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Racer X and the Mote in Gods Eye


At some point, unfortunately, you might conjecture this post represents miscellaneous ramblings. I am still sorting through the theme.

Off we go…

I don’t often directly discuss my secular work on this Blog. However, it is often the case, what occurs in-and-around my work, inspires my outside thinking.

Our Accelerator (a unique twist on a startup incubator. We have gone so far as coining the phrase “spinup” company – which is pre-startup) is getting traction and loads of attention. For example, earlier this week Bob Twitchell and his engineers (a ferocious and hardy crew that can spin code like few others) made high-tech history. Through a successful test, they accomplished a networking technology feat never accomplished before – right here in our offices, and I was a witness (and, took a picture with Bob’s iPhone for good measure).

Will I change the world? Have I changed the world? Will I at least get a footnote once the multiple pages that result from Googling (a lot is there; naught to hide; unsure if there is enough to boast of) me dissipate after I go to China?

More on that later.

Meanwhile, I recently found myself explaining my passion for Blogging to Joanne. If you check out my post Jehanne (that actually began with inexhaustable Brian Visaggio), you might read between the lines and understand that it is, in part, about her. I believe the name  Joanne is possibly, derived from “Jehanne” (It has also occurred to me this might be an interesting school lesson for Haley Anne – me drawing a correlation between Joan of Arc [Jehanne] and her own mother). In any event, this is a consistent theme with my Blog that only a few people have picked up on. There is meaning underneath what I say. And, often the titles of the posts drive their own message that are, hopefully, if not always well articulated, affirmed in the post. The process simply fascinates me.

But, I have recently come to realize that I have lived most of my last eighteen years trying to please Joanne. It never seemed to be enough. I really tried the best way I knew how. Ever resolute, I have every intention of revitalizing my efforts and making Joanne, Haley Anne and Emma Jo as happy as God will allow me.

I am working through an opportunity that may represent something of a second chance. It’s a tough spot that is requiring a lot of discipline in the face of enormous pressure. There is a lot at stake. The alternative is unimaginable.

According to WordPress analytics A LOT of people looking for Racer X find me.

Meanwhile, The Mote in God’s Eye, is a Science Fiction novel written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and first published in 1974. The story is set in the distant future of Pournelle’s CoDominium universe, and charts the first contact between humankind and an alien species called “Moties”.

None of that is particularly relevant to this Blog or my streaming thoughts. However, the title of the novel is a wordplay on Luke 6:41–42 and Matthew 7:3–5 and, that is, indeed, relevant to my current thinking.

41 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

42 Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye. – Luke

However, it comes together in terms of personal experience and history, political rhetoric and public commemoration. Starting from the visual and textual documentation of a certain contextual day’s events, and the competing interpretations of its meaning and significance, the authors examines the role of the image in defining a place in cultural memory.

In essence, this means the author argues that “dust” became the dominant visual trope, casting a cloud – both actual and symbolic – over our capacity to comprehend a complex and traumatic moment in history.


These are all simply events in the life a man that is not so simple. There is your elusive theme, after all.

And, I shall spare you a video or link to a song like Dust In the Wind (I don’t like it much any way).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sister.

Brian Patrick Cork

a gentle Fuss!


For the record, “A Gentle Fuss” is a name of a Blog posited by Mr. Nick Milne.

However, I like that title for this posting. I can only try to do it justice the way Nick has.

In any event, David Shafer recently commented on my Blog Post: really looking at donald Trump:

“Hmmm….setting up a comparison between a fictional character and a real live human is unsettling business, no?”

Shortly afterwards the inestimable Mr. Brian Visaggio (he should not be offended, in any way, by my referring to him as a Mr.) posited: Batman Can’t solve the Problem

Batman thus does what he does in response to evil, and has been unable to find a way to respond to evil except in evil. By this I don’t even necessarily mean his violence, but by his justification, this need for revenge which has dominated his entire life. He cannot act apart from that need for revenge, and will not act apart from that need. This sets him apart particularly from Spider-Man, whose spurring motivation isn’t revenge but bitter obligation. I’d admit Batman is “good” relative to the scum he takes down, but his whole image exists to inspire fear. Not awe, not dread, but bone-chattering, pantspeeing fear.

Superman seems to have it right; he does what he does purely because he’s the sort of person who would do it. His great motivation is a desire to see good done in the world, and I maintain that, had he not a single superpower, he’d still be doing good in the world. The only reason he fights is because there’s a monster that’s about to kill a number of people and that monster must be stopped; but, if there weren’t monsters, I can’t see him turning to stopping back robberies; he’d be stopping asteroids and preventing train collisions. Superman exists to make the world a better place, and to inspire the people of the world to do the same. Batman’s out for blood.

I offered my own (albeit less articulate) comment to Mr. Visaggio:

The way I understand the Batman is he does many things wrong (there is always a perspective) – but for the right reason.

His morale code is complicated.

Both Batman and superman are imbued with “other human” gifts. Faith is a gift (I think).

It seems to me that it might come down to how we use those gifts, and the message that is signaled, reflected and represented.

Maybe on a side note… Does Superman still believe in “Truth, Justice, and the American way”? But, his old “Up, Up and Awaaaay?” is so American.

