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proverbs and Promises


I use the phrase “Chinese Interesting” fairly often.

NOTE: that video will make a lot more sense once you’ve read this post (the first minute or so will likely suffice).

I can’t recall where I first heard that phrase, and you probably don’t care.

however, recently, while, again, walking someone new to my story through the events around “Colorado” (there are more lessons in those horrific days than I’ll ever be able to use for good, but I’m sure going to try) a coaching client of mine asked me what it (the phrase) meant. I will almost invariably offer this cryptic summary (that I believe is a proverb):

“the promise can be in the punishment, and the punishment can be in the promise”.

I’ve found that it’s normal to pursue passions and outcomes. but, just not to become overly attached to those outcomes. mostly, I suppose, because trying to predict the result is much like playing craps or timing the stock market. my view is, if I keep doing the right thing, it’s harder to go wrong. for example, I may not know if Christ rose from the dead to seal the deal between God and mankind. but, I hope He did. and, if I try with both a will and purpose to live my life like Him, I’m more likely to do good (or, at least better). by the way, I do feel that this requires courage, in some form, because, unlike stated Christians, for example, I also don’t know if there is a reward for all of that best-efforts, other than being remembered as a true and goodly man.

I know many of you have read about my seeking heart a lot before today. but, and trust me, you will again. I simply don’t shy away from it or Colorado. my past life in Colorado has little to do with my faith, but is as much a part of me as whom I want to be.

man… that was a tough and awkward sentence to work through.

I found myself in a lot of trouble in Colorado, even though I thought I was doing the right thing.

by the way, Colorado was not all bad. that place gave me Haley Anne, allowed me to be a firefighter, taught me that more men in that community valued more the man I was over what I did, and, ultimately, set the stage for what I do today. it certainly gave me the props for one of the best days of my life with, Sammy: The best argument I ever knew for Dogs in Heaven.

so… the art is in being happy regardless of the outcome. I find comfort in that tenant of life is attached to most of the meaningful religions, in some form or fashion. I like and appreciate the consistency.

but, to put it into perspective, I’ll offer a parable that I believe is Buddhist in it’s origins. and, that is close enough to being Chinese because I’m certain it’s roots are realized, there:

a great story is the Zen master and his student walking by a river. a prostitute was there and needed to be carried over the river. the Zen master picked her up and carried her across the river, and then gently put her down on firm soil. then the Zen master and student moved on an continued their journey. a few hours later the student, who was evidently agitated, finally asked the question: ‘Master, how could you touch and help that prostitute! that’s against what we believe in!’ and, the Master said, ‘I left her by the river. why are you still carrying her?’

what’s my point, here?

well… those events changed my life and formed who I am today and what I do going forward for the rest of my days. I hope all of it put me on my own goodly journey. that’s certainly part of my own prayers. nonetheless, God knows that I am in pain every day with the burden.

that was the punishment being in the promise.

so, each hour is spent trying to recognize the face of my Father (both earthly and spiritual), and be the best man He bothered to create. yesterday I was never good enough. tomorrow I have to be better.

that has to be a good thing, right? can’t the promise be in the punishment, for me? no Kobayashi Maru, that.

today, I’m listening to: Losing My Religion, the Glee Cast version. but, just so we’re clear, the REM effort will remain dear to my heart.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


change the meaning of change


Apparently “the” Democrats believe “change” will carry them through elections. I guess it’s all about the (new) slogan and logo. New, in this case, is just sort of different. Maybe it’s just not so bad as the worst case. So, let’s talk about some “change that matters”, and this according to a relentless revision of Obamacrat, I mean Democrat marketing, I mean doctrine.

This might not be exactly how Rush Limbaugh might phrase things… However, here are some examples of the changes that the Obama administration and the Democrats have inspired to certain lexicon:

1.   The War on Terror became an: “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

2.   Welfare checks became: “tax cuts.”

3.   Illegal immigrants became: “undocumented workers.”

4.   Economic stimulus became: “investments.”

5.   Global warming became: “climate change.”

6.   Watch this one very carefully. The Bush tax cuts became: “the Obama tax cuts for the middle class.”

7.   Freedom of speech became: “hate speech.” Especially if it’s considered a slight against the Obamacrats.

8.   Protecting our borders became: “racist.”

9.   The financial sector became: “greedy Wall Street fat cats.”

10.  Unions became: “struggling middle class Americans.”

I don’t have an issue with the theory behind the Democratic party. Thomas Jefferson, himself, had the balance-of-power and checks-and-balance system in mind when he helped create the Constitution, aftar all. However, they can change how words work in certain combinations (I hint at this in another post that is apropos, here entitled: situational awareness) all they (or, is it “they’d”?) like, but the fact is that the too many solutions promised by (more so Obamacrats, and less so Democrats) haven’t created reasonable change. Thought Leaders are right when they argue there is an enthusiasm gap between Democrats and their voters (and, yes, I discussed that in my post: it’s Civil War, then), but a new website and logo isn’t the solution they were likely looking for.

