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saying Goodbye to Chris Langer


Hello Pearl.

I’ve only just learned about Chis’s death by reading the obituary section of the Radford Highlander magazine. I did a quick Google search and came up with his broader obituary.

I knew Chris for a couple of years at Radford University. I played on the Lacrosse team with him. I’ll submit his tour were the glory years. One of my favorite memories of Chris was him defending the goal at practice with a sawed-off goalie stick without a head. I’m pretty certain he was on acid. I recall Coach Woolley looking askance at him with chagrin. However, that weekend Chris shut-out Richmond. Chris was fairly well known for experimenting with a lot of things, including nutrition. He was always razor-thin. Chris was very intense. But, you could not help but like him on a deep level.

“An accomplished athlete, Chris played two intercollegiate sports for Radford University, where he was an All-Conference lacrosse goaltender and a member of the 1981 Virginia Intercollegiate State Championship soccer team.”

I’m not the least surprised Chris travelled far-and-wide with a rather ecclectic career-path searching for a way to connect with a lot of people and make a difference. I’m also not surprised that he appeared to feel that he pissed-off a lot of people. I’m sure they all forgive him because he had an aura of uniqueness about him that made him more interesting and inspiring than irritating or hurtful.

I really do hope this message finds you. People cared about your husband, and his legacy is real. Consider me a friend. I coach my daughters in Soccer and everyone else’s sons in Lacrosse. I tell my Chris Langer story to every goalie on every Lacrosse team I coach.

“Chris” Cork, ’84


yeah yeah yeah Memorial Day Microsoft and various HEROES


I get inspired and motivated by all manner of things.

and, I tie them all together over the course of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

happy Memorial Day, everyone.

and, this is just one more reason to honor you, Dad. I sure wish you were here to hug the girls. however, I did take Emma Jo kayaking yesterday and told her stories about you. all of it was mildly interesting to het for about fifteen minutes. then she was hot and sweaty. not much fun for an eleven year old girl that was more excited to learn she is bound for a shopping trip to Dallas.

in a playful mood, at one point along the river, I did ask her if she thought we were being watched by “wild indian”s. I got an over-the-shoulder no so amused glance for my efforts. so, in typically goofy-Dad fashion I followed my question with, “how about some-what wild Indians”, then, “mildly irritated indians”. of course I had to go down a long list of options, and finally, “impossibly flatulent illegal aliens”. that earned me an, “can I call Mommy”.

meanwhile, I was asked Saturday why I’m so good at coaching kids in youth sports, Lacrosse and Soccer, to be specific. I had to think about that one. while my teams tend to win, and the players improve, I’d don’t think of myself as being a “good coach”. the truth is I think I’m valuable as a motivator. it gets dicy after that. all that said, we were at the Union Hill Polo grounds Saturday and I met a strapping young fellow all of seven. he has just started playing Lacrosse. when word got out that I’m in the Milton system many of them figured out who I am and it started to look like a lacrosse game was inevitable.

I’ll dodge that part of the story and get back tot he core question. I’m certain I can coax girls into playing great and successful Soccer because I convince them to believe in themselves and play as a team. most girls are not raised that way. while that is a blog post worthy of its own merits, I’ll run with it another time. but,I  believe I have a fair amount of success coaching boys in Lacrosse because I understand them better than most of their own Dads, especially if football has ever been involved. I relate to them. I probably think in similar fashion, and see the world in much the same way. my wife says I’ve never lost my sense of wonder and naiveté. I get VERY excited over “gear”.

haloin any event, all of this is a preamble to a brief discussion over Halo. going back to 2005 we had a shot at a movie with Peter Jackson (Hobbit movies) at the helm. but, Microsoft (owns all rights to Halo – and deserves a lot of credit for ONLY that), the best example of the evil empire itself mucked it all up by being greedy. its true, read more about that here:

How Peter Jackson’s Long-Awaited ‘Halo’ Movie Morphed Into Steven Spielberg Xbox-Only Series


Halo could have been a blockbuster similar to Avatar. but now it’s destined to be small-screened on the forth-coming XBox-TV.

this is classic Microsoft being stupid and stodgy and turning a great concept into frustrating irrelevance.

for perspective, Microsoft has come up with Office 365. but, you can’t import contact pictures up to it. so, in our social media networked business community that is another VERY stupid mistake.

so… that’s just par for the ill-kept course with Microsoft.

