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The 3:15 Project Needs a Tomato Cage – what ever the hell that means



is Heaven a tomato patch? read on and let’s sort it out, shall we.

the 315 project Todd Miechiels is rather a hip and weird (in a good way) dude that is an awesome Dad that coaches his kids in soccer, creates pretty slick videos for secular business, and is trying to strap-on a pair of massive balls by integrating a ministry called The 3:15 Project with his business capabilities.

I’m coaching Todd and (ironically) challenged him to craft a video for his own purposes (and, Gods) telling his side of the story. I did that because he needs capital to fuel his vision. and, if you buy the notion that people should publicly profess their faith, and the video medium is a slick, profound, and bold method for doing just that, you should financially support his efforts. do it!

here is an otherwise (ponder that choice of words) description of Todd, that I did not generate:

“Todd Miechiels is the guy that was handed the vision for The 3:15 Project. He is in love with his high school sweetheart Kim, and the proud father of 3 sons. Todd lives in Tucker, GA, and attends StonePoint Church.”

he created the above video for all the right reasons. but, he called it: The 3:15 Project Needs a Tomato Cage for reasons that, at the moment, elude me. but, my question is whether he was actually handed Kim, and is just showing-off. I posit that because he is doing good work. and, most of us fellas do that because we are inspired by the fair sex (a gift from God) to perform at our best. never mind that I’m currently in the guest room (mine, not Todd’s).

I Googled, “what is a tomato cage” and discovered that if you want to build a tomato cage you should follow these instructions (just click, here). oddly, the title of that piece is “how to cage tomatoes”. so, it’s possible that people that support ministries are some form of tomato. or, tomatoes are both delicious and good for you, and me, and God. or, all of that. let’s just let God sort it out. but to support Todd and The 3:15 Project you can do that, here  (“help fan the flame”).

NOTE: just pouring over Todd’s site has given me a lot of “coaching to-do’s” for Todd. he is a terrific talent, with a genuine gift that will help all of us – but, is awful about asking for help. so… I’m doing it for him (and, Him).

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Love Kats aren’t pussys



I’m all about being a “love Kat“. I give freely of myself, just not for free. and, I’m more comfortable around people that always know precisely how and where I stand.

…wait… are you asking yourself, “what the hell is a love Kat?” well… read the following, then go look for additional posts:

Words to live by…

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love Kat tip #12

in any event, I have a history of lighting-up Christians that think they deserve to walk in the light of some Ministry or another.

many peoples views, and also attitudes towards, for, and about Ministries, need to be another “Burning Platform”.

Here are some examples of that:

holding ministries Accountable

ministries mean Business

pillaging ministries for Prophet – well, that elicited a call from a local mega-church Pastor and an inquiry from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

missed-opportunitiesfrom whence our Inspiration?  – okay… wow… that post raised not a few eye brows. it also shook things up rather nicely around these parts.

yup, I love a nice twist on words; word-play, if you will – the entrendre (go look it up. do it!).

this is all about me being the Heterodox. go look that up as well. it’s all over this blog.

and, one of your all-time favorites with millions of views…

I Love You This Much by brian patrick cork  – talk about missed opportunities. Souly Business is  drenched in irony. however, I am eternally grateful, I’m certain of it.

NOTE: the above picture IS NOT Rowdy. I pulled the image from the internet. however it helped launch, from whence our Inspiration into viral sensation, and for good reason. so apropos.

this very morning I answered an email to one of my Brothers, thusly…

“So… Nothing has changed.

What you must be willing to do is look someone in the eye and say to them, “I want to make a living in ministry. But, I can’t seem to generate the business-side of the equation to justify it. So, I need someone to believe that this concept of video testimony is a compelling way to spread the Gospel. If you do then please fuel my efforts financially and shore-up my resolve. God has not made me strong enough to do this myself. I need your help”.

That takes balls, and conviction.

What I know, Todd, is that men want to help one another. But, they have to be willing to ask before other are able to give. Just waiting for everyone else to do it all for you will keep the process shrouded in mystery.

