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the Media is part of Apple’s problem NOT Microsoft or innovation


parts make solved puzzles.

“under it’s slow decline I still admire Microsoft for its innovation around the Xbox and related technology. seriously… Kinect has been nothing less than pioneering. that said, Microsoft missed it with their new phones, again.”

Microsoft's New Toy Is a Preemptive Attack on Apple (AAPL, MSFT)
“a lot has been said about NASDAQ: NASDAQ: Microsoft’s ( MSFT ) Xbox One since it was introduced on Tuesday. however, here’s something that you probably haven’t heard: Xbox One is a preemptive strike on Apple ( AAPL ) . Think…”

Part I of III

its interesting to me that Microsoft kept a world hostage with Windows and Office, and it generated almost nothing but ire, outrage and resentment. Microsoft was the “evil empire”. so, the world slowly looked to Apple as the brilliant alternative.

Part II of III

under it’s slow decline I still admired Microsoft for its innovation around the Xbox and related technology. seriously… Kinect has been nothing less than pioneering.

that said, Microsoft missed it with their new phones, again.

then again, I like Microsoft’s stock (MSFT). however, I would like it better under a share buy-back plan. that would inspire a lot of other things that include Wall Street support, buying interest, and  … karma.

Part III of III

but all this time Apple has led the way and inspired everyone from school kids to Wall Street. so, why would anyone read assumptive articles like the above piece from Motley Fool, and possibly fall for the drivel. today no one should dare count Apple out. when we see the new iPhone and iOS that drives it we will be impressed. if Steve Jobs believed Apple would lead through the TV, believe it. in fact, if writers like this hapless fellow are trying to distract you, bet now on Apple. Do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


man on a Mission


this post is not about mission work.

…yes it is.

everything is about “the mission”, life-work, “being on a mission from God”. there are as many ways to say it, as there is to describe it, along with opportunities to realize it.

I feel, today, that the best mission is how we positively impact something that we believe in that is bigger than ourselves.

that can be God, family or country. it can also be about business. or, being in the business of all the rest.

all that said, my mission statement is, “helping men that change the world make better decisions”.

I find that opportunity in some of the most unexpected ways, manners and places.

justifiedover the course of a recent episode of Justified, which is awesome, a pasty-faced villain that is very easy to hate less than despise, offered-up words of wisdom for everyone. he said in a fairly pivotal scene, “if you wanna win you should bet on the horse in front”.

his example aside, I consider myself a leader. so, I focus on helping other leaders be better leaders. for the moment, God is letting me do that.

today has been simple and certainly gratifying. early-on I had a group of genuinely terrific men in my conference room that come form many points in my past, yet find themselves squarely in both my now and future. great things are afoot. meaningful and profitable and change-oriented things. I had to run to the bank quickly and found myself unexpectedly stopped by a young local entrepreneur that tracks me. he has an opportunity in the educational space quickly approaching on the 18th. he is convinced that is going to change his life. he asked me what he needs to do to be ready. I only had a moment to think, but the words that formed instantly in my head then fell out of my mouth were…

what makes you different? what’s your differential?

why are you relevant today?

what is the customers ROI for going with you?

I told him people that make decisions can really only focus on three things immediately. if you can address their pain and offer a solution that makes sense to them (speaking their love language), you are very likely to win the opportunity. his eyes lit-up, and he said, “I knew you had the answer for me”.

that felt great. then I got the text from one of my Lacrosse Moms…

“__________ is out of his mind. he got to be part of that small practice you ran last night and they got special attention from you. you are so awesome. he has never been this excited about anything.”

where karma can be a bitch, destiny need not be.

more later. I just pray it never stops.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



Actions vs. Words = Influence


we must always wish everyone well.

use our super powers for good.

and, only judge people by those around them.

please think about that, and the notion will not only grow on you, it will guide you.

it’s no coincidence that proven leaders are always referenced as examples that inspire.

perhaps it seems obvious. But, it’s none of it is easily accomplished. the practice results in the difference between the “three per centers (3%)” and everyone else.

it’s not about me, but what I do.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



I hope you will write about Me some days


Aaron Masih and I have a good many things in common.

that makes me fortunate, I think.

but, to add just a bit of clarity to that, we are both all about our daughters. and, we work, mostly as an effort to be great examples to those gifts from God, and also to do our own vital part in making sure this country and world is fit for those next-generation leaders.

recently Aaron and I have also shared some challenges, just in different zip codes.

I was in that automobile accident, referred to here in Milton, Georgia as, “the accident”. my broken ribs still make it tough to simply breathe. however, that does not reduce how lucky I feel. and, Aaron woke up in the middle of the night losing blood at an alarming rate, with a hole in his stomach.

we all lose friends. but, many of you know I was hit particularly hard by the loss of Bill Pope (in fact a lot of you were, and you may never understand how or why). Aaron lost a youth guidance counselor mentor that dated back almost twenty five years ago named Stan Annandale. Aaron talks about Mr. Annandale in a post he wrote, Remembering One of The Best People I Ever Knew.

this past weekend, and over the course of an email exchange I told Aaron:

“there is now a void that can only be filled by your being the sort of man someone else will write about.”

after I sent that email I found myself thinking that really is the man I want to be. in my daughters future, that of their own children – and, everyone I meet, for that matter; possibly those I don’t, but can still impact.

I tell many people stories about goodly men like my own Grandad, and Bill Pope. I’m working, and daily, to be the sort of man other people use as good examples of great deeds (to be sure, I can easily be used as an example of what NOT to do, from time-to-time). so, let’s be clear… I don’t necessarily need to be a hero. however, I try every day to make a meaningful difference. I literally live my life in that fashion. sometimes that may seem as though I am trying to be bigger than life, and I really push, hard. but, that’s the point. I’m not shy about that, and I won’t shy away from that stance. I have but only this life. and, I don’t know when that privilege, of being, will stop.

I want to keep meeting great people. and, I also want to keep helping other people be as great as they can be.

in my community there is always a great deal of talking about Mission work; “going on a Mission”. we live in the South, so when it come to the Bible belt, we may well be the buckle.

in any event, this typically means going away to some foreign country, using someone else’s money, on a form of holiday. but, God puts people in our paths each and every day that we can have enormous impact with in business or even our own backyard. last night, at a U16 soccer match, one of the opposing coaches came up to me straight away and said:

“I remember you from the Lake Lanier tournament back in 2007. I was so impressed with your positive attitude and the way you handled those kids”.

I feel that He (God, not that coach) has me in a career-path, and a life-path, of sorts that makes it my personal mission to make people around me better each and every day. that is part of having the perfect job, if not FOCUS. so, one of my prayers is simple, just like my mission:

“please help me meet the right people every day.”

thanks for being my Brother Aaron. and, I really do miss you Bill.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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