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let’s Bitch-Slap North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


I love strategy. it’s something I’m genuinely good at.

looking at a map, North Korea finds itself framed by China and South Korea.

if Teddy Roosevelt were looking at the same map and faced with the choices we are today, I’m thinking he would essentially bitch-slap North Korea’s little sissy of a leader, Kim Jong Un.

that’s a tactical move. but, it sets-the-stage for a reasonable strategy.

and, it’s a bit contrary to my earlier post today, a Purposeful RESULT of Random Love. but, that just brings us back to Roosevelt and how some historical lessons are always relevant, as is my reference to my Dad below.

I’m thinking that China is massing on North Korea’s border (…wait… did you know that is what’s happening? it sure is) because they can’t take the chance that North Korea pisses off the United States enough to elicit a preëmptive strike that casts nuclear fall-out into China and South Korea. think about what Israel did with the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  that would make for a Chinese interesting” forty-year anniversary.

more importantly, China takes Korea and ultimately puts them in the hands of South Korea making for a terrific and powerful trade-partner.

“SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hackers have apparently disrupted North Korea’s government-run Twitter account. The disruption comes at a time of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The North’s Uriminzokkiri’s Twitter…”

kim jong unhere’s an interesting angle… by reputation, some of the finest hackers hail from China, itself. so, if I’m a shadowy Chinese Central Communist Party member (for the record I’m not. I am in-fact, a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman – look it up in this blogs archives), and I want to stir-the-pot and instigate change, I give the order to attack North Korea at its bitter black heart – their ridiculous parody of a leader, Kim Jong Un, himself. he apparently drives everything rampant through a run-away ego.

everything about the little sissy makes you want to bitch-slap him.

“…a picture posted Thursday on the North’s Flickr site shows Kim’s face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Underneath, the text reads: “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.”

My Dad served in the United States Air Force under the Strategic Air Command (“Peace is our Profession”). he took détente seriously, and reasonably expected everyone else to do so as well. “Big planes with big bombs make other people think small”.

maybe the Chinese are gonna go “Roosevelt” on North Korea by speaking softly and use a big electronic stick.

is that poetic and justified irony?

they could call it the “Roosevelt Plan”. that would define irony.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

clinton can play the obama game


Never mind what happened to Hilary Clinton Monday during her visit to the Congo. A Chinese student, speaking French, approached her, and through a mistranslation, apparently asked her what “Mr. Clinton” thought of a situation in China. He actually meant Barack Obama (who might also be confused for Mr. Clinton any way).

I digress, momentarily, but, bad things always happen in and around Africa. It’s just another cause and effect around why it’s oft referred to as the “dark continent”. It’s a teeming example of Darwin’s Natural Laws.

Moving forward…


State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Tuesday that Clinton reacted that way because of the question:

“As the question was posed to her, it was posed in a way that said, ‘I want to get the views of two men, but not you, the secretary of state,’‘ said Crowley.

The French-speaking student later said he had meant to say President Barack Obama, according to U.S. officials traveling with Clinton. It was unclear whether that meant he misspoke or the translator erred.

Clinton is on an exhausting eleven-day, seven-nation tour. She was tired. This was also a forum about women, sexual exploitation, rape and a list of other daily realities that form the core of Africa’s culture (you know… like a culture that views having sex with a woman that is breast feeding is taboo, so men forbid their wives to feed their children, and they starve). So, under the circumstances and timing, to ask after a man’s opinion when the focus is women, is a little sensitive. And President Clinton (wild Bill) had just come from this successful, and certainly overshadowing, visit to North Korea. So you might understand why at this particular time sensitivities were heightened.

The point I am going to try and make here is that we don’t need Barack Obama. But, Obama will always need the Clintons.

Obama is always saying: “Let me be perfectly clear”. That’s so ironic given the fact we still aren’t clear of his own birthplace and heritage.

…never mind…

So, go figure. ex-president Bill Clinton slides into into North Korea like Fred Astaire, and wins the release of two female journalists accused of entering North Korea illegally, and engaging in hostile acts (perhaps the North Koreans are truly of the view that the pen is mightier than the sword).

They were sentenced to twelve-years at hard labor. Which in all likelihood they would never have survived.

The United States government had been trying for weeks to win their release. From President Obama to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all efforts had been rejected up to that point.

And then “Mr. Clinton” comes along and presto – the two women are free to go.

Makes you wonder what gives… The old expression is, “Beware of a stranger bearing gifts.” And, no one is any stranger than Kim Jong Il, the weird little dictator who runs North Korea, and goes around threatening to blow up the world.

Nuclear tests, missile firings… he’s a real hoot, that odd little fellow. And he refuses to even listen to the international community when they suggest he give up his nuclear weapons program in exchange for membership in the community of nations, and reasonably important things like food (for a country that is one-third mad from starvation). North Korea has no food… But Kim, that fat little bastard, could care less.

Recently this absurd regime had taken to calling our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton names – things like: “She looks like a primary school girl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.” They recently referred to her as a “funny lady unaware of the elementary etiquette of the international community.”

But, they are just jealous because she is taller than most of them and she has more balls (certainly bigger balls than Kim Jong Il).

bill clinton and george bushNow Hillary’s husband struts in and strides out with the two prisoners in tow. This might be viewed as strange. But, Bill Clinton can write the book on diplomacy. You might recall that he had George Bush senior referring to him as “being like a son” during their trip to asia after the tsunami four years ago. But the women, their families and the rest of us will take it. Way to go, President Clinton.

Here’s my question to you readers: What does it say that Bill Clinton succeeded in North Korea where the United States government failed (or, did the government actually fail)?

Possible answers:

The North Korean government has just proven what has been said by a few qualified experts over the years: They are hungry for recognition and respect by the West. Sending the ex-president of the U.S. was a brilliant tactic. It was an uncanny choice; he is a step or two away from the harsh rhetoric needed by the current administration, but he is important enough to greatly impress North Korea. Kudos to Bill Clinton and to the Obama administration for choosing him. Although, for the record, I would be willing to bet Bill called Obama, told what he planned to do, and Obama figured it was more fun and important to do things like host a beer summit.


Call me whacky, but I’m hoping that Bill Clinton, the Secretary of State (Hilary), and President Obama were actually collaborating on this. What it says about this administration is that they make a priority of getting things done, and don’t worry so much about who gets credit. Bravo!


It says, if not proves, that Bill Clinton is the ultimate negotiator and deal-maker. If I were rotting away in a Korean jail cell (put me back on a hill with a scope, it’s worth the risk), I’d want Hillary’s husband to negotiate my release. Bill could literally sell you the shirt off your back, Jack. He could sell film to kodak (that’s what Sugarman used to say about me). So, let’s give props to President #42. He just earned himself the Nobel Peace Prize.


North Korea did the deal with Clinton to embarrass the Obama administration and the United States Government. But, I don’t think that worked. Most of us won’t see it that way because getting those women home was just a victory. Most of our allies could care less. The same thing happens when, for example, Jessie Jackson went to our Arab enemies and negotiated with them during the Bush administration. Only then, no one could care less, other than hoping the Arabs would keep Jackson (and, I doubt Clinton would have gone looking for him).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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