You need to come back under my coaching and stop screwing around with this. We do this on my terms. Or, just go get a job, save up your money, and go into ministry when you can actually afford to do it. I said something similar to Bryan [REDACTED] years ago. He could never talk to me again other than send me letters every now and then asking for money. I still don’t know what he does to earn other people’s largesse… However, I actually believe what you do has merit. You are gifted at helping people tell compelling stories. So, quit being a pussy.

brian patrick cork

Mobile – + 1 404 451 4799″

there was then another email (there are three more) from the same hapless fellow that generated this response from me…

“Some time ago, TIME magazine published the results of a survey that asked over a thousand adults about their belief regarding prayer and illness. The survey found that eighty-two percent (82%) of participants believe in the healing power of personal prayer, and seventy-three percent (73%) believe praying for someone else can help cure that person’s illness. When asked about God’s role in healing, seventy-seven percent (77%) said they believe God some times intervenes to cure people who have a serious illness.

While you may not be sick, what you are trying to do is solve a pandemic problem. We need to get people aligned with evangelism and the Great Commission on a modern platform. That makes you potentially part of the solution.

So… How is this need not being amplified and addressed with raised arms and voices? The answer is that, ironically, you have information, ability and skill, but, you are still part of the problem. You do a great and thorough job telling many of us how North Point and other churches are wrong (worse, “crappy”) for not recognizing your genius and opening their coffers up to you. But, they continue to grow and be ever more relevant. Didn’t North Point recently raise millions of dollars recently on a cash-call?

You have lots of creative ideas. But, what would happen if you invested all that energy into genuine action? That might inspire someone to write you a check. What are you doing to earn it?

What are you going to do differently, today?”

all that said… lift me up over ROI Ministry. I’m convinced we can be part of the Solution. I am trying very so hard to be a Love Kat.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



holding ministries Accountable


you have the option to listen to this blog post via the following audio link: holding ministries Accountable

so… this is about me helping to hold ministries accountable so they are part of the solution and not the problem.

if a man can’t make a living through his ministry is that not a worthy test of it’s own validity? this is about my own efforts in terms of, “putting your mouth where your money is” (I understand I twisted that), and asking others to do the same.

by the way… reading my own writing aloud reminds me how unusual is my prose. and, I do this in one take, mistakes and all. meanwhile, I have to laugh at myself because a definition of prose is:

“To speak or write in a dull, tiresome style”.

in any event…

I am a true entrepreneur. I put my money where my mouth and heart are. better yet, I now help men make better decisions around starting business, always leveraging my own experience as expertise.

I also seem to be a magnet for men wanting to start all manner of ministries. there are, at best, subtle differences.

I’ll not focus this particular post on this subject matter, but three great rules when it comes to starting a company or a ministry remain:

1. You need a plan you can defend;
2. You should be able to live without income for up to eighteen months; and,
3. Your spouse better be dialed in.

bonus rule: “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

why can’t our every day business be a form of ministry?

that said, I want you, collectively, to focus on how, or why you can help a ministry genuinely make a difference. they must needs be part of the solution, and not be part of the problem. NOTE: can we agree that there MIGHT be something fundamentally wrong with a model that works under a principle where you have to read a book to earn a reward of food or water? Rick Carlock once told me that if someone were to read the Bible to an individual that had never seen a book before they were now required to accept Christ, or burn. I’ve not seen Mr. Carlock for over seven years. but, his words helped and certainly inspired me in ways he could never imagine.

so… getting back to the solution might mean holding ministry-types accountable for a form or return on investment (“ROI”), even if it’s an eROI. “e” stands for eternal. and, yes, I coined that acronym specifically for: ROI Ministry.

I’m of the opinion this organization is part of the solution, in fact, that’s why it was created.

I’m in. firmly committed with a will and purpose. absolutely.

