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now we have the rumor JP Morgan could acquire Bank of America. read a bit more about that, here.

Why this can only fascinate me is that it’s Constitutionally unfeasible.

…another thought is one could argue that Bank of America currently is part of the “axis-of-evil” (I’d add Facebook to that list), and led Wall-Streets melt down in 2008.

however, if it does happen, and I don’t have any information (but, its unlikely), it signals the Federal Governments willingness to operate outside of rules that are the foundation of law. there is now, essentially, no discipline. this signals open-season on rules of policy, and the rule-book. It’s also another “bail-out”, just under another description.

but then, look what the Obamacrats did with the debt ceiling.


Jamie Dimon becomes not only the single most powerful man on the planet, but also, potentially (ironically?) emasculated because everything he does will be watched through a completely new and different lens. the meeting at the White House, and it would have occurred, must have been historic with it’s import.

pause and also consider the fact that the United States still does not have a “super bank” that can play with the big boys in the mountains of Europe (and, watch for what’s going out of Hong Kong – you did read about that first, here). and, you now have the majority of United States households financial snapshots under one lens.

could this be a precursor to imminent domain to sage the country in Obama’s twisted view?

but, now, perhaps, we have insight into the rumors I am aware of that have Dimon being names as Secretary of the Treasury.

save this post. you did learn of this, here, and first.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

General Motors ON


It’s no secret that General Motors (“GM”) has it’s Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) this week.

What might be a secret to the masses, however, is it’s truest underlying purpose.

The government lent money to GM. There is some thinking that the government could own as much as sixty-one percent (61%) of GM. And, the big auto-maker, as leading and cutting-edge as it’s vehicles have become, will struggle for decades to pay our thinly stretched United States Treasury back – and, it does not have a prayer of meeting it’s pension obligations.

So, they, that insidious “they” (no doubt led by the pipe-smoking-black-dog), mind you, are going to foist the problem on the American Citizens the very best of the good old fashioned way, certainly time-honored… By manipulating the stock market.


Here is how this particular effort will play-out. You simply need to make the decision if you are going to benefit, or keep getting your collective asses kicked.

The IPO will likely open up around $28.00 a share. Insiders (by many a definition) will pay less. For example, the United States Treasury is going to own shares as will friends of the big brokerage houses. JP Morgan is the syndicate lead and they are making all manner of new friends on Capital Hill with this play. This is not widely publicized for obvious reasons.  In any event, based on the aforementioned loan details, the Treasury will break even when the stock hits approximately $44.00.

So, it’s a good bet the stock will do just that, and then some.

I’m guessing there will likely be close to a $6m billion over subscription of the stock leading up to the IPO. My experience tells me we’ll see about $1 billion in roiling. Then that “over-hang” of back-orders will kick the stock up. After that, it’s all about “management”.

This is not evil. This is simply the way things work. You, why not you, can argue it’s part of the American dream.

I have to say something. It’s one of the many reasons you read this Blog. And, it’s something a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman finds, required.

Good luck. But, there is little of that actually involved. Fortuna, perhaps, eh Dr. Pappas?

UPDATE 11/17/2010 @ 1pm: VOILA! – GM Confirms Expanding IPO by 31 percent

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters

Brian Patrick Cork

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