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just a quick thought – and, a few observations; followed by opinions, around “networks”, and related words.

why did I use quote (“”) marks around the word: “networks”, you ask? admit, it hundreds of you did ask yourselves, collectively, what I was up to as you paused upon that provocative word. well… it’s due, in part, to the fact that it happens to be an idiomatic utterance with many applications and meanings – a vital element (there’s another one) to the richness of our our English language. and, there begins the approach to my point.

I’m seeing weakness in the broad application of most things associated with some type of network.

to wit:

it can be argued that television programming, as offered by the communication networks, is weak and uninspired. example: Joanne made me watch Grays Anatomy and Private Practice – so, my point is made, there (note: Addison is both a bitch, and pointless).

most of your social and business-oriented networks are also of highly questionable value. daily I hear people say they rely on their networks for job leads, business leads and financing leads. but, they end up feeling like Custer requesting reinforcements at the Little Big Horn.

AT&T’s network has gotten so awful that I abandoned the iPhone  for Sprint and the EVO 4G (interestingly, this did launch me down the path of exploring all things Android, then open-source [so…Linux {Ubuntu} operating systems, and even Windows).

broadly, the word “shallow” comes to mind when I think of “networks”.

maybe some good news is much of these offenses can be resolved by internal “accountability”.

we can easily turn-off the television and speak to one another (no mean feat when I’m competing with Private Practice. but, a worthy effort nonetheless). we can help one another better by being more clear about what we actually need and can do for, and within, our social and business networks. we all really do want to help one another. we just need to understand how. so, being responsible for being less casual, and more focused, is a good direction (this will make us more productive [and less self-entitled] workers, by the way. we can get there by watching less television, to start. then use a cellular service (fewer daily, actually use land-lines any more) that work (this is also a way to hold the service providers accountable) and engage in meaningful exchanges of information, that include dialogue (hint: email and text less, please).

so… ironically, we look to our “networks” to bind (there is an example of a word that is both multi-useful and juxtapositional [look it up]) ourselves together. but, that system has broken down, regardless of the words application. in a period of time when hiring, for example, is now more “mission-specific” than ever – which means we have to be clear, concise and relevant in what we do for a paycheck. the Laws of Natural Selection are going to play a vital role in what happens next. so, we need to communicate, and really (also consider genuinely because it’s so apropos) want to help one another.

me? I’m using the word: “connected”. some how I’ll sort out a way to integrate virtu into that so accountability and responsibility are the baring points. and, all I ask is that you join me in creating that “daisy-chain” that makes life as meaningful as possible.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


jesse jackson has enslaved lebron james


I won’t go on, too much, about LeBron James evacuating Cleveland (and the Cavaliers) last week.

Come on… I’m going to fail to even try and understand the big deal. I’ll happily lay-out my considered opinion, right here, that Mr. James quit on his team now that he has arbitrarily decided they could advance no further and win the championship (they made it to the finals this last go-round) because Cavaliers team owner Dan Gilbert won’t: “buy more guys”.

…prove me wrong. And, if Mr. James does not like me saying this (and, he’ll hear about it because a lot of proffesional athletes read this Blog), he can fight me.

Gilbert has made his views known to anyone that cares. But, today he is in Las Vegas, at the NBA Owners meeting, and focused on the future. And, well he should be. That can be as bright as he and his wallet (and, the fans) decide it should be.

By the way… LeBron James isn’t the problem, really.

What has caught my attention, because I see it as chalked with greater import, is that idiot Jesse Jackson and his mouth, again.

This past Sunday Jackson decided that Gilbert sees James as a “runaway slave”, and has put James in “danger ” (I suppose from rabid fans that might not care for his sulky demeanor). So… Is he in danger from the Miami fans (only if he opens his mouth instead of playing up to his hype), or New York (he outright snubbed them)? And, wasn’t he in more danger when he sat down during the 2007 All-Star game (and, named it’s MVP while breaking a lot of records) because he didn’t care for the way reporters were speaking to him about comments he had made about taking off for Europe?

Did I mention Jesse Jackson is an idiot?

Jackson hasn’t shown form this entertaining or  memorable since I wrote: obama and gates Write the Book on racial profiling in america.

No one else has used the “slave” word. But, now it’s attached to LeBron James. There will probably be a rap song dedicated to the notion. So, now he’ll be immortalized with it. This is ANOTHER example of Jackson abusing his notoriety in an incendiary manner just to create more sensationalism. He is not bringing appropriate attention to the “blackman’s plight”. Jackson might well be the blackman’s blight. And, Al Sharpton.

What’s the difference between Jesse Jackson and a racist? As far as I can tell, not much. Racists (also like Al Sharpton) fan the flames of hatred instead of winds of change. And, Jackson is certainly better, and more accomplished, at that than most.

Jesse Jackson can fight me as well.

Or, I believe my thirteen year old daughter (“why is he so angry at everybody?”) could take him in an arm-wrestling match. I suspect he’s as limp-wristed as his views, articulation, political agenda and general thinking.

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Walking In Circles


Some men draw circles around themselves in which they pledge to care for their wives and children.

Other men can draw slightly bigger circles that include extended family and parts of their community.

But, a few men can, or are willing, to take responsibility for all those that cross their path or need them.

I would dare draw my circle so large that I stand for all of my Brothers and Sisters.

But, I also understand (and today better than any other) that there is a COST for taking this position.  And, sometimes it means a serious ass-kicking (emotionally speaking that is).

So…  What may come…  This is me all bold and fearless; leaning forward.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.


How does forgiveness work?


James Lewis:

I despise you.

Fortunately, I don’t think it’s my responsibility to forgive you.  That is what Christ suffered on the cross for. Perhaps this is me having a “Love Kat” lapse.  Or, maybe it’s God making sure that I never forget and work every day to not be like you.

NOTE: As I contemplate all of this, I am listening to Eddie Vetters new album “Into The Wild.” It’s great.

Now, I am going for a long run.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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