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putting on my Fit


I may be coming back into good riding form.

It’s been a hard haul since the accident. But, late this morning, I reeled in a group of riders humping road-configured bikes on Freemanville Road in Milton.

I’m riding a Cannondale mountain bike and I still have off-road wheels to make it harder to train.

As I passed the leader he looked at my rig and called me a @%&%ing d&*%. I took that as a good sign.

Later today I’ll put in a five mile run, with intervals in a North Park on the turf field.

Tonight is date night. Tomorrow it’s the boat and World Cup Soccer, baby (and an ice cold Model Especial).

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Rowdy can Run


Rowdy, my world famous Rhodesian Ridgeback, is no longer, in official terms, anyway, a puppy.

Today, indeed, this very day, Rowdy is two years old. It’s hard to believe in consideration of this wildly popular photo.

The critical milestone that we can now face together is that Rowdy is eligible to run sustained distances (dogs should not run thusly before the age of two). This is one of the reasons I picked the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. They are incredible athletes, and possessed of inspired stamina.

And, I need such a creature to keep up with me – and, inspire me.

Today, we’re off to Lake Lanier. But, Monday will likely find Rowdy and I on Brittle Road legging it out for what I hope will be one of many adventures together.

On a side note, before we’re off for the lake, it being Rowdy’s Birthday, Joanne is taking him to Petco to pick out a new toy. And, then it’s off to the dog park ( where his buddies will give him a good romp, he can chase deer, and Jo can compare notes with her own chums.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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why the rain


rain does not make a lot of sense.

it rarely comes when we need it. and, it’s almost always certain to appear when most inconvenient.

that makes rain rather like surprises.

and, change.

I hate rain. and, naturally, I love rain.

rain is bad. rain is good.

I prefer to run in the rain; a down pour, please.

that might be where pain meets ecstasy.

perhaps rain, like most things, is what we make of it.

so, I’m listening to U2 and

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one of those moments #14


we were back from the Atlanta Falcons game seeing them take it down to the wire to beat the San Francisco Forty-Niners with another field goal win.

I took off for a run at North Park. the turf field has become something of a refuge through the agony that represents Joanne, and I put in a solid five miles in good form despite the pizza I choked down at the Georgia Dome only a few hours behind me.

while I was spinning around the field a growing group of multi-nation footballers (soccer) were gathering. and, as I cooled down they had finished with their easy-going warmups and started putting it one to another. the footwork was at once easy and dazzling. the joy from their hearts shown through their smiling and sweat-drenched faces. some were fit, others almost portly. but, they were all agile and quick – evidence of a life-long passion for “the beautiful game”.

that’s it. the sun was streaking through the trees and mottling the field with pieces of light that made the cooling air seem almost magical. actually it was. just a nice moment where the world seemed to spin smoothly upon it’s axis.

I’m thankful for that, today.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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