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keeping Thomas Jefferson close


I was corresponding with Andrew Tilghman this morning. He had been reading Undaunted Courage (which must needs be followed up with Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West), and I found myself offering the following:

Keep exploring [Thomas] Jefferson. His mind allowed the outline of our Constitution to inspire the genius of his fellows.

I think this current thinking, on my part, was inspired primarily around Jefferson’s timeless sense of judicial balance measured against his keen sense of curiosity (why), and secondarily, through my mounting concerns that Barack Obama’s leadership and situational awareness might prove flimsy, at best. Obama seems lacking in a list of fundamental qualities consistently demonstrated by leaders. And, he genuinely appears clueless in terms of how things work (but then, of course, he went from being an events coordinator to a raconteur Senator prior to becoming president of the United States).brian cork quote

It’s likely a matter of “home training” (a notion one of my nannies, and of course, my Mom, instilled in me), I believe. He seems less interested in why things should work under best-business-practices, and more focused on them being done his way.

Dr. Pappas would likely have muttered “sophomoric” under his breath.

That runs full in the face of federalist theory, democratic ideals and objectivism – or, the theory, formation and, possibly the best result of the Constitution, assuming you care about such matters.

I do.

I also believe that, once he stopped spinning in his grave, Thomas Jefferson might scold Barack Obama, in public, for putting his own personal agenda before that of the American people, and Ayn Rand would rub-out her cigarette on his blackberry.

As an aside, we have some genuine anguish in-and-amongst the House and Senate regarding Healthcare reform. I sense that both sides have come to the bleak conclusion that Obama is more like a chimpanzee with a shotgun – as opposed to a rally-worthy leader. It does not even matter if “Obamacare” has any semblance of merit. This is not about “We The People” so much as the new Obama/ Pelosi/ Reid rat pack driving a $2.6 trillion debt down our collective throats that will drive this country into bankruptcy to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “I Did It My Way”.  If he says he wants something, it’s almost as if everyone decides to move to the other side of the room. This is already very different than the Obama-bandwagon of just two hundred fugue-drenched days ago.

If that isn’t how it works today, it certainly will by the end of Obama’s first term.

So… what does Obama do? He takes off for Martha’s Vineyard (he is such a poseur). This guy really believes he can play with the Kennedy’s.

Brian Visaggio once referred to me as a “Randian” – almost as if he were somehow scandalized by the notion. However, that is something I would value providing I distance myself from the associated socialist undertones. Joe Lieberman (“I” for Independent – but caucuses with the Democratic party) – Conn., says that I am a “Federalist”. That is fine by me because I am not convinced he used a dictionary before he said it (for the record, it means I would be a supporter of the Constitution under it’s earliest foundation). I don’t want to be an Obama-basher. I sincerely don’t want to be an Obamacrat. I am, absolutely, a patriot with Jeffersonian ideals.

So… I understand Obama might be in that part of the country (on Martha’s Vineyard) for a photo-op with Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy (D) – Mass. And, Senator Kennedy has been a long-time fighter for broad healthcare reform. But, the irony is that aligning yourself with Obama may be considered political suicide. Or, in Kennedy’s case, a legacy killer (and considering Chappaquiddick, this is saying a lot).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


no body is home


We were on Martha’s Vineyard for a family holiday. The local weather was fair enough. But, apparently storms were raging amidst the distant seas.

The waves were fierce, and certainly well represented.

And, there were warning signs (literally).

“Dangerous Waters”

“No Life Guard On Duty”

“Swim At Your Own Risk”

So, naturally I was free swimming amongst the boarders.

The water was chilly (that is how my Nana would have described it). I recall it’s color; gray cast with patch’s of green and black, mixed with foam, made me think of the words anger and foreboding. But, soon enough, that element would best be described as uncompromising or, perhaps exacting that day.

I had an immediate sense of depth, and then vertigo. I had not realized how far I had been pulled out until I really felt the empty cold, huge and vast, lurking beneath my feet. My estimate now is over two hundred meters. I could see the tiny people in the distance on the beach, so very far away, and growing ever smaller (can you grow smaller?), diminished by the mounting abyss. In some distant sort of way I understood I was in trouble. I struck out for the shore with steady strokes, but quickly realized I was not getting anywhere. And, my breathe was getting shorter. Fear?

Most of my life, there has been a central theme around being able to “make it home (this could be an entendre)”.

That was about when the first wave crashed down on me and drove me deep into very cold water. By now I could see Audra Bucklin (Haley Anne and Emma Jo’s God Mother) waving frantically on shore. Fatigue was creeping along my arms — and, my shoulders felt numb. It was hard to breathe as the cold water relentlessly sucked the warmth from my body, pressing on my chest and forcing precious air from my labouring lungs.

Another wave hammered me. No… It presented hell to me in the form of brine and angry froth.

I clawed my way to the surface with the dawning horror that I was not going to make it. I had an image of them pulling me from the waves and laying my slack body at Joanne’s (my baring point) feet.

Determination now? Possibly will – mixed with the shock of understanding I was actually going to die, and I had not expected it to be now.

I grimly dug deeper. I could see a boarder about 50 meters away trying desperately to make his way in my direction.  But the undertow was fierce. Troughs created by the waves, powerd by those distant storms were deep. I could see it (the real fear) in his eyes.

Another wave.

I could not breathe. I had lost my barings. I was not going to make it home. It was hopeless. No trite cliche this, I had nothing left, and I was sinking…

…I only asked for courage.

Now, I have to face the grim reality that Joanne and I are in our own death spiral now. I am so tired. I can’t fight. I always fight. But, not any more.

I am not going to make it. No barings. And, it’s not the same.

I am not lonely. I have my demons. And, oh, we are dancing.

Ripping What Ever You Like with T.I. (as an aside, this is such an important iTune for a hard run in drizzling rain).

However, all the drama aside, there will alwys be James Taylor with Up on the Roof.

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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