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letter to Emily


“by the way… I feel fear is a form of cancer.”

most of you don’t know the Emily I’m writing to.

however, many of you have asked questions around bravery, or contemplated its application, or utter devoid of it in your life.

regardless of your position, role, or perspective in the matter, I present a heart-felt message to Emily:

I don’t see yours as a difficult question. the topic itself might be something that you’ll find deep within your own heart.

God has a dark sense of humor – and, more often than not puts things He wants us to know about ourselves in odd places, like just beyond our fingertips, in the voice of strangers that become friends, or in the very face of adversity.

So… mine is really an opinion based on decades of experience and perspective.

I know many people that have dealt with cancer. Some survived; others not. They all handled it differently. I know people that were bullied. I also know bullies. I can add stories about parents that have lost children to cancer, and bullying. all of these people are brave, or have the option to be brave, can be brave, or won’t ever be. Separate from bravery comes courage. that is another word with an entirely different meaning and application.

by the way… I feel fear is a form of cancer.

with all those words, my use of the word brave in relation to you was my emerging sense that you have an ability to deal and muscle through situations that have crushed many other people. I don’t know if you demonstrated courage through any of it. but, I know that on the other side of it all I see a person that has a good vibe, wants to do great things, cares about dogs, has a zest for life, wants to be in love… that is bravery because its so much easier to to be bitter. and, “bitter” is not how I’d ever describe you. I may not be able to offer you clarity with this, yet. we often can’t see ourselves as others do. this is why I try to view the world through other people eyes. its no simple task. it takes a lot of living to see the world from so many different perspectives. part of my role in the lives of my clients is to walk with them and share. thats a catalyst for changing.

spending money on a business, or on yourself – outside of material possessions – does not make you brave. its just not common, both in-terms of application and ability to do so. most people are the opposite. they live in fear and don’t invest in themselves. thats a bit ironic, don’t you think?

you are investing in yourself. I’m investing my time and positive energy in you. fortunately we both agree you are worth it.

I really do understand the quest for financial independence. however, I’ll leave you with something of a puzzle around it… you won’t understand or value it until you have achieved it coming from the places you have been. I don’t know anything about your sleep issues. but, dreams can be realized by conscious effort.

that said… What do you WANT? by the way… does it have to be in Atlanta?

also… financial independence does not always mean the balance in the bank account. It can also mean always have the means. maybe the primary thing we need to evolve (I purposefully did not say “change”) is your perspective. here some additional perspective… the best surfing spots amongst the islands of Hawaii were formed from volcanic activity. craters are formed. over thousands of years the ocean chews away at them and creates bays. …this is meant to be a bit frustrating as you ponder all of it.

on a personal note… you surf a HUGE wave big enough to crush a whale four feet above razor sharp coral surrounded by thunder loud enough to drown-out everything including your inability to think (you only survive by following your gut and instincts) – you begin to understand where life and death are simply the difference between a breath, a blink, or balance. certainly choices.

David Sugarman once said to me, “when I stopped worrying about money it found me”. love might work that way as well. I know it does with scoring soccer goals.

lets talk about the mistakes and next steps when we next meet. its a bit too complex for email. the exchange needs to be more dynamic.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


let’s Bitch-Slap North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


I love strategy. it’s something I’m genuinely good at.

looking at a map, North Korea finds itself framed by China and South Korea.

if Teddy Roosevelt were looking at the same map and faced with the choices we are today, I’m thinking he would essentially bitch-slap North Korea’s little sissy of a leader, Kim Jong Un.

that’s a tactical move. but, it sets-the-stage for a reasonable strategy.

and, it’s a bit contrary to my earlier post today, a Purposeful RESULT of Random Love. but, that just brings us back to Roosevelt and how some historical lessons are always relevant, as is my reference to my Dad below.

I’m thinking that China is massing on North Korea’s border (…wait… did you know that is what’s happening? it sure is) because they can’t take the chance that North Korea pisses off the United States enough to elicit a preëmptive strike that casts nuclear fall-out into China and South Korea. think about what Israel did with the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  that would make for a Chinese interesting” forty-year anniversary.

more importantly, China takes Korea and ultimately puts them in the hands of South Korea making for a terrific and powerful trade-partner.

“SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hackers have apparently disrupted North Korea’s government-run Twitter account. The disruption comes at a time of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The North’s Uriminzokkiri’s Twitter…”

kim jong unhere’s an interesting angle… by reputation, some of the finest hackers hail from China, itself. so, if I’m a shadowy Chinese Central Communist Party member (for the record I’m not. I am in-fact, a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman – look it up in this blogs archives), and I want to stir-the-pot and instigate change, I give the order to attack North Korea at its bitter black heart – their ridiculous parody of a leader, Kim Jong Un, himself. he apparently drives everything rampant through a run-away ego.

everything about the little sissy makes you want to bitch-slap him.

