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THE memo


This post is inspired by two of my business coaching clients and me challenging myself by trying to twist a metaphor into a story, and a lesson that includes Michael Jackson.

One of those clients is learning how to make a difference. She just does not recognize her own potential and the progress she is making. She works twelve and thirteen hour days, and has put her life savings and credit on the line to realize her best dreams. She is a true entrepreneur. I admire her. Even Joanne, who is an expert at judging entrepreneurs, is sort of impressed.

The other is rather a different story.

Over the course of the last eleven months I walked him through the step-by-step process of writing his Strategic Business Plan; I raised the money for his startup venture; and, introduced him to his first three customers (one was his beta test that converted into a paying customer). He will likely read this post soon and, over the course of time, share his concerns with me.

Both of them recently sent me emails evidencing some general frustration about business. But, really, it was just life stuff.

As part of my response, I sent them both the same email:

“Meanwhile, go ahead and send out a memo – essentially directed at the world at large, dictating a moratorium on all things aggravating. In the absence of such an enormous initiative (which, in it’s own right, may prove challenging – and, not a little aggravating), start reasonably small and make such an announcement over the (insert company name here) P.A. system. But, if there is no P.A. system, dispense with that announcement, and resort, again, to a memo. But, don’t neglect using a “smiley face” stamp. That would, in my estimate, be appropriate for both the wish and the missive.”


I suspect the first client will wait until the moon is full (possibly not), and dance naked in a local pasture. After that, she will square her shoulders, and make damn sure she builds an empire. Failing that, or perhaps along the way, she will manage to rescue a boat full of orphans and/ or diffuse an atomic bomb with a hair pin.

The other guy… Well… I called into their business late this afternoon to make sure he was on track for some deliverables we had agreed to. However, I was advised that he had taken a spur-of-the-moment thirty day vacation to “reward himself”.

Rowan and MartinSo… We need to bring back the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award (my Dad thought Laugh In was hilarious – I can still hear his laughter ringing through ). Mostly because we must always maintain our sense of perspective and humor. And, meanwhile, we have to grudgingly admit that the Laws of Natural Selection don’t always make sense.

Look… The truth is I am probably writing this post because I was looking for an excuse to showcase Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. Michael changed the world. His music made it a better place (some times). I want to do that as well. I try do do it though my family and my clients (and my mighty and ferocious Shockers).

Seriously… More often than not, my prayers are really so very simple (just not easy): “Please God, help me make a positive difference. Your choice. Just point and click me.”

In any event, I hope we all eventually get the right memo. That can certainly be a metaphor. Often it takes the form of events that test and build our character. I can’t compare myself to Michael Jackson (for the most part). But, we have both had a good share of challenges. And, I am fascinated to see who ultimately prevails in life – be it business, life, or both. My money is on the first client. And, I hope the other gets into the spirit of this post and take this as a challenge (this is, after all, what we coaches are supposed to inspire).

Listen to those words.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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