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This really is just another example of why following the crowd might be a bad idea


My crowdfunding concern –

“The revolution will not be crowdfunded. FORTUNE — Tuesday was Y Combinator Day, a bi-annual showcase for startups that have received the blessing of VC shepherd Paul Graham. And the buzzword this time around was crowdfunding….”

Brian Patrick CorkThis is well done. The next thing you need to know is that the SEC now has a crowd funding “watch List”, and rightfully so. Crowdfunding is a short-cut, and will become part of the problem, and less so a solution, except for bandits. – Cork

Additional thinking…

Paul Niederer

Paul Niederer : Enjoyed the objectivity in this article. 

Pledge crowdfunding relies upon instant gratification within a few months. Equity crowdfunding is built on hope. There will be no “initial user surge may be huge” in this space as pumping up hope for an individual raising will pander to misrepresentation and breach securities regulation.  

Most equity raises will follow a relatively boring path with a few handfuls of investors who will mainly come from friends, fans, family and followers of the entity raising capital. Yes there will be exceptions but they will be few and far between and will usually be buoyed by external factors like well known investors investing and sudden credibility improvements like new team members, new deals and improved exit possibilities.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


rules today that pave The Road for tomorrow











I say it probably starts with awareness, and refine that with self-awareness. then you get to invoke change from within that gets reflected outward. that requires a desire for change that is drawn from choice. that brings meaning to why we should feel gratitude around doing things we love, for people that we value. if you believe that giving as much as you take, if not more, then finally reciprocity finds itself in the formula for success at life.

everything else is a burning platform.

“We all need a road that we can find that gives us love and peace of mind” – Songwriter Randy Thorderson

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


laughing all the way from the Bank



now we have the rumor JP Morgan could acquire Bank of America. read a bit more about that, here.

Why this can only fascinate me is that it’s Constitutionally unfeasible.

…another thought is one could argue that Bank of America currently is part of the “axis-of-evil” (I’d add Facebook to that list), and led Wall-Streets melt down in 2008.

however, if it does happen, and I don’t have any information (but, its unlikely), it signals the Federal Governments willingness to operate outside of rules that are the foundation of law. there is now, essentially, no discipline. this signals open-season on rules of policy, and the rule-book. It’s also another “bail-out”, just under another description.

but then, look what the Obamacrats did with the debt ceiling.


Jamie Dimon becomes not only the single most powerful man on the planet, but also, potentially (ironically?) emasculated because everything he does will be watched through a completely new and different lens. the meeting at the White House, and it would have occurred, must have been historic with it’s import.

pause and also consider the fact that the United States still does not have a “super bank” that can play with the big boys in the mountains of Europe (and, watch for what’s going out of Hong Kong – you did read about that first, here). and, you now have the majority of United States households financial snapshots under one lens.

could this be a precursor to imminent domain to sage the country in Obama’s twisted view?

but, now, perhaps, we have insight into the rumors I am aware of that have Dimon being names as Secretary of the Treasury.

save this post. you did learn of this, here, and first.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


daughters rule


Haley Anne is home now. She is tough, but it’s really been a rough two weeks (although it feels like an eternity – especially for Joanne whom took the brunt on the parenting side). The test results came back in our collective favor. So, now the focus is getting back on her feet.

My best contribution was the attempt at keeping Emma Jo on pace.

In my prior post I had mentioned that Emma Jo wanted to skip school to be with “sissy” at the hospital. My dear friend Chip Brackley had asked a question as to how that played-out (his own family is currently expecting daughter number three – that lucky basterd).

Daddy and Emma Jo had a long talk (for an eight year old anyway) about how important it is to stay focused on school work so Mommy would not worry (and, of course being responsible, as well).

I don’t think she was impressed.

Then, of course, it was revealed that the underlying agenda was the hospital gift shop and it’s wide assortment of stuffed animals. This then led to bargaining that resulted in leveraging a good grade in social studies for a stuffed giraffe. Being the genius Emma Jo is she pulled-off a hat-trick (in Daddy’s eyes) with a solid grade, a visit to see sissy, and a trip to the gift shop (but, it was a large stuffed yellow lab to match her black at home).

I am, clearly, so much better at guiding world leaders how to run their business than I am at holding my beautiful daughters to the rule.

This might not make a lot of sense, at the moment, but I’m thinking about my Dad and how he would have both valued and treated his Grandaughters. They would not have been spoiled so much as simply and thoroughly relished. Dad would have slept at Haley Anne’s feet at the hospital. I wish everyone could have known that fellow. Anyone that did was always the better man for it. That said, Dad’s legacy has me, always, more than willing to drop a rule in favor of a happy smile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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