Let’s be part of the solution. Pick up the phone (I’ll be using my EVO 4G on the Sprint network, thank you), dial your representative, and call for policies that encourage the private sector to grow and maintain jobs, for example. I understand the double-dip recession fears are abating. But, that’s due to the fact that corporate debt default is now below four percent (4%) and middle-sized companies are selling products to larger companies (more on that later). But, perhaps they should have spent a little more time designing that particular roadmap and a little less time designing a website. Especially when the looming tax code revisions cool-off small and middle-sized company growth, spending and hiring (a lot more on that sooner).

When coaching my Shockers I try to inspire them with messages like: “If you are going to a thing, why not always give it your best? This includes using your super powers for good”. It’s not unfair asking our government leadership to take up the same thinking. And, then they also get to lead by example, and inspire the next generation of leaders – just like Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

Look… We’ll discuss my running for Governor later than sooner. Just be ready.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


its Civil War, then


So… I’ll never shy away from waxing political and opinionated, on this Blog.

Oh Really? Says, you.

And, today, and this very day, I’ll add another prediction to my growing inventory of good calls…

It’s going to be civil war in-and-amongst the Democrats because Barack Obama has set them up for failure.

Obama has always been so bereft of business, or any kind of acumen, that he really had no idea he could never hope to live up to the high-flying promises he made to get elected as our President. He promised us… well… most of you that voted for him “…great and sweeping change”. Okay… Here is comes [feel it… feel it]: However, the only thing he’s really changed has been his mind – and, that endlessly, as he’s flip-flopped around like a baby seal facing-off against the Japanese.

And, now with unemployment high Obama’s popularity below fifty percent (50%), Republicans likely feel the primaries have reflected an enthusiasm that would serve the party well in the fall, when control of Congress will be at stake.

This means incumbent Democrats don’t know where to turn – other than upon one another.

I’m reasonably certain that most members of the House and Senate fail to represent their constituents, and focus their energies, daily, on staying elected, as much to enjoy platinum benefits and life-styles unrealized by the people they pretend to represent. Today, facing an election year, they can’t even hide behind a presidential smoke screen shrouding a grandiose platform of nonsensical reform. It’s going to look like Jones Town once the real smoke from the fire-fight dissipates. All the “kool-aid” drinkers will have cupped themselves.

Many Democrats are asking Obama to hold-off on making a stand on things like budgets and changes in the tax code until after the elections just so they don’t have to make a stand themselves. But, the Republicans see this from a mile away, are forming tea-parties, and calling their opponents out early. This means Democrats facing real competition for their seats might have to step away from party line and doctrine and actually stand-up for something their constituents need and want. The biggest problem for Democrats is that they don’t know how to do things like work, stand up form themselves, or suck anything up (other than up to celebrity tree-higgers that promise donations). They live off the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of everyone else, sucking the blood out of everything – escpecially if “they” means highly-placed workers in government. So, as they single themselves out, they will be picked apart by their own party as traitors, and Republicans alike that know how to fight independently, or for independent thinking and capitalistic values.

It’s going to be like a good old-fashioned border war that will divide states and families into a bitter feud. But, once everything is settled, the lines will have been drawn with more focus, and expectations will likely be made that much clearer with citizen-oriented oversight.

I’m not saying change is always good. It just might mean things are different. But, if you don’t like what’s happening, you have the choice of either changing the rules, or changing the circumstances. And, that is, more often than not, the cause celebre of most Civil Wars.

Stay tuned.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

…Concocted from my iPad – and, thusly, unedited


that which isn't readily apparent


I’ve been giving a great deal of thought about the difference between doing what you say, and what you actually do.

I wonder about the correlation between the fisherman’s “whopper” tale and people that drive around town with images of fish on their vehicles. I’m not picking on Christians (I might want to be one myself, at some point). I am pointing at them, however. I feel communication leads to alignment, and then accountability. Those are fuel for beacons of light, if you will, that expose the vital differences (and, many are fine) between good and evil.

This will, eventually, bring me back to the dialogue I’ve been driving here in Alpharetta, and surrounding communities, around living an authentic life.

Meanwhile, here’s a thought that isn’t new; it just is:

“Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible.” George Horace Lorimer

It’s relevant to my thinking, here. Because, it’s often, more than not, easy to talk than accomplish, or promise than follow through.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters

Brian Patrick Cork


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