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obama can't work this


President Obama is currently on holiday in Hawaii.

And, with his ass just handed to him and his government whore minions over matters of taxation, he has apparently elected to take a few extra days and pout a bit out of the Washington, D.C. spotlight.

In the photo below, Obama is smiling because someone just told a Sarah Palin joke that he understood. See… He has a hard time understanding people that work for a living, or have actually had a real job, in life.

All that said, Obama will apparently start to fly from Hawaii on Monday evening, returning to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon, the White House just announced.

…He had discussed returning Saturday or Sunday.

But, he’s sad. He’ll likely need to call Oprah so she can tell him he really is a good example. Nobody understands him. What the politically adept Oprah would not be telling the “king with no clothes”, is that no one will understand just what a bad example he has actually become.

“After the extended lame duck and five-day delay of his trip here, he’s just trying to squeeze in more time with his family before returning to Washington,” said spokesman Bill Burton.

Evidently playing golf with Michelle and the girls stuck in the hotel is Obama’s idea of quality family time.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

The Old Fashioned


Its the Holiday season.  I don’t advocate drinking a lot. But, when you do, style counts.

As the days get shorter and the air turns crisp, the fruity beverages of summer give way to something more robust – like whiskey cocktails.  Drinks made with whiskey are a varied lot.  But, the Old Fashioned is the grandaddy of them all.  It’s one of the oldest cocktails on the books (whiskey, sugar, water, and bitters) – but, not all bartenders get it right.

The Old Fashioned was the drink that my Granddad always ordered first at a bar, just to get a handle on how well bartenders understood the craft of the cocktail.  He would often say that the Old Fashioned is all about a balance of flavors and making sure there’s nothing in the drink that says “Hey, pay attention to me.”

The secret to a proper Old Fashioned is the simple syrup – because it blends into the mix better than raw sugar. Instead of messing with muddled fruit, cut a half-dollar-size piece of skin from a fresh orange and, holding the skin between your thumb and forefinger, squeeze it over the ice to release the fruit’s fragrant oils into the drink. Many bartenders top off the drink with soda water – which, claimed Granddad, ruins the cocktail.

Finally, always use quality ingredients.  An Old Fashioned crafted with superior American whiskey is like drinking a dose of history.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

What’s All This About?

"What am I looking at?", you might wonder.

Lots of stuff.

Meanwhile, here, I discuss events, people and things in our world - and, my (hardly simplistic, albeit inarticulate) views around them.

You'll also learn things about, well, things, like people you need to know about, and information about companies you can't find anywhere else.

So, while I harangue the public in my not so gentle way, you will discover that I am fascinated by all things arcane, curious about those whom appear religious, love music, dabble in politics, loathe the media, value education, still think I am an athlete, and might offer a recipe.

All the while, striving mightily, and daily, to remain a prudent and optimistic gentleman - and, authentic.

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