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Brian Cork Acknowledging Congressman Dennis Kucinich



Ninety-one (91) House Democrats bolstered the Republican charge to kill the proposal to bailout Wall Street with $700 billion dollars that the United States will need to be borrow from World Banks.

We likely dodged a bullet here.  But, tomorrow/ Thursday is looming with a second effort to push a plan through.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is a radical liberal with a shot gun at his hip.  But, the Jeffersonian in me thinks he is asking the right questions on the floor. 

Consider this video.

I will state the obvious here (but, I am setting the stage for one of my more rambunctious Blog Posts)…

Wall Street – with the aid of Bankers, caused the current melt down.  Now, Wall Street wants Congress to bail them out and reward REALLY BAD behavior on the part of irresponsible consumers and self-entitled financial barons.  Of course, without proper oversight, the government enabled this problem.  So, the damage is done, and a level version of a bailout STRATEGY is necessary to stabilize our economy (sic – the global economy) – and, Wall Street drives the economy.

More later.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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