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Innovation is still at Apples core


Brian Patrick CorkI’ve been playing with Apples iOS 7 most of the day. Its pretty impressive. This on the heels of the good experience I’ve been having with the HTC One, an extremely well made Android device running Jelly Bean. Apple is demonstrating that software is what is important in handset device utilization. Right now, I’m preparing for a return to the iPhone. That said, wait until you see the iPhone 7. Its down the road on the product road-map, but wow.

Apple’s current stock price is ridiculous. While I’m not sure I like saying that, I do intend to take advantage of it.

Apple’s new iOS 7 software is undoubtedly polarizing. Unveiled on Monday, the reimagined mobile platform has harsh critics and avid fans. Some find it “positively mind-blowing,” while others find the new design to be an eyesore.”

Apple haters have no genuine or reasonable voice here. If they try and trash Apple after the recent developers conference, they’ve lost the ability to be open-minded.

Innovation is still at Apples core (I love saying that).

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

We might love Google but she has no friends


Brian Patrick CorkFascinating…

As Apple is poised for a surge the jackals begin to bare their teeth and chip-away at the Android eco-system.

The title of this article is misleading. That’s your first clue. Its actually about HTC. They make the best best Android unit on the market, the HTC One (I like it better than the Nexus 4).

Android shows growing refinement. But, if you look at some of my other recent posts you know that the makers of Android phones suffer in the margins. Despite the software being “free” Google makes money on each phone with advertising, subsidies, and app downloads. That is VERY different from Apple whom makes sure partners make money and survive to expand the iOS eco-system.

Google Inc (GOOG), Apple Inc. (AAPL): Android’s Sinking Ship -… –

“Android operating system currently powers 900 million devices, which are made by a plethora of hardware makers. There are over a million new Android…”

Brian Patrick Cork

Brian Patrick CorkIf I’m right; and, you know I am, the predators will start massing on Google to drive that share price down next.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

the Media is part of Apple’s problem NOT Microsoft or innovation


parts make solved puzzles.

“under it’s slow decline I still admire Microsoft for its innovation around the Xbox and related technology. seriously… Kinect has been nothing less than pioneering. that said, Microsoft missed it with their new phones, again.”

Microsoft's New Toy Is a Preemptive Attack on Apple (AAPL, MSFT)
“a lot has been said about NASDAQ: NASDAQ: Microsoft’s ( MSFT ) Xbox One since it was introduced on Tuesday. however, here’s something that you probably haven’t heard: Xbox One is a preemptive strike on Apple ( AAPL ) . Think…”

Part I of III

its interesting to me that Microsoft kept a world hostage with Windows and Office, and it generated almost nothing but ire, outrage and resentment. Microsoft was the “evil empire”. so, the world slowly looked to Apple as the brilliant alternative.

Part II of III

under it’s slow decline I still admired Microsoft for its innovation around the Xbox and related technology. seriously… Kinect has been nothing less than pioneering.

that said, Microsoft missed it with their new phones, again.

then again, I like Microsoft’s stock (MSFT). however, I would like it better under a share buy-back plan. that would inspire a lot of other things that include Wall Street support, buying interest, and  … karma.

Part III of III

but all this time Apple has led the way and inspired everyone from school kids to Wall Street. so, why would anyone read assumptive articles like the above piece from Motley Fool, and possibly fall for the drivel. today no one should dare count Apple out. when we see the new iPhone and iOS that drives it we will be impressed. if Steve Jobs believed Apple would lead through the TV, believe it. in fact, if writers like this hapless fellow are trying to distract you, bet now on Apple. Do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

the best Story is always between the lines


I’m a bit skeptical over Salvatore’s article, here (well… below).

as most of you know I’ve been sporting Android devices myself of late (Nexus 7 over my iPad, the Nexus 4, and now the HTC One). Its fun. but, I remain a serious Apple shareholder. I’m thinking long-term.

I’ve pondered Salvatore’s article and found myself asking a fundamental question:

“If he is correct, then why is it every kid in North American schools from College down to the 3rd grade want iPhones? Most of their parents as well.”

If you disagree tell me why. do it!

“Salvatore “Sam” is a member of The Motley Fool Blog Network – entries represent the personal opinion of the blogger and are not formally edited. Although Apple’s iPhone 5 sold more impressively than the Gal … Robert is a…”

that’s it. just that. but, Sal’s position is weak without much relative research. for example he fails to mention that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is subsidized for carriers much differently than Apple’s practice. for example, at AT&T you can pick up the Samsung device for $199. this is why Apple’s margins are better and another reason the stock is underpriced.


The S4 figures in context

“Although Apple’s iPhone 5 sold more impressively than the Galaxy S4, the smartphone market appears to be rapidly moving against Apple. To be completely fair, the iPhone 5 did sell better than Samsung’s S4. There’s no question about that. Apple sold 5 million of its latest iPhone in just the first weekend. AppleInsider has pointed out the apparent media bias when it comes to coverage of Apple: many articles characterized the iPhone 5’s launch as a failure, while Samsung’s S4 has received praise.”

this means Samsung is selling under margin. not a great long-term strategy where you get your customers accustomed to cheap prices. comparatively, Apple has us willing to pay a lot of money for great products.

go play.

peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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