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the word naked is good for something but not for me


last week in my blog-post-test vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked, I postulated that tags like “naked” and “punched” might further increase attention to my blog. I think I was looking for something along the lines of a social commentary.

I don’t even enjoy that sort of gratuitous tomfoolery. but, dammit, I did get a lot more hits. and that has been sustained, and is growing over the past week, and daily.

by the way… there are also a lot of people interested in Rhodesian Ridgebacks, as well.

that sort of bugs me (the naked angle, not Ridgebacks). no… it bothers me a lot, the more I think about it. I’d like to think I’m more interesting and relevant than that. although to be fair to myself, my readers consistently appear to like my views when it come to analyzing market trends and offering insights into the thought leaders in companies like Apple and Google. and, extreme-training tips. and, my dog Rowdy (“Ridgebacks” get a lot of hits). so, I’m also realizing that I probably made my point in that “one-off” readers are finding my blog because they are googling or searching for tag words like “naked”. and, to my horor, if you google “naked chicks on sucker punch”, “girl from sucker punch naked” or, “vanessa hudgens naked”, you are inauspiciously led to my site because I get so much traffic, in general.

so, I just ended up becoming part of the problem.

that really, really bugs me.

the worst mistake you can make is the one you repeat.

and, another think that bugs me is I did something similar to this about three years ago with my ill-fated myspace experiment. I was pretty clear that I’m happily married and not interested in “hooking up” with women. yet, I was enundated by (unconsummated) contacts from women in Alpharetta and Atlanta (both married, and not) wanting to do that very thing.

so, it looks like I’m ranting and complaining my way through something of a social commentary, here. I understand I am actually getting what I, inadvertently, asked for.

evidently there are many people that like to read this blog and connect with me as I “nakedly”, in a manner of speaking, bare my soul. and, there are a whole bunch more that just like to see something naked without having to make an actual connection.

I know one day Haley Anne and Emma Jo are going to understand that their Dad is a deeply flawed man whose best contribution to his society – is them. they will possibly read this blog, if it survives. but, I’m hopeful they will have learned perspective along the way.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

Rowdy's Boat


Rowdy is now fifteen months old, and has added boating with his family on Lake Lanier to his repetoire of great experiences.

Rowdy has made numerous new friends of both the bi-pedal and quad-pedal variety along the beach at Sunset Cove, and many of the islands that dot the lake.

He has special privileges on many a marina and boats that include free-reign to board and greet. It should be noted that all tennis balls are fair game.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

lifting up a material girl


Last week I found myself driving Haley Anne to summer soccer practice recently and faced with something of a challenge.

We were in my Ford F-150 (also known as the: “big black bad-ass soccer and dog truck”). And, it’s currently my vehicle of choice. Rowdy can sit comfortably in the back, or ride shot-gun. And, there are always soccer balls bouncing around in the back. It’s insight into my life and priorities. It’s cool and formidable, but also practical (it could pull the boat, in a pinch).

We witnessed a yellow Ferrari navigate a corner in good form and amidst a spray of gravel.

Haley Anne turned to me and asked why I didn’t drive a Ferrari (I do drive a Porsche, but she is apparently aware of the difference). “You can afford it can’t you?”, was the secondary question.

I almost told her that I am seriously considering a Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon (and, it’s true, I am).

The question that ended-up dropping out of my face was: “whom do you think has more money, the fellow with a Honda, or the fellow with a Ferrari?”

See… I thought this was a rather sage question. It was certain to set the stage for a ground-breaking dialogue between my beloved daughter and myself that would further establish our bond while I appeared wise, and she my able student.

I’ll pause here and admit that a quick image of Bill Pope popped into my head. I found my heart in my throat (I sure do miss my red-headed-Errol-Flynn-type-friend). I was also quickly thinking this was a good time to get her ready for the news that we are seriously considering a move from the big beautiful house in Milton (Alpharetta) to a more sensible home in the Crabapple area (I’m trying to send a message to my community – more about that later).

It’s still a great question, for obvious reasons. And, it raises so many fascinating ideas around wealth management, good stewardship, and self-image.

But, all that aside, I got a simple shrug with a: “who cares Daddy. Why can’t we have a Ferrari?”

I’m already thinking this is a great challenge (isn’t character always best when challenged?). What steps does this alert me to, and prepare me for, to curb her views around materialism? A defining Authentic Life moment and possibly a Kobayashi Maru.

…sigh. Lift me up, and stay tuned.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

the life of being a Hero


I had planned an epic post around a revolutionary event featuring Haley Anne (no skallawag, she). And, woven into it was a planned ackwledgement that Rowdy, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, is now one year old.

However, one of life’s unexpected opportunities twists caught me in mid-stride today, and required otherwise swift and decisive action.

I have medals that might mean I’m a hero by some definition. But, I’ll assure you, here, that nothing compares to the awarding of a happy little daughter’s hug.

“Elfie”, a stuffed elf to many, but a meaningful friend to my Emma Jo, had gone missing. We concluded that she was left behind at my new offices during a visit today during some errands.

Emma Jo was devastated. And, her hiccuping plea for Daddy to: “go find her”, a challenge of no uncertain consequence, could not conceivably, go unanswered. And, in fact, she had made it clear that: “only Daddy can do it. he can do anything”.

And, I did just that.

I mounted my steed, in this case my Porsche, and gunned it through the twilight (admittedly with the windows down and cold air whooshing around me, mixing with the strains of Tom Petty blasting from the Bose sound system – and, me howling along, the Knight errant).

Otherwise, no drama.

I arrived home to naught but great fanfare, and an excited: “Elfie’s home!” – and, that big, big wonderful, glorious hug, with extra squeezes, and a smooth face nestled in my neck.

When it comes to Daddy’s and little girls, there is no mountain high enough. And, the rewards – and, awards abound.

Mind… You’ll be hearing about my other daughter, Haley Anne, and her own school-related (revolutionary) heroics, and soon.

I’m listening to Tom Petty’s: You Don’t Know How It Feels. So should you. And, play it loud.

Peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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