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Heavy Games by Portugal. The Man


today I’m listening to Heavy Games by Portugal. The Man.

so should you. do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



Call Him what you must


call Him what you will…

“that amorphous deity used to describe the magic, wonder, and beautifully unattainable mystery of our life and universe – describable only in poetry, metaphors, and parables which are often taken a bit too literally resulting in judgement, division, and violence.”

I say God. so, thank you God. but, no religion attached. I’m certain of the one and very open-minded abut the other. just convicted about it all. …all of it.

Merry Christmas.

go listen to, Love Came Down At Christmas, by Jars of Clay. do it!

or, watch it…

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

by the way… I spoke to my brother today. that left me with two thoughts…

I suspect Ken (not my brother) rats me out in a sense without really understanding context.


to sort of quote…  it’s important to forgive.
ask yourself, “what have you had the hardest time forgiving?”
most will reply, “I’m not sure.”
consider, “when have you most needed forgiveness?”
again, most must certainly say, “I’m not sure about that either. I’m not talking about anything big, really. I’m talking about all the small things that need forgiveness. stuff with your brothers and sisters and friends. forgiveness keeps relationships moving. without forgiveness, everything comes to an end.”

let it all; all of it; begin tonight.


Lacrosse Cleats




being married to an (awesome) British woman, it’s long been my want to refer to athletic shoes of any description as, “boots”.

the young Lacrosse and “proper football” (Soccer) players that I coach are first amused by this, but more often than not adopt the expression themselves – my female football players, in particular.

going forward…

I’ve had a crazy but inspirational day. but, most of it has me feeling grateful. so, I’m in the mood to share a short story that offers both insight and perspective into my life that creates the light that I try to share outwardly with all of you.

NOTE: I’ve just learned that Colin, one of my assistant Lacrosse coaches, had his car broken into. some scoundrel made-off with his Lacrosse equipment – including his old High School bag, with it’s sentiments and fond memories of glory. Colin is on one of my mens Lacrosse teams. so, I’m more than interested, and concerned by it all.

what some of you know is that I sponsor A LOT of kids in Lacrosse and Soccer. I also make sure many more have equipment, eye glasses and books. but, I work especially hard to get them “boots”.

much of this comes from my own life experience. this includes being part of a military family rich with love and support, but not much money. Dad was a hero and patriot. but, the United States Air Force has never compensated it’s warriors commensurately with their executive prowess.

so, I learned to value things, and more so, hold them dear. and, make them matter.

this included shoes.

while I only lost a handful of races in High School, most that I won were in the same pair of running shoes – a pair of Adidas SL76’s (lime green with yellow stripes). those were ultimately replaced in my senior year with a pair of New Balance that I won in an open road race.

while at Radford University, I was astounded when my partial scholarship for Cross Country included a pair of racing and also training flats. my coach never knew it, but I never took the racing flats out of the box (and, he never noticed) because, “you never know if someone might need them”.

after I was thrown off the Cross Country team for insubordination and prima donna-like attitude (it was true; so, I could not even deny any of it), and I walked-on the Lacrosse team, I wore my younger brothers cast-off (American) Football cleats for three years. I was just so grateful to be in school and to be on the team that I did not want to draw any attention to myself and ask for new cleats. and, I thought I could some how demonstrate my thankfulness to the school (and my parents) by saving everyone money.

now you know.

today I’m listening to, Courage to Grow by, Rebelution (so should you).

pace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


a Young perspective


so… Emma Jo and I are doing a lot of exploring of late.

recently it’s around music. as many of you know Emma Jo and I had a good chat about Adele and also Alison Moyet. that got me to thinking about all manner of opportunities inherent in comparison and (or) contrast. life lessons, stuff.

with me, I had her listen to versions of a song both titled, We Are Young. One option is offered-up by the group We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe), by Fun. and, also, We Are Young, by, Sing Me Insomnia.

lift it up, as you see fit.

I love being a Dad. and, this very weekend we’ll find ourselves at the My Princess Dance!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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