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On another Blog, far from here, there is to be read a quote backed by this rambling missive.

I’ve read that dissertation a few times now.

It’s circular thinking, I’ll submit.

But, it also strikes me that this Jiddu Krishnamurti fellow is saying, without meaning to, that God is so BIG that we can’t comprehend Him or what He does. If that is the case, it’s fair and reasonable. Or, I’m reading into Krishnamurti’s words my own beliefs. Readers of this Blog know that I see God (even though I still have a mote in my eye) in most everything. But, I’m trying to be fair, reasonable and open-minded.

I’m interpreting that what Krisnamurti says reads like we should be open-minded and seeking. I’ll agree that questions are always good and healthy. That’s what the Heterodox does best (rather like Tigger).

Krishnamurti also seems to be saying there would be no evil or warfare, for example, if God actually existed. The existence of evil supposes, then, there is no God – according to Krishnamurti.

However, I’ll offer that this is where God’s gift of discernment could come into play. Man represents the potential for good and evil. God might represent an ideal. The definition of that ideal is obviously different for many people. Look at John Hagee’s position, whether you think he’s a lunatic or not, relative to Hitler and the Jews (and Hagee received a humanitarian award from Israeli leaders). Irony abounds.

In any event, I’m okay with, and happy to assume God is big, and we’re something of an experiment in the form of a petri-dish. Belief in a higher power may have been formed as we realized our deepest fears around only fading to black at the very end of our existence. That light at the tunnel, as it were (or, will be).

But, that’s okay – right? This gives us something to reach for. An ideal with which to hold ourselves accountable against.

That seems fair and reasonable. Maybe comforting, like Tigger. Certainly something I’m willing to work for.

By the way, as I fade to black myself, I’m not sure what I should expect. But, I do hope that someone is whispering in my ear: “Oh well done, fair and goodly man. You’ve finished well”.

Today, I’m listening to I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. But, also, Daughtry’s Learn My Lesson.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Raison d’etre


“Our very life depends on everything’s Recurring till we answer from within. The thousandth time may prove the charm. — That leaf! It can’t turn either way. It needs the wind’s help. But the wind didn’t move it if it moved itself. The wind’s at naught in here.” – Robert Frost

That excerpt from Robert Frost’s Snow was lobbed at me recently.

My immediate thought was (seriously): ‘If necessity is the mother of invention’, then change must be the fuel for growth. Otherwise, if we forget vital lessons, we are always doomed to repeat the past.

I just mashed a few lines-of-thought together. And, I am good at that. Now this presents a possible endless loop. And, the phrase: “Chinese maybe” keeps popping into my head.

I know the necessity element is oft quoted. So, is the business around lessons. But, I can’t remember if the fuel part is. So, perhaps I made that up. If not, I freely give credit to anyone who wants it – or, better yet, life and nothing less than rich experience gave birth to it.

Can any, or at least, some of this, possibly make sense to anyone other than myself? “Doomed” is a relative term here. Because the past isn’t always bad. But, resting on our laurels very well could be. It should be. And, making mistakes is okay. I have made HUGE mistakes.  However, it’s only the mistakes we repeat that undermine growth. Otherwise we just keep doing (repeating) that which is easy or comfortable. That can’t be good. At least this is what my heart and gut are telling me daily.

I can’t put my finger on it (the words it and they are so confoundingly nebulous and ponderously overused – and, I fear make me lazy, even here, as I struggle for the right contrivance) just yet; however, sometimes I wish I could drive my clenched fist through many things. But, change is afoot. I think it’s good progress. But, certainly required direction.

My relationship with Joanne must be different. And, it can, and will, be better. How I reflect and represent my own Raison d’etre /1 is clearly morphing. My view of the world, and my escalating role in it is growing. Hell, even my perspective on how I coach my daughter Haley Anne and her Shocker teammates (certainly, and now clearly, a hardy and ferocious crew) is evolving.

I am stubborn and willful by reputation and preference. Yet some how I eke out growth through my own keen desire to work through people. I only feel like I am at my best when connected to others and they recognize and achieve goals. If I feel disconnected I realize that sense of drowning. Some times, worse yet, that scene from Kill Bill II when Uma Thurman’s character is buried alive rears itself.

So… Where am I, and who am I in-and-amongst all of this? When do the mutants come pouring out of the sewers to ravage the media-deadened world? Am I ready to be the hero?

I just played with Rowdy in my offices (he just likes to crawl into my lap and lick my face; that won’t change even though he will likely grow to 85 lbs.), and that simple break, and change of circumstances, allowed my mind to free up, and it occurred to me that it’s the fear of not realizing my best potential that drives me every day.

I like that.

erol-flynnAll of this keeps me on my toes, and requires that I recognize my flaws, and allow others around me to recognize my struggles, and applaud my own growth. I will always see myself as the underdog that needs to try harder than everyone else. Ironically, most people tell me I make success and life appear simple if not easy. That makes me think of Erol Flynn (Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Sergeant York – all brilliantly flawed heroes) on several levels. So, more about that later.

It’s my roll in life; my reason for being; to be flawed, and to fight, and strive. In doing so, I can then hope to reflect and represent an ideal of what I and others around me can be.

Meanwhile, lets fire up some John Fogerty (it’s been awhile since I found myself singing) and But, also, go find John Wesley Harding’s rendition of Like a Prayer (think Madonna – but much better). This requires some effort because it’s not to be found on Youtube. However, it’s worth it.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ Raison d’être is a phrase borrowed from French where it means simply “reason for being”; in English use it also comes to suggest a degree of rationalization, as “The claimed reason for the existence of something or someone”.


Not Reason Alone


I feel a bit more grounded today.

So… Those of you that endure this Blog know that I consider myself a “Randian”, or “Ann Randian”. Her words formed my core business philosophy; set the stage for my Jeffersonian ideals; and, enables me to pursue my journey through Heterodoxy (you probably better look that up – or, read this Blog history thoroughly).

At any rate, I felt like “Randing” a bit today.

“I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.” – Ayn Rand

If I correctly understand her, Rand is mistaken in assuming reason is by itself sufficient. Even when consistently applied, reason alone usually doesn’t do us much good in establishing truths. At least not outside of pure logic and mathematics. One reason that’s the case is because reason so often leads us to two, three, four, or even more options — each one reasonable. If science relied on reason alone, nothing would ever be settled by science.

Reason needs observation to discipline it. Reason should always be checked against observation — otherwise reason too often leads to even the wildest sort of speculations. One of the reasons science has made so much progress in our understanding of the universe is because science combines reason and observation — rather than relying on reason alone. Science constantly tests reason against observation. In science, when observation disagrees with reason, observation triumphs.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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