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brian cork’s iPad 2


so… we have our iPad 2’s now, and you don’t.

did you know that Larry Page owns an iPad?

they are, indeed, thinner and lighter. the front-facing video and still-action camera will be useful. but, to optimize all that you still need adaptors. the blog geeks can go into more detail over that. but, that’s what hardware “refreshing” is all about with Apple’s brilliant scheme of drawing you in at six month intervals. oddly, the camera does not have a flash feature like it’s iPhone 4 cousin.

I’m glad we stuck with AT&T (my prior rants aside). Verizon has some real “gotcha’s” in their pricing. Verizon assesses a thirty five dollar ($35) “activation fee” when you activate 3G data service for the first time, and charges it again if you let your data service lapse for more than three months. not cool for the infrequent, but determined traveller.

Santi confirms he can’t use his iPad 2 on the Sprint network. oddly, he is still able to use his Verizon iPhone on Sprint, but for the life of any of us, we don’t know how or why.

you can put in the SIM from an iPhone in the iPad 2 if you have a Micro-SIM used in iPhone 4 (by the way… you can get the SIM card and/ or configuration kits straight off Amazon if you want to use your T-Mobile SIMs on both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2). I can’t say for certain it’s ironic, but the T-Mobile data plan is faster than AT&T’s, for now. and apparently users do have fewer dropped calls.

NOTE: it looks like the iPad 2, itself, does not support the new Personal Hotspot feature of the iPhone. but, the iPad 2 can use an iPhone’s Personal Hotspot to connect to the Internet.

here’s a bugger you, you, collectively, although not for my people, for reasons I can’t explain… when using an external display, there’s no way to indicate a “finger” pointer on the external display. that appears to be a custom feature Apple created for its demo. (…and, this is ironic, for Adobe’s demos of their un-FLASH related products). since I’ve blown the cover off of that Adobe revelation, you should know there is more coming. more on that in a few weeks. but, as I remind you that Apple remains philosophically opposed to Flash on iOS devices, Adobe has yet to ship a version of FLASH that works on Android 3.0 devices such as the new Motorola Xoom (which is pretty slick, by the way), and Adobe FLASH performance on Android 2.2 devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab is awful. this information will annoy if not unhinge Google kool-aid guzzlers.

something (amongst a plethora of so many other things) most of you don’t know you would not be able to live without until you try it is the simple fact that you can use USB audio input or output. although this is not officially supported, the iPad supports generic USB audio devices, both input and output. USB audio devices, among others, can be connected using the USB adapter in Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. a powered USB hub may be required for some devices which draw more power than iPad can supply.

more later. being me is fun.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


turns out Google is evil after all


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – “Whether you’re Michael Paulson who lives at 3425 Longview Terrace and makes $86,400 a year, or Jessica Goldblatt from Lynnwood, WA, who already has well-established trust issues, we at Google would just like to say how very, truly sorry we are,” said CEO Eric Schmidt.

that’s fiction, mind you. we made it up. maybe that’s funny.

however, I do like it that Google told China to @*&%-off over censorship.

but, they did that for reasons you don’t understand.

in any event…

turns out Google is evil after all. that’s decidedly not so funny.

details coming shortly.


daughters rule


Haley Anne is home now. She is tough, but it’s really been a rough two weeks (although it feels like an eternity – especially for Joanne whom took the brunt on the parenting side). The test results came back in our collective favor. So, now the focus is getting back on her feet.

My best contribution was the attempt at keeping Emma Jo on pace.

In my prior post I had mentioned that Emma Jo wanted to skip school to be with “sissy” at the hospital. My dear friend Chip Brackley had asked a question as to how that played-out (his own family is currently expecting daughter number three – that lucky basterd).

Daddy and Emma Jo had a long talk (for an eight year old anyway) about how important it is to stay focused on school work so Mommy would not worry (and, of course being responsible, as well).

I don’t think she was impressed.

Then, of course, it was revealed that the underlying agenda was the hospital gift shop and it’s wide assortment of stuffed animals. This then led to bargaining that resulted in leveraging a good grade in social studies for a stuffed giraffe. Being the genius Emma Jo is she pulled-off a hat-trick (in Daddy’s eyes) with a solid grade, a visit to see sissy, and a trip to the gift shop (but, it was a large stuffed yellow lab to match her black at home).

I am, clearly, so much better at guiding world leaders how to run their business than I am at holding my beautiful daughters to the rule.

This might not make a lot of sense, at the moment, but I’m thinking about my Dad and how he would have both valued and treated his Grandaughters. They would not have been spoiled so much as simply and thoroughly relished. Dad would have slept at Haley Anne’s feet at the hospital. I wish everyone could have known that fellow. Anyone that did was always the better man for it. That said, Dad’s legacy has me, always, more than willing to drop a rule in favor of a happy smile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Obama says Gadhafi must leave Libya now


this is all over the news today:

in fact, it’s, Top News

Obama says Gadhafi must leave Libya ‘now’.

in the years, and possibly decages from now, the immediateness of this story will have faded, although the ramifications likely won’t have.

but, I want it on my blog beccause, no matter my general opinion of Barack Obama, he has made a stand.

its a dramatic if not provocative one at that.

and, it’s historical. paths, both of infamy, as well as ignomity, cross, converge and diverge. lines drawn in the sand, swords drawn. change.

we are seeing it; and living it. its, with all of the variable parts are with us now.

stuff, and a lot of it, is going to happen.

will you remember this day? tomorrow? will you be able to tell someone, anyone, where you were and what you were doing when the winds of change blew stiffly through our collective lives?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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