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is Bernie Madoff Reflecting or Representing?


As many of you know, I am always considering examples of how we reflect and represent God (possibly the Christ element), and how we reconcile all of that with our lives. That uncertain but earnest quest began here – and, is threaded throughout this Blog.


History will decide who Madoff helped or harmed

Ultimately history will decide who Madoff helped or harmed

The inestimable Mr. Brian Visaggio posited a passionate and singular point of view about Bernie Madoff yesterday on his own Blog Saint Superman entitled: Raw in Moral Poverty.

Following were my own immediate thoughts to his posting:

A couple of thoughts here Brian…

1. I won’t believe that Mr. Madoff’s sons were clueless around the machinations of the company. They are very well educated and highly sophisticated business people in their own right. And, I suspect the elder Mr. Madoff is taking a fall for the family.

2. I would be curious to learn how many people, over the years, actually made multiples on their money as they invested, withdrew, reinvested and repositioned those funds over a thirty year period. For those decades, hundreds thousands of people were happy and content. Taxes were paid. Ironically, the IRS has an interesting challenge before them in determining how many of the “dividends” distributions paid out over the years represent “ill-gotten” gains, and how that might affect taxes.

3. What role or responsibility do the numerous charities, cities and schools that benefited from Madoff’s legendary generosity (buckets of millions) share in all of this?

4. What is the Securities and Exchanges (SEC) own culpability in this matter? Over the years they have been contacted by numerous professionals that something was not “right” within the Madoff organization and the financial results they published.

Where might “situational ethics” come into play here?

Bernie Madoff pled guilty today. But, I am not sure we will understand precisely what it is he is guilty of (for example, which rules, conduct, actual financial loss, etc) for years to come.

There is a legal term called scienter that makes all of these points a “perfect storm”. It seems that (most) EVERYONE, generally involved – or, at least observing the activity, knew there was something amiss – from the investors themselves, through the Madoff management team, to federal regulators. However, the “American Dream” was afoot.

Now you have multiple groups standing back, with hands on pistols, ready to volley.

Does our society reflect Bernie Madoff? Or, does he represent our society?


Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




Today (for several obvious, and not so obvious reasons) I am compelled to share this inspiring post by Mr. Brian Visaggio:

Paul-Emil Leger

Look Ma…  No quote marks needed.  Just recognizing solid work when I see it (both from the subject and the author).

Naturally, my mind flits to U2’s brilliant (and inspirational in it’s own message) “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

Here is a rather unique rendition:

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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