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iPhone HOT TIP #66


I found myself fed-up with the iPhone 4 “bumper” that is both a protective case, and a solution for the antennae issue that exists, but doesn’t really.

I’m making this case because it gets dingy and collects lint.

just so we are clear, I stand opposed to lint.

and, dingy things.

also… while I’m at this post, I’ll rail, once again, and lament, as well, the dropped-calls and poor reception that are simply and arguably part of the AT&T experience.

all that said, I’ve uncovered a solution that is both elegant and attractive.

I’ll, and with naught less than great pleasure, introduce you to the GASKET – Brushed Aluminum Case, from id America. looking at Id America, it appears their aim is to support those individuals who seek to rise above the ordinary. I think they are good at doing just that. their design products are urban, trend-setting, unique and functional.

I picked the brushed silver version for myself and my iPhone 4.8 (more on that some other time, perhaps). once I had it mounted, I added a protective matte screen for effect. the GASKET added just a slight heft and a bit more substance to the handset. I immediately liked it’s feel. and, it really does look cool. I’ve already had dozens of comments, all positive.

however, there is an unexpected and additional benefit. the reception for the iPhone, despite AT&T, was immediately improved. I’m no engineer. but, I’m confident the metal alloy of the GASKET acts as an excellent conductor and likely strengthens the signal. the result is an extremely crisp and clear conversation. I was speaking with a boat broker Thursday. he was using a land-line. he was practically next door. a half hour later I was chatting with Brandon Knicely while he was visiting friends in Los Angeles. although everything works better in Los Angeles, cellular towers reign supreme, so that might not count (although Brandon counts a lot). but, the true test was realized with my daily epic soccer discussions with the indefatigueable Andrew Collins. even along Freemanville Road my iPhone refused to drop the call, even once.

order yours from id-America, today. do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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gold busted


If you started thinking about buying gold back in 2001 when the world started smelling weakness associated with the US dollar, you were in good form. If you actually bought gold, then you are in terrific shape.

Since 2001, the US dollar has dropped in global value approximately forty-one percent (41%). That’s true, by the way… It’s right here, and in writing. Go verify it. Do it!

So, shorting the dollar, and trust me you can do that, might have also been part of an inspiring, if not rather unpatriotic, part of your mid-range investment strategy. Once the dollar begins that type of slide, our global debt is guaranteed to increase. It has certainly done that, almost on cue (damn you Goldman Sachs!). When the dollar weakens, gold strengthens. This thinking is fundamental, and it’s a great example of how economies work on scale.

Other than pontificating, here, one of my points is you’ve likely already begun to hear advertisements and other touting of gold.

That means it’s too late.

Economic-savvy insiders have already made the great run. Now they want to start a different type of diversification (so, you’ll read about how much money they made in about thirty months). They’ve already started buying things you’ll slap your forehead over in another thirty months.  HINT: It’s sure as heck not commercial real estate – especially in Atlanta. That looming disaster is one reason banks are hoarding cash from small businesses. But, more on that later.

So… Don’t buy gold today, or tomorrow. I don’t know that you should start buying the US dollar, yet (and, you can do that as well). It’s hard enough to just plain earn a US dollar, right now – especially with Obama, the ex-social-worker, and the Obamacrats, I mean Democrats, so resentful of wealthy people that have worked hard to get through college and maybe start a business.

My primary point, here, is simply a heads-up around gold. I’ll try and come up with some recommendation on what I think the global financial markets will push sooner than later.

Just standby for the word. Do it!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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