“…a picture posted Thursday on the North’s Flickr site shows Kim’s face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Underneath, the text reads: “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.”

My Dad served in the United States Air Force under the Strategic Air Command (“Peace is our Profession”). he took détente seriously, and reasonably expected everyone else to do so as well. “Big planes with big bombs make other people think small”.

maybe the Chinese are gonna go “Roosevelt” on North Korea by speaking softly and use a big electronic stick.

is that poetic and justified irony?

they could call it the “Roosevelt Plan”. that would define irony.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


media is History


my unabashed umbrage with the media is no secret to readers of this blog.

I’ll submit, and without reservation, a simple truth:

I feel that the irresponsible media is the greatest cause for a bad history that repeats itself. they abuse their position in our society and fail to use their powers for good, all too often. history books are spun by people with the perspective driven by agenda. so, history certainly does repeat itself for many a reason.

so, to be clear, bad examples are often replicated because the media fails to give us accurate information. they also leverage opinion where it is not understood.

so, bad history repeats itself because the media tells it to.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


brian cork is ironically Stupid



evidently, “brian cork is stupid”.

…I’ll add this bon mot to my list of annoying things. but, first I have to demonstrate why it’s a bon mot, possibly rude, likely spot-on, or simply part of the problem.

…or, the solution.

context: the back-end of WordPress blogs allow us (that blog) to track a lot of vaguely useful data. this includes words or pherases that other people use to find,  “Google” or “Bing”, for example, our blogs and/ or specific posts. it’s rather like shooting in the dark.

Wednesday someone punched in: “brian cork is stupid”, apparently looking for proof or trouble.

but, the who and why are less material than the what, and now what. naturally, I want “brian cork is stupid” to be a oxymoron and much less so a bon mot. and, I’ve likely already used bon mot wrong (ish), so I’ve, therefore defeated my own purpose, here. which likely takes us to the bottom of this post, down there (↓).

meanwhile, in light, or possibly, in spite of it…

naturally, because I’m closer to an ape than brilliant, I tried googling: “brian cork is stupid” myself. and, ironically (in my opinion, so far), the top four results on Google were posts about topics that are very close to my heart, and I feel are incredibly relevant:

1. vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked;

2. Facebook’s contribution to Terrorism;

3. why Facebook might be a great bad story; and,

4. texting and driving to death.

okay… I’m not actually including the Vanessa Hudgens piece. and, the point I am still trying to make, there, is less important, to me any way, than Facebook being a weapon of mass destruction, and texting and driving. NOTE: just for now, it’s irritating me that the Vanessa Hudgens piece is indexing hire than the texting and driving piece.

I googled: “definition of stupid”.

definitions offered up by The Free Dictionary by FARLEX topped the results. so, we’ll roll with that.

stu·pid  (stpd, sty-)

adj. stu·pid·erstu·pid·est 

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied. Having dull mental responses; slow-witted
5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job. Trivial, silly, or frivolous.

A stupid or foolish person.

[Latin stupidus, from stupreto be stunned.]

stupid·ly adv.
stupid·ness n.

by the way… the more often I include the words: “brian cork is stupid” in this particular post, the stronger they are in the search indexing Google uses to rank and file things. so, this is my possibly being self-flagellating and less congratulating. but, I’m ever so curious to see if it works that I’m pressing ahead any way (much like what happened while Curtis Burton the third and I were ten and we decided to use his Mom’s new silk sheets as homemade parachutes from the roof of my Nana’s four-story house).

all of this only gets worse, for me. as I save this post in DRAFT form to evaluate how it looks, below is what pops-up under “related posts”.


a thought popped into my head about The Three stooges:

no episode, in particular, just The Three Stooges.

…while I was watching the video, however, I had a thought…

…maybe it’s okay if people start by punching in: “brian cork is stupid”, if the best result is them finding my posts about Facebook, and perhaps more importantly texting and driving.

God is whacky and just might have a sense of humor, and a perspective that drives it well beyond our comprehension.

in closing, I have this vibe about whom may have googled me being stupid. and, the possible foundation for that was my past, more so than my today. but, the key here is my favorite bon mot which is: “the worst mistake you will make is the one you repeat”. and, I live my life daily, to be part of the solution. so, my prayer, today, is that God use me in any way, shape or form, to be part of the solution.

heck… a hammer is stupid until it’s used to help build a house.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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