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iPhone HOT TIP #66


I found myself fed-up with the iPhone 4 “bumper” that is both a protective case, and a solution for the antennae issue that exists, but doesn’t really.

I’m making this case because it gets dingy and collects lint.

just so we are clear, I stand opposed to lint.

and, dingy things.

also… while I’m at this post, I’ll rail, once again, and lament, as well, the dropped-calls and poor reception that are simply and arguably part of the AT&T experience.

all that said, I’ve uncovered a solution that is both elegant and attractive.

I’ll, and with naught less than great pleasure, introduce you to the GASKET – Brushed Aluminum Case, from id America. looking at Id America, it appears their aim is to support those individuals who seek to rise above the ordinary. I think they are good at doing just that. their design products are urban, trend-setting, unique and functional.

I picked the brushed silver version for myself and my iPhone 4.8 (more on that some other time, perhaps). once I had it mounted, I added a protective matte screen for effect. the GASKET added just a slight heft and a bit more substance to the handset. I immediately liked it’s feel. and, it really does look cool. I’ve already had dozens of comments, all positive.

however, there is an unexpected and additional benefit. the reception for the iPhone, despite AT&T, was immediately improved. I’m no engineer. but, I’m confident the metal alloy of the GASKET acts as an excellent conductor and likely strengthens the signal. the result is an extremely crisp and clear conversation. I was speaking with a boat broker Thursday. he was using a land-line. he was practically next door. a half hour later I was chatting with Brandon Knicely while he was visiting friends in Los Angeles. although everything works better in Los Angeles, cellular towers reign supreme, so that might not count (although Brandon counts a lot). but, the true test was realized with my daily epic soccer discussions with the indefatigueable Andrew Collins. even along Freemanville Road my iPhone refused to drop the call, even once.

order yours from id-America, today. do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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brian cork’s iPhone 4.8 is NOT okay


today, I gathered myself just long enough to touch base with most of my coaching clients, and to visit with Mike Smoltz at the Northpoint Apple Store. Mike helped me with a new iPhone replacement since my current iPhone 4.8 was rendered interesting in, what is generally being referred to in Milton as “the accident”.

as most of you know, my beloved Big Black Bad-Ass Truck was totaled in the accident Tuesday. and, I’ll be musing through all of this in more detail in the coming week. but, I wanted to share a picture of my iPhone 4.8.

it was found by a police officer about sixty meters from the wreckage (mind you, I was struck from the side with my truck practically at a stand-still). evidently the hand-set evacuated the cockpit of my truck through an .5″  x 8″ opening between the passenger door and the truck frame. …or, it may have created that space. physics, time-space-contiunuum, etc.

all said, though… it (the iPhone) still worked.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


consumer This


We have a hot-wire from the Associated Press…

Apparently, the masses (or that unruly mob of PC lovers – and, Android [read jealous]) are reacting like a bunch of mean-spirited high school cheerleaders over a decision by Consumer Reports against endorsing the latest iPhone because of reception problems that threatens to tarnish Apple Inc.’s reputation. However, the same report failed to mention that Apple fans who have braved poor reception (depends where you are standing – literally) for years are likely to keep buying the product, because it’s still one of the best made pieces of technology available to, well, the masses.

So… If you have followed some of this and other related nonsense pervading the internet about how Apple is soon to be on it’s knees over reliability issues related to it’s new iPhone 4 and it’s antennae, consider the following…

I’ve established through rigorous scientific testing that rotating a Consumer Reports magazine sideways drastically reduces the readability of the articles. In my view, this obvious design flaw is the responsibility of Consumer Reports to fix. The consumer has a right to expect that when a reading-oriented device (form of media) is rotated that the text will shift orientation to remain readable to the viewer. Due to this potentially catastrophic oversight in design, if not judgment, I cannot recommend Consumer Reports at this time. We are recommending that Consumer Reports recall all of its magazines, or republish them so that they can be read without the fear of digesting poorly conceived data, regardless of how the consumer holds it.

Consumer Reports was miffed because, evidently, as of Tuesday evening, Apple hadn’t returned phone calls or e-mails about the Consumer Reports critique, which the (erstwhile) venerable arbiter of product quality posted on its website Monday. While some Apple watchers find the company’s responses to the reception issue objectionable (picture Steve Jobs pointing to his butt), they don’t see any penalties for Apple if it does nothing further.

The fact is, reason-minded analysts are more likely to say that Apple could simply ignore calls by bloggers and others to recall the iPhone 4 or offer free cases to mitigate the problems. Or, scotch tape. That works as well.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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