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 here is some perspective. you’ve read these before. but, do it again:

so… I saw this on, humansofnewyork:

of course it reminds of Dad… and, Mom.

sad man on humans of new yorkWanted to share with you guys a letter I got today, because I think it’s a testament to the community of people who follow this blog. I’ve also attached the photo/caption referenced in the letter. I get nervous as the blog grows that the culture will fall apart, but with 2.7 million and counting— the HONY comment section remains a sort of rare internet jewel where everyone, for the most part, is really nice. And when there is a mean comment, it sticks out as an anomaly, instead of the other way around. So thanks for that.

Hi Brandon,

I’m Ted, we met getting off the Six at Grand Central. When I got home Sunday evening, I had an e-mail from friends in Chicago. One of their daughters reads your blog (is that what it is called?), and recognized me even though she has never seen me with a beard. I am astounded! I’ve read about 1000 of the comments, words cannot express how touched I am by what I have read. Its actually more than touched, it has been very emotional to read the wonderful things people have said. A couple people appear confused about what happened, for the record she had acute myelogenous leukemia, we were diagnosed July 2008, we lost our battle February 20 2013, not quite a year ago. Thanks for doing this, it has really touched my life. The most wonderful people in the world read your material and comment on it.


“At first we kept saying: ‘We’re going to beat it. We’re going to beat it.’ Then after awhile we began to realize that we might not beat it. Then toward the end, it became clear that we definitely weren’t going to beat it. That’s when she started telling me that she wanted me to move on and find happiness with somebody else. But I’m not quite there yet. Not long ago a noise woke me up in the middle of the night, and I rolled over to ask if she needed anything.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


there is always a test


Heart break is a much more effective weight loss program than Weight Watchers.

But, I’m glad no one can package it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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it was just a hug.

I thought it was a good hug.

longer than most.

that was it.


brian patrick cork

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Haley Anne Update


I’m not particularly my verbose self tonight.

just home from the hospital. Emma Jo needed some home time.

lots of tests and the unnerving words: “we’re just not certain”, from doctors.

but, we’ll likely be draining the blood from Haley Anne’s tummy tomorrow morning as they attempt to sort out what’s causing the internal bleeding.

this is a picture of little Emma Jo comforting Haley Anne.

Emma Jo does not want to bother with school tomorrow. she is petitioning to be with “sissy” because she needs her. I’m not sure, yet, how she means that in terms of whom needs who. however, we’ll likely discuss it later this evening after I read to her. we’re in the midst of exploring Harry Potter (sorry Northpoint), together.


with all my super powers, why can’t they include the ability to take my daughters pain as my own?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

for the record, I have none this night.

brian patrick cork




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