So… Naturally, I had to contrive a way to fit Thomas Jefferson into all of this.

Thomas Jefferson was a Heterodox and did not know it. God gave him “other worldly” abilities as a gift. He used them for good. The result is a framework (the Constitution) that allows freedom of choice. But, he understood the rules are not for everyone. So, choices have an opportunity to reflect and represent (I discuss this in much greater detain in my prior posting: Image) the discernment God gives as a (or another) gift.

Jefferson was real.

Batman is a Heterodox possibly because writers want him to be – but, might not know it. He is also imbued with “other worldly” gifts. He does things the wrong way for the right reasons. This is why he is the “Dark Knight”.

Batman is not real. However, his complicated morale code is.

Donald Trump is larger than life (in such an American iconic sort of way). It can be fairly argued that he also has “other worldly” gifts. But, his morale code does not appear to be complicated. It reflects and represents a singularly selfish agenda. It reflects and represents so many things that parents want to protect our children from – right?

Yes…  I understand I have my own complicated past. But, as most of you are fully aware, I am also Racer X.

Trump is real. He is quite discerning (discernment is a gift) – I am sure. But, his example inspires only a FEW, and can’t inspire me the way a real American hero (that would be Jefferson [thus the title of my forthcoming book]), and a fictional character and anti-hero (that would be Batman) that stands for good (for the most part).

All three are strands in the weave of our society. They certainly make the fabric vibrant.

But where do you want to stand, reflect and represent?

Update: I have decided to name my Rhodesian Ridgback “Rowdy”. He is now three weeks old. He should be home by mid-April!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Porsche vs. BMW


I understand that BMW claims to be: “The Ultimate Driving Machine“.

However, that is advertising.

The fact is, in my experience (which is rather significant), Porsche can claim that distinction.

We must be ever mindful that I am Racer X.

Lets fire up a poll:

[polldaddy poll=1329944]

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

The Dark Monkey


I was sliding into a coma last night when Joanne storms into the room with the heart-stopping words:

“We have a problem”.

Then she stands there and looks at me in that unnerving way that simply says:

“You better be able to fix this.”

I was not sure what I was going to hear.  There has been a lot going on around the household in the past few months – and, the world of course. And, with me being Racer X, and likely able to to think through, and solve, most of the worlds challenges and problems (clearly evidenced through this very Blog), I always need to be ready for any thing (action?).

But, Joanne froze my blood with:

“Haley is having inappropriate email exchanges”.

Joanne had begun investigating Haley Anne’s email (I fully support this). Most of you know Haley Anne is twelve.

In short, somebody named ‘Meghan’ found Haley Anne on My Diva Doll. The topicology, as reported by Joanne, was, at best, marginally disconcerting. However, this was the first step (or is it?) that parents simply must fear. Worse, as a self-proclaimed champion, I let something potentially HUGE get by me.


“We are taking away her email, and you have to change the internet”

So, I started considering how best to reach out to Al Gore and initiate global reforms around the World Wide Web.  But, it was clear by Joanne’s demeanor that immediate (and, possibly less drastic action was required). I agreed (that something had to be done at some level) any way so I padded upstairs to visit the hallowed place that is Haley Anne’s room.

I had to set aside being angry with myself for allowing [what exactly?] this/something to occur in my house with my daughter. This could not be about me. I had to act like an adult (but, that is soooo hard) and convert this moment into an opportunity for a life lesson.

Haley Anne was ready for me.

“Daddy – my stomach hurts. I think I am gonna throw up”.

Okay… So, now I am a big ‘ol wet noodle and useless.

No!  I rallied.

“Haley Anne, you are not in trouble. But, I need to know who Meghan is; and, where did you meet her?”

This is when Joanne (she had followed up me upstairs) chimes in with:

“She has a “Gmail” account.

I think this is where it dawned on me just how tenuous the situation might be, or could be. 

Haley Anne was quite matter-of-fact:

“All my friends have Gmail accounts.”

What? My family uses Apple’s .Me for personal email. But, there you have it. I have long had this smug sense of myself that I was this hip Dad that had all this stuff in hand and under control. Then some ‘kid’ named Meghan (if this really is a child [Meghan is apparently from Hawaii – but, who knows?]) blows my mind.

Or, is this an opportunity?

I pick that (for now).

I will go over board. I will hire a consultant to teach me all about parental controls, and monitoring the internet, and child safety.

I understand this is (yet another) verbose Blog entry that might have your eyes rolling into the back of your head. But, this is REAL.  This is me being transparent. Haley Anne is my baby (well…  Maybe Emma Jo is the baby… However, for the sake of this Blog post – and, the requisite dramatic effect, Haley Anne is my baby). And, A LOT of people, across four generations, read this Blog daily (Students at Radford University to Members of the House and Senate).

Google is going to hear from me. I want them to hear from you as well.


I don’t fear ANY THING. I have faced too much evil and survived. But, my children are my achilles heal. Check in with me around this.  Keep me on my toes.  Help me stay accountable.

I will accept comments on this post.

No peace or music for me this day. The dark monkey /1 is at my door.

Brian Patrick Cork


/1 Grandad used this term to make his point when evil was in-motion.

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