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as many of you have both noted and lamented, I’ve clearly taken a short break from blogging. the reason being that I’ve decided to pick a fight against the forces of evil in the form several mortgage companies, debt collectors – oh, and seven hedge funds, Facebook and certain people that I feel don’t have our country’s best interest at heart, or in-mind.

call me Captain America, that’s fine.

I recently learned that several families with members serving overseas are under attack by mortgage companies and debt collectors. and, there are clearly dark matters and thinking to go with them that require “light.

but, I’ve also caught wind of emerging thinking that looks like it starts at the Pentagon, but in truth, has its foundation in the White House.

to wit:

the question has evidently popped up: Are military pensions too ‘generous’?

and, of course the answer is: what the hell! this is ludicrous.

the party-line is that this upset was sparked by a non-binding recommendation from the Defense Business Board, the Pentagon’s private sector advisory panel. a July 21 draft report that could be finalized this month recommended pensions be scrapped and replaced with a 401(k)-type defined contribution plan.

NOTE: the board members are apparently from big businesses – experts, the Pentagon says, in executive management, corporate governance, audit and finance, human resources, economics, technology and health care.

but, I can tell you that most of these members are Obamacrats Democrats.

and, you need to remember that there is parallel talk about the government taking control of 401(k) and other pension funds.

it’s a side-note, but relevant, still… will Congress accept a similar measure for themselves?

can we at least argue that our soldiers earn their pay, unlike members of Congress?

more later. I am a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman. and, I am not happy. neither should you be. so, we need to be prepared to make a stand.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

i spit in the general direction of your Benefits


For a solid reference point, please see one of my earlier posts: healthcare is not for You.

On Tuesday the 20th of November 2009, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn that would require all Members and their staffs to enroll in any new government-run health plan. Generally speaking the details mean Congress would have U.S. Citizens accept a watered-down healthcare platform that offers limited benefits.

However, what is not easily deciphered in the language of the amendment is that, under proposed legislation, they, as a body, are contemptuously curiously exempt from the national plan.  instead, they would be entitled to platinum healthcare on par with the President of the United States and his executive Staff.

However, Congressman John Fleming (he’s a Louisiana physician) has proposed an amendment that would require Congressmen and Senators to take the same healthcare plan they force on us .

Having read my prior Blog posts around this topic, you know that I feel Members of Congress and the Senate should have access to only the same healthcare used by their constituents. Otherwise, how can they claim to represent us with a straight face?

Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his Website and sign his petition. It’s quite simple. Do it!

I have immediately done just that by visiting:,55

We need to make up some Thomas Jefferson tee-shirts, and march.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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