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Life and Monty Python as the Lens … oh, and Kevin


so… here’s the drill…

Darrah Bruestein is brilliant. she’s the type of young lady I THINK I want my own daughters to aspire. Darrah might make being under forty seem cool.

that said, we were exchanging emails over a work-related introduction and I was stunned (yes, stunned; and, therefore borderline flabbergasted) to learn she was fundamentally unaware of the “pinching heads” tactic made famous by the Monty Python (Flying Circus) troupe.

I explained it to her, thusly:

monty python Flying circus“It was a theme throughout the Monty Python skits (they went on for years). I THINK it was featured in the film, And Now for Something Completely Different. That film is not to be confused with another, The Life of Brian (however, for it’s perspective, you have to appreciate, “Life’s a piece of shit, once you think of it…”.).

Monty Python does not strike everyone as funny, just enlightened folk; or people that can ably point to The Young Ones (even more British comedy) and die from laughing due to lack of oxygen.

All that said, you can stand, or sit, at a distance and “pinch peoples little heads”. Its a control thing. It genuinely unnerves some people. Dogs also. Cats not so much. Our hamster Kevin could care less. He’s an insidious bastard, though. Don’t try it with chimpanzees. Seriously.”

I’ll note, here, that you’ve not lived until you have seen a fat hamster investigate a house from the inside of a plastic ball. every time I walk into the laundry room where we keep his habitat, I find him poised in the corner staring at me. I imagine all manner of schemes percolating in his little head behind those beady little eyes. I suspect Kevin might be a contrarian. someone needs to make a movie about such exploits. a blog is necessary, perhaps.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


that which we shall not talk about


I have no gripping insight with or keen desire to engage this activity…

in fact, I feel that is it decidedly pointless.

uh-oh… I have offered insight. DAMN IT!

what would Monty Python make of any of this?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


why Apple is better than Evil


Aaron Masih, that rascal, sent over a link to this article penned (since that does not really happen, much, any more, he likely tapped a keyboard) by that redoubtable Englishman and journalist John Naughton: Forget Google – it’s apple that is turning into the evil empire.

this makes me think of; and, I’ll, thusly, ask you: do you remember Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks?

in any event, my first thoughts after a quick read of the article might include:

1. Apple will survive without Steve Jobs because the author of this piece is correct that Jobs has built a great management team dedicated to his vision (this was not the intent of the article, but it reverbrates LOUDLY).
2. publishers might be furious about Apple taking thirty percent (30%) fees for content proliferation, but Apple gave them renewed life, and revenues they would not have otherwise realized because no one else had  solved the piracy problem.
3. eventually someone always grumbles about “Apples way”. but, as Apple pioneers innovation, the change they “force” creates (innovate and create are key words aligned with Apple) ever more  opportunities. It’s like pushing the creases and wrinkles out of sheets on a bed.
4. I love this quote:

“Umberto Eco once wrote a memorable essay arguing that the Apple Mac was a Catholic device, while the IBM PC was a Protestant one. His reasoning was that, like the Roman church, Apple offered a guaranteed route to salvation – the Apple Way – provided one stuck to it. PC users, on the other hand, had to take personal responsibility for working out their own routes to heaven.

You can’t install anything on it that hasn’t had the prior approval of Mr. Jobs and his subordinates. And if you are foolish enough to break the rules and seek your own route to salvation, then you may find when you next try to sync it with iTunes that it has turned into an expensive, beautifully designed paperweight. If that isn’t power, then I don’t know what is.”

Apple practically forces you to do things “better”. That rankles some folks. case in point, I remember when “most people” resented Apple for introducing USB, plug-and-play, and CD/ DVD drives to computers.

I like the microcosm of ease and convenience. so, the apple way makes  sense for my own sensibilities. also, I’m a share holder.

if you don’t like it, buy a PC. except, we all know you’ll like that less!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork




Syzgus recently left a comment on Nick Milne’s Blog suggesting that we listen.

I wish I were together enough this morning to add something of value to any of this. But, perhaps I simply need to get out of the way.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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