I feel that ROI Ministry is, indeed, part of the solution. another solid example might be Faith Comes by Hearing. most societies are story-tellers. so, putting a message that is relevant to a culture in the hands of leaders that understand the needs of their people opens both hearts and minds.

however, this is something of an exception because, generally, I’m left thinking:

“ministries are better suited for the a season-of-life where people can afford to be involved with ministry. unless of course we find a unique, or cool way to integrate our business into a ministry-like view. if successful, the business then acts as a type of qualifier, and then draws people and appropriate resources our way. for example, if people ask you, ‘what makes you different?’, or, ‘how did you get to where you are today?’, you likely have credibility as the lens through which others render opinion”.

and, that’s the point of this post. especially if you believe that we can all example forms of ministry in our daily lives.

it’s no secret I have a philanthropic nature. and, I’m adept at matching funds and other resources with worthy efforts. but, I’m keenly aware that for every ministry lighting up passion and souls, there average four others just like them probably already in existence. and, they are manned by people that can’t manage money (or a vital business) – their own in particular. I point this out because there are thousands of people meandering about with hands extended that want people with jobs and sense to sustain their lifestyles.

how can this not be considered a form of welfare? the goal is subjectively noble. however, the execution is more often, questionable; suspect, if you will.

to wit…

I recently told a fellow that has formed a ministry that I felt his efforts were a bit “fluffy”. he appears to be more interested in getting attention and possibly building a life-style than executing a plan around what might be, otherwise, a pretty cool messaging platform for evangelism. I sent him an email outlining my concerns.

in his response he included:

“thanks for your response and your request of course challenged me greatly and i’m wrapping my heart around it.”

in other words I hurt his feelings, and he is going to pout, an hope I don’t press him, further.

of course that irritated me, some what (he really is a sweet man, but I want him to engage around a form of souly business). and, my own response was:

“So, I think being all sensitive-like and wrapping your heart around things is fine. But, if you want me in your life I expect you to stand firm around Best Practices and having a solid plan. Especially if you are hoping to take peoples money in any capacity.

God is great about foisting His own plans upon us. But, given the discernment He has seen fit to bless us with in unequal measures, we are likely expected to be good stewards and focused on milestones.”

all that said, when I travel to New York Ciry, for example, I am in the habit of bringing five hundred dollars ($500) with me in twenty ($20) dollar bills. I distribute them as I walk along those streets, asking naught of the benefactors other than a silent prayer that they use it to eat (thats good enough), maybe share (that’s all the better).

I’m possibly thinking about the Parable of the Talents in the Book of Mathews, here. but, a more in-depth review, here. more later.

hopefully this puts my initial question into perspective… if a man can’t make a living through his ministry is that not a test of it’s own validity? that makes me a pundit in terms of, “putting your mouth where your money is”, eh.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


ministries mean Business


I’ll begin this with a hearty thanks to John Stein for our time together Friday. John, I think you might be one of my best friends. and, I am always appreciative of our time together – and, recently in particular.

I’m copying Tim Barker on this email because of ROI ministry (Tim created this Ministry and he’s letting me help him).

all this said, I’m actually directing this post towards Todd Miechiels, as I continue to think about the  financial model for The 3:15 Project. I’m pretty convinced that $315 per video is the way to go. and, selling (sponsorship) packages of six (6) for $1890 is sublime. NOTE: it was John that taught me Friday that “6” is the number for man in the Bible. so, $315 x 6 = $1890.

in any event, this communique is about Return on Investment (“ROI”). and, since Todd wants a For Profit Ministry (and, I really applaud this), ROI will be a key to it’s acceptance, proliferation, and success (that requires definition for human comprehension).

take heed, Tim.

I believe that I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that ROI relative to most Ministries is going to be subjective and ultimately arbitrary. but, most of the time we seem to equate a Ministries success as involving the “saving of souls” in one form or another.

so… how about this… lets assign the value of a saved soul in the United States as $315,000 US Dollars. in Great Britain it can be £315,000 Pounds. In China, ¥315,000 Yen, etc.

it comes down to economies of scale. each nation recognizes and can relate to its own currency, yet the proverb of 3:15 remains consistent.

each video that is bought and shot, any where around the globe can now be assigned it’s relative value and we can create a financial model that will be accepted. we now have a universal methodology for calculating a requisite ROI. and, people in business can relate and communicate all of this in a way that legitimizes the integration of faith and business.

John, whom is a healer, says I’m “annoited” for business. we all make a difference. my gut tells me my thinking, here, is inspired. so, lift me up, please. I don’t need to be “right”, mind you. recently David Quail accused me of having an ego. but, candidly, I’d rather be useful.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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