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why other people should buy Facebook


I’m no fan of Google, most of the time.

but, I know they’ll get better, some how.

perhaps I’ll take that position because I’m an optimist, albeit a Prudent one, mind you. and, a gentleman.

as a contrarian though I can see alternative ways to help Facebook do good, despite their intentions. just read further. do it!

to be fair, John Haydon evidently thinks quite highly of certain tools found on Facebook, if you’re using it as a business page, some how. we’ll follow Mr. Haydon awhile, and sort him out.

however,  that said, I’m steadfast against Facebook. ironically, Google’s Chrome (that’s a browser) has a tool that helps you track how much time you waste on Facebook. I love that. none of my people (in my companies) care about Facebook, and a lot of people hire us to help them make even better decisions. there’s symmetry of purpose, in that.

but, I don’t like it that two of the goodly men I coach in business are in the midst of divorces and Facebook was arguably the ignition-point for each. one fellow rediscovered his ex-college sweetheart, and the other’s wife found a new man on a Triathlon Facebook page for her club. is that tit-for-tat?

just in case you go rooting around on the internet, (Yahoo is still often better than Google, but Bing is kind of awesome) you’ll note that I have a Facebook page. but, just so we are clear, my staff set it up and then we decided to never accept friends on it. I’m a rather unusually disciplined person, but Joanne simply asked that we not allow for any temptations. that’s good enough for me. but, it’s also the tip-of-the-iceburg for a lot of other people.

in any event, one of my brokers (yes, I use them) called today laughing about Facebook. he’ll certainly be able to get shares for us but won’t be recommending them to his people.

“they are for them other folks that are needed to for cannon fodder”, says he.

so… If Facebook says its worth $100 Billion dollars that means it will have to have sales of 27 x sales (currently $1B) and 100 x earnings. for perspective you need to know that Apple is currently at 3.3 x sales and 10 x earnings, and they actually do some good in the world. and, shares in the company will likely help families put kids through college (indeed, they’re helping me put other people’s kids through college) also… I’m willing to bet, and I am as a loyal shareholder and consumer, in fact doing just that, people will want and own iPhones than waste time on Facebook.

so… let other people buy Facebook. the same type that buy into Facebook, I’ll wager. I’ll short you later and put more kids through college.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


there are no mistakes every day


the worst mistake you can make is the one you repeat.

let’s ask ourselves, and daily:

“are we using our superpowers for good, and with purpose and intention?”

do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the word naked is good for something but not for me


last week in my blog-post-test vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked, I postulated that tags like “naked” and “punched” might further increase attention to my blog. I think I was looking for something along the lines of a social commentary.

I don’t even enjoy that sort of gratuitous tomfoolery. but, dammit, I did get a lot more hits. and that has been sustained, and is growing over the past week, and daily.

by the way… there are also a lot of people interested in Rhodesian Ridgebacks, as well.

that sort of bugs me (the naked angle, not Ridgebacks). no… it bothers me a lot, the more I think about it. I’d like to think I’m more interesting and relevant than that. although to be fair to myself, my readers consistently appear to like my views when it come to analyzing market trends and offering insights into the thought leaders in companies like Apple and Google. and, extreme-training tips. and, my dog Rowdy (“Ridgebacks” get a lot of hits). so, I’m also realizing that I probably made my point in that “one-off” readers are finding my blog because they are googling or searching for tag words like “naked”. and, to my horor, if you google “naked chicks on sucker punch”, “girl from sucker punch naked” or, “vanessa hudgens naked”, you are inauspiciously led to my site because I get so much traffic, in general.

so, I just ended up becoming part of the problem.

that really, really bugs me.

the worst mistake you can make is the one you repeat.

and, another think that bugs me is I did something similar to this about three years ago with my ill-fated myspace experiment. I was pretty clear that I’m happily married and not interested in “hooking up” with women. yet, I was enundated by (unconsummated) contacts from women in Alpharetta and Atlanta (both married, and not) wanting to do that very thing.

so, it looks like I’m ranting and complaining my way through something of a social commentary, here. I understand I am actually getting what I, inadvertently, asked for.

evidently there are many people that like to read this blog and connect with me as I “nakedly”, in a manner of speaking, bare my soul. and, there are a whole bunch more that just like to see something naked without having to make an actual connection.

I know one day Haley Anne and Emma Jo are going to understand that their Dad is a deeply flawed man whose best contribution to his society – is them. they will possibly read this blog, if it survives. but, I’m hopeful they will have learned perspective along the way.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


violations of a kind



I learned another lesson recently (okay… yesterday, in fact) about things that appear to be important; or, perhaps what we think might be important.

…perspective, if you will.

such a simple thing, really.

I’ve worked for about two weeks, rather strenuously, to research information around an obnoxiously epic post (just scroll down, it preceeds this hardly erudite offering). there are a good number of people that have been waiting for it to see electronic life. this morning I arrived to the offices, fed the fish, and fired-up my computer to start checking out comments. although I don’t approve most; while allowing a few, I enjoy the repartee they offer. in any event, there was an ugly banner (in red, no less) splayed across the top of my control panel. the gist of the message was that I had apparently violated some uncertain policy and my blog was banished. just like that. several years of effort. a lot of caring. stories about Haley Anne and Emma Jo, agonizing cultural commentary – just gone. and, to make it worse, I was deemed bad, possibly evil by the WordPress powers-that-be.

amazingly enough, perhaps only to myself, I found that I was unconcerned. I did some pull-ups and contemplated investigating the new Windows phone (problem is only AT&T currently offers that – so, forget it [see aforementioned epic post]). I decided karma might be a bicth, but God had decided He needed my focus, somehow, elsewhere.

then Anthony, from WordPress itself, sent me an email:


A mistake was made in the system which we have corrected. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a mystery. The blog is back just as you left it.

We are really sorry for that happening and the inconvenience it caused you.



I failed to hesitate in my response:

“We are useless without some form of forgiveness.



I actually meant it.

I’m a socially awkward person, and this blog helps me. I almost lost it. but, I was okay. I am somehow still connected to all of you. and, I’m a better man for it.

and, I’m grateful for so much in my life. especially for the events surrounding, and relative to last night. only God knows.

meanwhile, my brother Greg recently reminded me there exists a certain poem. I may go into more detail about this later, but have you ever read the The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?  It’s a classic and wildly complicated poem – a meditation on aging and the aching disappointment of being human (especially male and human) – by T. S. Eliot, arguably the greatest literary observer of the first half of the (or maybe of the whole) 20th Century.

go read it. do it!  Will the mermaids sing to you?

peace be to my brothers and sister.

brian patrick cork

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