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from whence our Inspiration?


“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

John 4:35

There is a hapless fellow in our community that came to me because he wanted a job. I asked him what he envisioned as his career-path over the next five years.

However, he was not interested in coaching, and only wants a: “job that pays [him] enough to go on missions and lets [him] retire at fifty-five”.

In the absence of that, he asked if I would be interested in giving him money for a Ministry that connected people in China and taught them how to play golf. I was, admittedly, skeptical, and, instead invited him to drive around Alpharetta with me to pick up bags of clothes for kids that, for example, don’t have matching shoes. NOTE: This is an effort underway through one of our Shocker Mom’s, Mary Guthrie.

He was not interested, some how, in that opportunity.

I can’t be certain from whence these people come from. But, come they do. And, I find myself drawing inspiration, of sorts, from them.

As readers of this Blog, for example, know, I’ve long evaluated many religions, and draw my actions from many of them. The Christian Bible offers that quote above from the book of John. And, it’s a reminder that, perhaps we need to be open-minded from whence we draw our inspiration, and to keep our eyes open, for all manner of opportunity.

I say this, in part, because opportunity abounds today. A current theme of my Blog, of late, has been commodities-centric. Good and bad, success and failure, are all relative. One mans misfortune may be at the hands of another’s great hopes and efforts. An example is a new “home” that was a recent short-sold house, or that purchased after a foreclosure. Of course war, and competition are other examples.

In any event, the imposing image of the above pictured canine offers critical perspective in terms of how we can see the world around us, and how we treat and relate to the gifts around us.

Pick your battles carefully. Seek truth and light. Serve where you can. Be an example.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Disclaimer: Obviously, the animal pictured above is not Rowdy – and, that is certainly  no sofa I’d have in my possession (at least in this decade).

strange opportunity, really


One of the best ways we start our day off is with me walking Emma Jo to the bus stop.

Today, it was colder than most days. Rowdy has a new store-bought coat, and still could not be coaxed outside.

There was frost on the windshield of my (my big black bad-ass) truck. So, I crawled into the cockpit to start the engine; the intention to warm it up for the drive to work and the related high adventure.

That’s when I noticed that my automobile registration and proof of insurance were laid-out on the passenger seat  alongside two pair of sunglasses I normally keep in the console between the seats.

Odd and creepy, to be sure.

The only thing I could immediately determine that might be missing was a flashlight that I keep in the same console.

The sunglasses are both high-end and expensive. So, the interloper has bad taste, or simply different taste.

But, we know the intent, at large, in this matter is creepy (that word again), and evil.

If some hapless stranger needed a flashlight I would have offered it to him, with a spare set of batteries. And, probably a knapsack of provisions, including a thermos of hot chocolate. If they are looking for me or need something, I’d prefer they not slink through the night like a jackal. Toe-to-toe, any time, say I.

So, as I walked my little daughter to the bus stop this morning, her warm and endless chatter generating delight in my heart, I had to be reminded that there is an odd balance to life. It’s my job to represent truth and light. To protect my family and neighbors. But, never lose sight of my humanity. Another Kobayashi Maru?

I’ll have no choice but to view this as a God-given opportunity to represent and reflect, some how.

That’s me, raising my hand.

By the way… Do you, my readers, remember (or, just know) the pledge of Green Lantern as he recharges his ring? If not, you only have to ask in the comments, or via email, as so many of you do, and, I’ll share it with you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

i pick Vick …and Macbeth



Naturally this is going to stir the pot – and, there will surely be the taking of sides.

Me? I already picked my side. And, it’s that of Michael Vick. Say what you will of me and my own story. But, I know more about Vick – and, where he comes from than most of you.

You can expect me to discuss my own history with, and thoughts around Michael Vick, in future posts. And, you know I will find some way to manage a mention of Rowdy. But, what follows, in the now, is where I want to go with this post today:

Philadelphia offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg (who, in my far from humble opinion, is a proven  game-of-football genius – and, it helps that he has proven this season over season) doesn’t expect the insertion of Michael Vick into the Eagles offense, this season, to disrupt its rhythm.

Note that I say “this season”.

“Not at all,” says Mornhinweg. “We’ll straighten that out. We’ll take care of that. Michael is going to help this offense. I’m confident of that.”

That’s right bucko.

Vick was in just six plays Thursday night in the preseason win against Jacksonville. But, of grave importance here, his earlier support of Vick aside, Quarterback Donovan McNabb told Mornhinweg and head coach Andy Reid that Vick’s coming on-and-off of the offense interfered with the flow of the game.


“It’s not going to be a disruption,” Mornhinweg said. “Believe me, it won’t be. It’s not an issue.”

Yes.  It will be. This is a Quarterback controversy with brilliant Shakesperean overtones. Shakespeare saw that the prolongation of innocence – of “infancy” as the biologists say – is the key to mature strength (For my part, I believe that we are nearer the beginning than the end of our understanding of Shakespeare’s genius), and, Philadelphia, city with a history of not living up to it’s claim to brotherly love,  is naught less than the perfect setting for this drama.

“In what do love and friendship consist if not in a perpetual acceptance of the angels and rejection of the devils that we discover in everyone with whom we are brought into intimate contact?” – William Shakespeare

Michael Vick will likely play tonight when the Eagles travel to compete against the Jets in the final preseason game.

McNabb is not expected to play in the game.

And, if the Shakespearean spin on the ball plays-out, Vick will be “unmasked” /1 as the future of the Eagles, and we have ourselves a barn-burner of a season.

Andy Reid and the Eagles front office snapped Vick up as fast as they could get a wink (see update below) from Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the National Football League, and have worked extra hard to find ways to integrate him into their, already lethal, offense. Observe as they now find more ways to build it around him to suit his style of highly mobile play. McNabb is a warrior – in every sense of the word. A true friend as well. But, his days as a starting Quarterback in Philadelphia are numbered.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

UPDATE 5:15pm EST : This just in...

NFL says Vick eligible to play in 3rd week (not 6th week)

1/ What is the face but a mask to conceal the man behind it? What is social position, what are offices, titles, dignities, degrees, but mantles in which men wrap themselves to hide, from themselves even more than from others, the banality of their lives? What is a human life but a role that a man enacts, as different from his hidden self as the role of an actor is from his part in ordinary life? What are words but means of disguising thought? What is life itself but a play for which most of the players are miscast, a masquerade at which only a few of the rarest and most heroic, or the most brutal and cynical, ever unmask?

Rowdy Week Five

Rowdy at Five Weeks

Rowdy at Five Weeks

Rowdy Investigating

Rowdy Investigating

It’s amazing what changes a week can bring.

Three more weeks until Rowdy comes home.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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