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Haley Anne Update


I’m not particularly my verbose self tonight.

just home from the hospital. Emma Jo needed some home time.

lots of tests and the unnerving words: “we’re just not certain”, from doctors.

but, we’ll likely be draining the blood from Haley Anne’s tummy tomorrow morning as they attempt to sort out what’s causing the internal bleeding.

this is a picture of little Emma Jo comforting Haley Anne.

Emma Jo does not want to bother with school tomorrow. she is petitioning to be with “sissy” because she needs her. I’m not sure, yet, how she means that in terms of whom needs who. however, we’ll likely discuss it later this evening after I read to her. we’re in the midst of exploring Harry Potter (sorry Northpoint), together.


with all my super powers, why can’t they include the ability to take my daughters pain as my own?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

for the record, I have none this night.

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