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Donating Bone Marrow


Back in May of 2006 I donated bone marrow to some dude in Ohio.

I was minding my own business when I get a call from a woman in Oregon with the donor bank. She reminded me that I had given blood for a police officer in Atlanta (thanks to Bill Wallace) and apparently marked the box (or didn’t check the box for NO) on a form that said I was willing to donate other “things”.

I raised my hand and volunteered without giving it much thought. She asked me a few questions and advised me she would be in touch if they came up with a match with my blood type. A few weeks later she emails me with a request to set up a screening interview that would qualify me for additional blood work. During the screening call she told me how “rough” the process of donating bone marrow can be. But, she also told me that there was a fellow in Ohio with Leukemia that needed my help.

I will make this long and drawn out adventure a short story…

I gave up about five tubes of blood and qualified with a good match to donate my bone marrow. Suddenly time is of the essence and I need to submit myself for the procedure. Joanne and the girls were in Great Britain on holiday. So, the timing was good. But, I had to get myself to and from the medical facility for the procedure.

It was awful.

I wish I could say I was able to grit my teeth and feel great about the experience.

But, it was REALLY awful.

So… I received another call late last week. They need me again.

Interestingly, Joanne and the girls are off to Great Britain again in two weeks for another month holiday.

Here is my point for this particular Blog entry…

I have decided to leave this decision up to my “friends”. Many of you know the agony I endured last time. But, we also think I did a good thing. /1 This Blog gets a lot of hits each day. So, if just 20 people tell me they think I should do this again, I will square my shoulders and jump back on the gurney.

Email me at, or call me at 404 451 4799.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ All of this has to be anonymous. We can never learn the identity of the person we help, or the end result.

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