I want to buy more Microsoft stock (I bought a lot in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s). however, I keep having to ask myself how could a company that is so relevant be so goofy with its execution? kind of like Dad’s with sons that don’t understand what Lacrosse means.

it’s all tied together.

more later. we are off to the club today for a pool party. my Jeep driving Haley Anne might just join us. I am grateful for so much. I have been training hard of late and I am craving a hamburger.

today, in honor of Microsoft, and that of our Military heroes, I am listening to Despair by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. you can watch it here:

peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


man on a Mission


this post is not about mission work.

…yes it is.

everything is about “the mission”, life-work, “being on a mission from God”. there are as many ways to say it, as there is to describe it, along with opportunities to realize it.

I feel, today, that the best mission is how we positively impact something that we believe in that is bigger than ourselves.

that can be God, family or country. it can also be about business. or, being in the business of all the rest.

all that said, my mission statement is, “helping men that change the world make better decisions”.

I find that opportunity in some of the most unexpected ways, manners and places.

justifiedover the course of a recent episode of Justified, which is awesome, a pasty-faced villain that is very easy to hate less than despise, offered-up words of wisdom for everyone. he said in a fairly pivotal scene, “if you wanna win you should bet on the horse in front”.

his example aside, I consider myself a leader. so, I focus on helping other leaders be better leaders. for the moment, God is letting me do that.

today has been simple and certainly gratifying. early-on I had a group of genuinely terrific men in my conference room that come form many points in my past, yet find themselves squarely in both my now and future. great things are afoot. meaningful and profitable and change-oriented things. I had to run to the bank quickly and found myself unexpectedly stopped by a young local entrepreneur that tracks me. he has an opportunity in the educational space quickly approaching on the 18th. he is convinced that is going to change his life. he asked me what he needs to do to be ready. I only had a moment to think, but the words that formed instantly in my head then fell out of my mouth were…

what makes you different? what’s your differential?

why are you relevant today?

what is the customers ROI for going with you?

I told him people that make decisions can really only focus on three things immediately. if you can address their pain and offer a solution that makes sense to them (speaking their love language), you are very likely to win the opportunity. his eyes lit-up, and he said, “I knew you had the answer for me”.

that felt great. then I got the text from one of my Lacrosse Moms…

“__________ is out of his mind. he got to be part of that small practice you ran last night and they got special attention from you. you are so awesome. he has never been this excited about anything.”

where karma can be a bitch, destiny need not be.

more later. I just pray it never stops.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



Lacrosse Cleats




being married to an (awesome) British woman, it’s long been my want to refer to athletic shoes of any description as, “boots”.

the young Lacrosse and “proper football” (Soccer) players that I coach are first amused by this, but more often than not adopt the expression themselves – my female football players, in particular.

going forward…

I’ve had a crazy but inspirational day. but, most of it has me feeling grateful. so, I’m in the mood to share a short story that offers both insight and perspective into my life that creates the light that I try to share outwardly with all of you.

NOTE: I’ve just learned that Colin, one of my assistant Lacrosse coaches, had his car broken into. some scoundrel made-off with his Lacrosse equipment – including his old High School bag, with it’s sentiments and fond memories of glory. Colin is on one of my mens Lacrosse teams. so, I’m more than interested, and concerned by it all.

what some of you know is that I sponsor A LOT of kids in Lacrosse and Soccer. I also make sure many more have equipment, eye glasses and books. but, I work especially hard to get them “boots”.

much of this comes from my own life experience. this includes being part of a military family rich with love and support, but not much money. Dad was a hero and patriot. but, the United States Air Force has never compensated it’s warriors commensurately with their executive prowess.

so, I learned to value things, and more so, hold them dear. and, make them matter.

this included shoes.

while I only lost a handful of races in High School, most that I won were in the same pair of running shoes – a pair of Adidas SL76’s (lime green with yellow stripes). those were ultimately replaced in my senior year with a pair of New Balance that I won in an open road race.

while at Radford University, I was astounded when my partial scholarship for Cross Country included a pair of racing and also training flats. my coach never knew it, but I never took the racing flats out of the box (and, he never noticed) because, “you never know if someone might need them”.

after I was thrown off the Cross Country team for insubordination and prima donna-like attitude (it was true; so, I could not even deny any of it), and I walked-on the Lacrosse team, I wore my younger brothers cast-off (American) Football cleats for three years. I was just so grateful to be in school and to be on the team that I did not want to draw any attention to myself and ask for new cleats. and, I thought I could some how demonstrate my thankfulness to the school (and my parents) by saving everyone money.

now you know.

today I’m listening to, Courage to Grow by, Rebelution (so should you).

pace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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