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why Facebook might be a great bad story


a, not the, thing, about luck or success is we bring it on ourselves.

everyone loves a great American wealth-building story. especially if it has something to do with building a technology-oriented company.

and, that takes us, and today, it’s seemingly everyone, right to Facebook.

luck and success require fore-planning and a measure of accountability, because both are gifts.

I get to walk with people, daily, that change the world. hopefully for the good. some times, not so much.

there is a lot of potential in what Facebook is doing, or could do. for example: Facebook is on a Mission but not from God. but, while the company and people associated with it make for great press, it is absolutely part of a problem. a big one.


if I saw Mark Zuckerberg today, I’d kick his ass. just give him a thorough beating.

in the writing of this I run the risk of someone coming to my door with a warrant for my arrest. but, I’ll allow myself to be a bit more clear, here.

he is not being responsible. or, if he is, we aren’t seeing evidence of it quick enough.

to wit…

a few months ago, at soccer practice, one of our younger players announced that she had permission from Mom and Dad to open up a Facebook profile. then one off her heads-up teammates quickly pointed out that she was too young. when opening up an account, first-timers are asked to verify their age.


“that’s no big deal”, chimed in another player, “just lie about your age. everyone does it”.

I kept both my peace, and my mouth shut even though I realized this and corollary issues had been piling up in the back of head, and it was only a matter of time before I would feel compelled to take sustained action.

then about a week ago it happened again at home with one of my daughters friends. the conversation was almost identical.

that did it for me. and, I’m swinging into motion with the same passion and tenacity that put me in the middle of the no texting and driving movement. read more about that here, so you know what to expect: texting and driving to death. do it!

you too, Oprah. get ready, again. as you read this your are muttering: “he’ll be calling”.

to open a Facebook account requires everyone to make a claim around age. but, young kids simply lie to start. right out of the gate, they are lying. and, its what many of them tend do on Facebook, every day.

and, adults. the example-setters that they are.

“It’s free…” [to start] – that’s what drug dealers tell kids to get them on crack. yes… I’m comparing Facebook to crack.

sure, parents can and should try to monitor and regulate this type of activity. and, I fully acknowledge that Zuckerberg is not a baby-sitter.

but, Zuckerberg, and the people around him, know this is a problem. and, every day makes it bigger and uglier.

follow this link and consider the facts:


People on Facebook

  • More than 500 million active users
  • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

take a look at your kids Facebook profile. do it! have they altered their image in any form or fashion? are they engaged in dialogue that might surprise you? worse, do they take measures to hide some, or all of the information from you? are they at all defensive? what about the their “friends” – including the legions of people from all ages and walks of life that have direct access to your children and influence then hourly through a staggering number of chats, texts and other forms of communication? I recently parted company with an assistant coach over escalating issues that actually found their origins with Facebook. recently divorced, he was Facebooking teenage girls on our team and contacting them at odd hours. the content on his profile included images and references of things that I did not want my own daughter exposed to. I sincerely hope he reads this, or someone close to him does, and the scrutiny FORCES him to take the appropriate steps to now be part of the solution, and not the problem.

NOTE: under the rules of living an authentic life, and the expected transparency, I was not pleased with what I discovered on my own daughters profile. … more so information posed by “friends”, both near and far. but, I found her defensive of their actions which made me realize her perspective could put her in harms way.

I’ll have none of that.

Michelle Obama won’t let her daughters Facebook. security can be defined in many ways, eh.

so, Zuckerberg needs to implement better controls. otherwise, he is part of the problem. or, he is the problem because he is front-and-center on the cover of magazines and on the cinema marqee. so, all those kids are watching him. but, I am as well. and, I demand that you join me. we need to make sure he knows we are watching him and expect him to take measures to protect our kids that are the future decision-makers. they way they think about and see the world will be reflected in what this country does over the next fifty years.

Zuckerberg reads this blog. he knows this is true. people around him do as well. he now has scienter.

fix this Zuckerberg. do it!


implement an algorithm like magic elves. there is an algorithm for everything. if not, create it.

or, make a drivers license or some other verifiable form of identification, part of the registration process.

nothing is or will be perfect. but, make a HUGE effort.

figure it out. do it!

if not, I will come after you, and your stock (I know an IPO is imminent because the Godless bastards at Goldman Sachs have already contacted me). and, analysts are already signaling. I’ll hold you accountable like I’m doing with Larry Page at Google (yes, Mr. Brown, who is not Mr. Brown, that’s correct). I have a good heart, a well positioned blog, and the will to leverage those tools, and more.

…and, I am a Dad before I am anything else.

and, I don’t Facebook.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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