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Mr Miyagi taught Daniel-san that fighting is for wimps.

However, Miyagi also taught Daniel-san that when bullies bring the fight to you, fight back as publicly and honorably as possible. Sometimes, bullies need to be taught a lesson. When you’re trying to lead, but others shout you down, the time for political correctness or playing it safe is over. In situations of coercion, your power as a leader (business leader, thought leader, etc) is never more necessary.

Read into this what you will. Perhaps what you must. But, I know it’s striking a cord – like a tap on an exposed nerve. Now. Don’t deny it. Don’t you dare! You’re already thinking of an example of a time you should have made a stand.

Me? It’s Colorado.

That damn Kobayashi Maru. And, the mirror; always a mirror, eh.

Have faith in your integrity, I say. Do it!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

look at me Now


When I was much younger, I used my voice, charisma and power to leverage influence (and, I was also dating the Raiderettes; all of them. That also seemed cool and worthwhile). I raised a lot of money for companies that have changed the world, and I’ve walked with men that fuel those organizations with heady vision. In truth, however, much of what I attempted to accomplish was for my own design.

God clearly has a sense of humor because he gave me (and trusts me) with two daughters. And, I’ll be damned if they will ever be cheerleaders.

Today I use my powers for good to help other people make better decisions. This gives me broad influence in education, politics and business. And, I strive to work, intently, every day, to be a good example for my daughters.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

poweR Chameleon


Readers of this morning’s post won’t have much context to fall back on.

However, that has rarely represented much of an impediment for me expressing my thoughts.

karmaPower, control and influence are all relative – as is our perception of such things.

In any event, I am reminded of late that the maxim(s):

“Always use your power for good”


“Karma is a bitch”

…are ever relevent.

If you are part of Atlanta, and it’s unique business scene, you will particularly appreciate this relative to the MSA Mafia.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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