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I appreciate the tradition


I appreciate the tradition. but, I also need to understand the reason(s) they exist. the foundation, if you will.

as the Founders of the “Republic” anticipated, American freedoms and liberties must constantly be defended against the corruption of the American Government – and, the media.  No one can do that for us. We must do it for ourselves.

we can’t believe everything we read or hear. I know there is a hint of irony, here, given my disposition towards strong, if not strident, opinions on this very blog.

however, all these words are meant to drive home the primary reason I bore most of you with my trivial thoughts, although they are certainly heart-felt, and reasonably well researched.

my Mom said:

“question everything, and accept nothing”.

I also heard my Grandad say, and often:

“there is the truth of the day”.

that means the truth, like facts that underly them, change and evolve. and, I believe this is one of many reasons the genius of the Constitution realizes itself constantly and continuously.

how often, for instance, has someone fallen in love, told a child to work harder, invented a god, or decided one of the most important things he or she can do in life is to “know themselves”.  I bet Socrates wasn’t the first person on earth to have gone around telling his fellow humans the unexamined life is not worth living and admonishing them to know who and what they are. not the first by far. not in all that time.

so, this is a nudge in terms of reminding you where a lot of my passion and moxy hail from. I was taught and then encouraged, by a strong line of mentors to question everything around me and seek the truth. that is the path of the Heterodox. in my case a Jeffersonian-Heterodox. I appreciate the tradition and the roots of the thought (then theory). but, I know the rules, and then the application – even the fairness change and evolve quantitatively.

I am often offended by Barack Obama. but, here is a thought… because he is so desperate to stay in power, it is feasible that our willingness to aid and abet him will enable him to evolve his actions, over the next four years, to actually get this country on a track that might work, for now. I don’t mean to say “on-track”, I want to be clear in saying “a track” that get things generally moving in a better (not right) direction.

here is an example…

Obama is carefully picking corporate and business leaders like, Jeff Immelt at GE, that he believes have global influence and partnering with them to create change abroad that will reflect back to our own shores and impact our abilities to lead. I think this might be one of many reasons he picked book smart people early on for his cabinet. now he is establishing business smart people to make for a global beachhead. mind you, I also believe he is setting the stage for an unprecedented attempt to secure an international seat of power – and, that may well involve the United Nations. GE partnering with China, India and Brazil won’t necessarily translate into jobs for our own citizens. but, it will make him popular abroad. I’m certain his aspirations make being President of the United States a stepping stone. that’s fine and dandy. but, to what end?

side note… and, it might be apropos… Michelle Obama is going to be at Northpoint Community Church next month celebrating the one year anniversary of a program close to her own heart. Northpoint is a veritable bastion of hearty and ferocious white Republican success stories. a Northpoint mission is to sidestep domestic concerns and drive Christ into the hearts of the global “unreached”. so, ironically, our Democratic president is aligned with Republican evangelical missions.

I don’t know about you, but I find the potential for promise or punishment provocative – and, possibly fascinating.

I think there is an Islamic maxim that goes something like:

“the promise is in the punishment, or the punishment is in the promise”.

by the way… I was also grimly advised (he was shouting, actually) years ago by a little man in uniform:

“it’s what you don’t know or see that will kill you”.

so, lets be ready. this means being aware. investigate, ask questions, pry, push (and, pull). do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


at what cost a bargain?



I’ll not trouble you with the gritty details. If you care enough, you’ll do some homework. After that, you might ponder a call to your newly appointed, Tea Party-oriented, Republican Congressman.

But, there is an ugly game afoot in-and-amongst our United States Supreme Court.

It’s no secret that COSTCO offers some pretty good deals to consumers. Manufacturers, not one of them likely, don’t like the margins. So, they’ve (collectively), some what reminiscent of that insidious “they”, apparently hired a small army of lawyers to go after COSTCO in an effort to force the distributor to offer consumers less economically advantaged deals on merchandise.

How the hell did this get to the Supreme Court? And maybe of greater concern, why is there no one, other than COSTCO, representing the consumer?

We need Ayn Rand standing on Thomas Jefferson’s shoulders to block the field goal on this one.

Because if we don’t pay attention to things like this, and the bratty selfish behavior of other leaders like Barack Obama, the cost to our nation is going to be more horrendous than you can imagine in the next fifty years.

I’m not really clear why I used an America football analogy just then. I just like the imagery, I suppose. And, I enjoyed watching Michael Vick continue to redeem himself (in a number of ways) last night against the Washington Redskins with inspired play (six touch downs, mind you) and demonstrate that no one can or should be counted-out.

On a side note, but maybe not… I wonder what law firm Michelle Obama will work for when her husband gets drop-kicked out of the Oval Office?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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