n.

by the way… the more often I include the words: “brian cork is stupid” in this particular post, the stronger they are in the search indexing Google uses to rank and file things. so, this is my possibly being self-flagellating and less congratulating. but, I’m ever so curious to see if it works that I’m pressing ahead any way (much like what happened while Curtis Burton the third and I were ten and we decided to use his Mom’s new silk sheets as homemade parachutes from the roof of my Nana’s four-story house).

all of this only gets worse, for me. as I save this post in DRAFT form to evaluate how it looks, below is what pops-up under “related posts”.


a thought popped into my head about The Three stooges:

no episode, in particular, just The Three Stooges.

…while I was watching the video, however, I had a thought…

…maybe it’s okay if people start by punching in: “brian cork is stupid”, if the best result is them finding my posts about Facebook, and perhaps more importantly texting and driving.

God is whacky and just might have a sense of humor, and a perspective that drives it well beyond our comprehension.

in closing, I have this vibe about whom may have googled me being stupid. and, the possible foundation for that was my past, more so than my today. but, the key here is my favorite bon mot which is: “the worst mistake you will make is the one you repeat”. and, I live my life daily, to be part of the solution. so, my prayer, today, is that God use me in any way, shape or form, to be part of the solution.

heck… a hammer is stupid until it’s used to help build a house.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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