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It’s time for a Princess to Dance!


“Gentlemen, when the clock strikes seven o’clock on Saturday, January 29th the land of Princess-Ville awakens and the celebration begins. This night will be like no other as the great protectors called “knights in shining armour” whisk their Princess into a night of wonderment. This evening will be for you and your special Princess – your daughter, granddaughter, niece or the little girl who just makes your heart melt.”


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emma jo cork is a princessIf you ask me, and many of you will, I’ll tell you to bring your date to a night filled with fun and all things “Princess”. To be sure, more details will follow after completing your online reservation.  Woody and company will  look forward to creating a special evening just for you.

My Emma Jo and I make this for an annual event. And, few other things generate as much excitement with her. This past Saturday we found ourselves at Macy’s picking out the “pretty dress”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




in 2010 the geniuses (as in government) at the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) managed to lose $8.7 billon.

this informations comes from people that won’t return your calls.

in the coming year the USPS intends to burrow the last $3.5 billion of the $15 billion line of credit it has with the U.S . Treasury. When it takes this money, the Postal Service will have exhausted all of its sources of funding and could qualify under standards for bankruptcy by this time next year – just in time to be in competition with California and Medicaid for scarce bailout dollars.

I’ll trust you to understand that impacts tax dollars and other service – or, lack thereof.

we need the gnashing of teeth (beneath lips snarled), and the shaking of fists. voices must needs be raised.

they did that while the big boys at United Parcel Service (“UPS”) increased profits by 7.2% in the final quarter, and ripped a roaring profit of $11.73 billion.

…that’s a swing of  almost $20 billion dollars.

NOTE: both organizations are plagued by unions. however, UPS appears to manage the burden smarter, some how.

I’m sure (sure) someone better looking than me has come up with this line-of-thinking, but can we put the United States Mail system into private hands?

obviously, I’ll nominate UPS.

I’m reasonably confident this country could do a lot (better) with an extra $20 billion actually working for citizens.

more later.

brian patrick cork

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